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Dirty Bubble

Dirty Bubble is one of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's most dreaded of foes, being a living bubble that can capture people with his awesome surface tension and can bounce around to menance people. He also collects filth, which seems to make him stronger. However, he's got one weakness- a point of any kind. Jamming a needle, pencil, sword, etc. will pop the Dirty Bubble and his conciousness will return to the filthy bubble blowing residue he was born out of. He's unafraid of death and while he's attempted to reform and live a clean life once, his nature seems to always return him to his dirty ways.

Dirty Bubble is a floating fighter that collects filth to power up his toxic effects, and has a incredibly unique grab in which to punish foes with. Beyond this, he has a solid set of ranged attacks in the form of Bubble Buddy and Bubble Spit and his Residue Collection is a good absorbing parry tool. He doesn't really have to worry about recovery in the same way most characters do due to their floating nature. Some of his Finishers have bizarre hitbox properties that allow him to cover the whole stage, although they can be dealt with easily. Dirty Bubble's weakness is physical attacks, especially blade attacks, taking doubled damage from these. His filth collection gimmick also makes resource management a major part of his moveset.

Gimmick: Stay Clean or Get Mean

Dirty Bubble collects projectiles with their standard Special attack, allowing them to transform it into filth that dirties up his bubble body. This allows his grab to take on a different status effect that it inflicts on opponents. Dirty Bubble is twice as weak to physical attacks, however, and will have to find methods to keep physical fighters away from him. As he uses his special moves, he will deplete some of the filth from his body. Generally the diriter you are, the more harm you'll be able to inflict as the Dirty Bubble. He is weak to water attacks- these will remove Filth off him unless he uses Residue Collection to absorb it at a halved Filth collection rate.
Bubble Filth Levels
(0 - 20 Filth)
(21 - 45 Filth)
(46 - 70 Filth)
(70 - 100 Filth)
(Special Effect)
Dirty Bubble inflicts the Wet effect through his filth-based specials and his grab. Dirty Bubble inflicts the Oily effect through his filth-based specials and his grab. Dirty Bubble inflicts the Poison effect through his filth-based specials and his grab. Dirty Bubble inflicts the Wither effect through his filth-based specials and his grab. Dirty Bubble inflicts the Jokerification effect through his filth-based specials and his grab.
Dirty Bubble is always considered floating, so he does not get easily phased by ground-based attacks. Hold down the up directional button to slowly ascend higher, up to three character lengths high. This works off Ultra Bounce and can even be used to cancel it for safety. Dirty Bubble will float down if the up directional button is not pressed while in the air, notably falling a lot faster than rising. He can also ascend diagonally.
Residue Collection
Dirty Bubble shines green, able to collect nearby projectiles and traps and turn them into filth to change the color of the bubble. As noted in his gimmick, collecting filth will change some of his properties. This works as an aborb attack that partially heals Dirty Bubble as well. This is active for a total of 78 frames, which can go down to 60 frames if repeated too often. Bubble Buddy
Dirty Bubble sends out Bubble Buddy, who takes on some of Dirty Bubble's filth and flies forward with a bubble briefcase in hand to slug at a opponent to deal 2-10 damage depending on Dirty Bubble's filth level, with the more filthier the better the damage. Additionally, Bubble Buddy inflicts the effect Dirty Bubble would have put on a opponent if grabbed. Costs 10 filth points to summon. If Bubble Buddy doesn't connect, he just floats and can be reabsorbed into Dirty Bubble for 9 filth points.
Ultra Bounce
Dirty Bubble bounces down to the ground really fast and then rises back up, bouncing himself very quickly. Spikes opponents and allows him to collect 1-5 filth per bounce. Due to his passive float ability, he doesn't necessarily use this to recover- rather he uses it for slow filth collection and can use it as a ultra fast fall with no landing lag. Bubble Spit
Dirty Bubble fires off a miniature version of himself that rubs against opponents to deal 3 poison damage every two seconds while active. They can be destroyed with any phyiscal attack in the direction they are in. Dirty Bubble can summon up to five of these mini Dirty Bubbles and they count as projectiles- in mirror match scenarios they tend to give Dirty Bubble more filth. This costs Dirty Bubble about five filth points each time he uses this move.
Awesome Surface Tension
Dirty Bubble's grab encloses around the whole opponent, allowing him to hold the opponent inside. While inside, the opponent will be inflicted with a effect depending on his filth levels. While a opponent is incased inside, the opponent won't be able to attack like normal, although they can thrash around by wiggling the control stick and eventually pop out, although this gets harder the more damage they have taken. Dirty Bubble can move and even attack as normal, although Bubble Buddy now instead expels the opponent as opposed to Bubble Buddy. While a opponent is inside, Dirty Bubble passively collects filth off them at a rate of 3-8 Filth per second.
Man Ray
Level 1
Dirty Bubble fires Man Ray out of his mouth, who kicks forward with both feet (7 damage and heavy knockback if collided with) and then strikes a pose with both hands, firing out a laser to deal 1.7 damage per 21 frames. The laser has long reach, always extending past the screen, although opponents can only stay stunned from it and cannot be launched. Man Ray stays active for 3 seconds before vanishing away.
Goo Lagoon
Level 2
Dirty Bubble spits out a tidal wave brine from Goo Lagoon, coating characters in slime and dealing 30 water-based damage to anyone caught in it. This attack travels across the entirety of the platform it's released on, so posistioning does matter as it'll register smaller soft platforms as the area it needs to go across, severely limiting it's range. It also stops once it hits a wall, so that's something to keep in mind.
Paddle Bubble
Level 3
Dirty Bubble uses himself as a paddle-ball, wrapping a string around a opponent to be used as the "board". Dirty Bubble proceeds to bash into them multiple times, increasing in speed as a fake combo meter begins to count up all the way to 29,998,559,671,350 hits before finally launching the opponent far away dealing in actuality 45 damage. This move cannot be interrupted and has a Marvel vs Capcom-style Hyper Combo background while it occurs, briefly turning stage geometry invisible.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Dirty Bubble turns into a paddle ball toy.
Heaven Spell
Dirty Bubble is trapped inside of a jar.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Dirty Bubble briefly turns green and purple, laughing a lot more while moving but otherwise nothing really changes except that for 6 seconds his filth-based moves inflict Jokerization instead.
Power Drain
When Dirty Bubble is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the jagged mouth.
Rogue gains Residue Collection as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to absorb projectiles in a similar manner to Dirty Bubble and heal off them. She also gains a defence bonus, boosting her defence by 1.3x for six seconds. She also is hit with whatever filth effect the Dirty Bubble has.
Dirty Bubble's secret is revealed.

Dirty Bubble is immortal and has experienced death multiple times, although is always reborn in the runoff residue in Rock Bottom. Dirty Bubble remembers all his deaths but does not see his actions as wrong, as he feels it is his purpose. Whether he was born from the runoff or his original bubble residue was corrupted to create him is a mystery even to Nothics.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just a reflection of our society. We made him dirty, the dirt made him evil- how can he be at fault when it is society's doing? We should all go to jail or you throw this case out of court.
When Ralsei encounters Dirty Bubble, he cleans Dirty Bubble off, negating any Filth he's built up.
Unlock Method
Play as Plankton 30 times OR do 29,998,559,671,350 jumps.