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Dipper Pines

This Dipper is from a universe where Mabel pressed the button to shut down the portal down in the episode "Not What He Seems", forcing Grunkle Stan to leave and relocate with Dipper and Mabel to escape the investigative services. Heading to Russia, Dipper and Mabel can't go back to America at this point- so when they were taken by the light of Galeem into an alternate New York, Dipper is looking for a way back home to the parallel version of his parents in the new universe they find themselves in. Is the journey worth it?

Dipper is a tricky character, having a odd projectile attack and a melee attack that can inflict various status infliction. He can alter his size to inflict more damage at a cost of a bigger hitbox. Additionally, he can set up a trap using his President's Key to open a Cursed Door, which will latch onto opponents using it's tongue. Dipper lacks a good recovery or defense move and his heavy focus on inflicting statuses makes him heavily rely on them to deal as much damage as he can onto his foes.


Journal 3
Dipper swats down with Journal 3, one of three Journals that his other uncle left information about the paranormal in. It deals 7 damage on hit. The journal is able to do three different effects depending on the weight of the opponent:
  • Inflict Nightmare - The journal inflicts nightmare on hit. When a opponent is made sleepy, it will deal damage when they are asleep and make them slow on wake up. Lightweights get this effect.
  • Bottomless Pit - The journal creates a bottomless pit underneath the victim, causing them to fall a long time before randomly appearing back on the main stage platform. Mediumweights get this effect.
  • Liquid Nitrogen - The journal deep freezes heavy weight opponents on impact.

Journal 1
Dipper reads off from Journal 1, summoning a dark cloud that drips blood onto the floor, based off a background detail in Weirdmageddon. Coming contact with the blood rain will deal the bleed effect, although it deals no additional damage. It has some other interesting properties as well:
  • When Dipper is flipping through the pages of Journal 1, he gains invincibility frames.
  • When Dipper is summoning the cloud, a flash of thunder can be seen as it forms which deals 6 damage and buries opponents.
  • The cloud itself will cause sleep on repeated contact.
  • The cloud halts falling momentum considerably and can almost be used as a safety net to help recover.

Crystal Flashlight
Dipper utilizes the size changing crystal flashlight to turn himself bigger, able to increase his damage output by 1.2x and making him 1.2x more resistant against knockback. He gains heavier and bigger hitboxes, in addition to becoming slightly slower to attack. Hit the button again to turn Dipper back to normal size. Tilt the control stick during the start up animation to have Dipper instead point the flashlight at a opponent to inflict the mini effect for five seconds.
President's Key
A mysterious door rises near Dipper and Dipper utilizes the President's Key to open it, revealing a carnivorous set of teeth on the other side. The door remains active for about six seconds before shutting and disappearing, using a tongue to pull oppoenents into it's trap- opponents with a high amount of damage will find it hard to break free, although Dipper can also attack them in their dragging animation as a combo starter, albeit freeing the opponent. If the opponent is eaten by the door, it deals 10 damage before spitting them back out.

Mystery Cart
Level 1
Dipper gets into the golf cart owned by the Mystery Shack, slamming down on the gas pedal. Deals 15 damage as he rams into opponents and knocks back opponents on impact. Travels across the entire length of the stage, ending at the ledge.

Time Ticker
Level 2
Dipper pulls out a tape measure that is actually a time machine, attaching it to the ground before running back. If he bumps into a opponent, he hands the machine to them and the time machine will snap back, sending the opponent into the future to deal 30 damage as they get shot at by the Time Patrol before reappear back in the present. If Dipper does not bump into the opponent, he will travel back in time and appearing on top of a dinosaur that deals 30 damage to nearby foes.

Level 3
Dipper releases the Gremlobin, who travels across the stage quickly and stares into opponents to deal petrification on sight, as well as 50 damage. The Gremlobin is on screen for 5 seconds before it jumps off the stage and disappears.
Alternate Outfits



Tourist Trapped
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Dipper transforms into the "meat dimension" look he took from inside a Weirdness Bubble from Weirdmageddon.
Heaven Spell
Dipper transforms into a wooden statue stuck in a pose of agony, similar to how he appears in the episode Northwest Mansion Mystery.
Midnight Bliss
Dipper takes on an appearance similar to his twin Mabel with his clothes on.
Incubus Delight
Dipper briefly gets transformed into "Bipper", a Bill possessed version of Dipper, which lasts six seconds. It changes his moveset slightly, changing Book 3 to produce a bubble of madness that inflicts the Makai Spell effect if a opponent passes through it. Additionally, "Bipper" flinches less and is harder to launch, although if he takes too much damage he'll fall asleep.
Power Drain
When Dipper is caught by Rogue, Dipper instinctually puts up Book 3, causing her to kiss that instead.
Rogue gains Journal 3 as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do attacks based off the opponent's weight that inflicts various conditions. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds
Dipper Pines' secret is revealed.

Dipper's first name is Mason.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a minor. We could look at juvie charges, but let's be real, the grand uncle is the real problem, flying this boy and his sister all the way out to Russia after creating a doomsday device. Are we really doing justice by pushing kids into juvenile correction without actually addressing the problems at home? Call this case off.
When Ralsei encounters Dipper Pines, he allows Dipper Pines to get a picture of him because Dipper thinks he's a cryptid- and accidentally stuns himself with the flash of the camera, inflicting 5 light damage and Solar.