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The bodyguard of Princess Amalia, Evangelyne comes the race known as the Cra who specialize in archery. Her enhanced sight allows her to aim precisely and protect the princess from harm on their adventures. She can be uptight, but she just takes the job seriously. She was split off from Amalia when they were teleported to New York, and Evangelyne is searching for her and a way back home.

Evangelyne is a archer character with six unique arrow options that allow her fire elemental arrows as well as arrows that let her teleport and act as a explosive projectile. She can also set down a Beacon which will generate different fields with various effects to those that come contact with them. Her weakness overall is her lack of a true defensive option, as even her dodge encourages more aggressive play, and her lack of any kind of recovery.

Evangelyne has access to six different types of arrows, which she can swap between with her down special. She fires the current active one and can hold down to charge to double the damage of the arrows. See Arrow Types below for the arrows she can fire with this move. Elusive Dodge
Evangelyne performs a roll or a leaping backstep that gives her dodge frames. Unlike most special moves, whether you press left or right actually does matter. Press in the direction you're facing to perform the roll or press in the opposite direction of where you're facing to do the leaping backstep. If Evangelyne dodges three attacks successfully in a row, her bows become automatically charged.
Arrow Types
  • Energy - Fires a electrical arrow that deals 6 electrical damage. Has the chance to make an opponent shocked. When fired into a Beacon, it creates a shocking field that deals 3 damage passively every 30 frames, flinching opponents inside. If they stay too long inside, they get shocked.
  • Ice - Fires a ice arrow that deals 4 damage and freezes opponents. When fired into a Beacon, it creates a snowy field that deals 2 damage passively and freezes opponents inside if they stay too long in.
  • Signal - Fires a arrow of red energy that explodes like a firework on contact or after 0.5 seconds. Deals 8 damage. Limited range. Activates bombs and machines. When fired into a Beacon, it emits a firework that goes straight up and then explodes for 12 damage. Evangelyne can fire several Signal Arrows into the Beacon to make it shoot fireworks.
  • Flaming - Fires a fire arrow that deals 7 damage and burns opponents. When fired into a beacon, it creates a fire field that deals 6 damage while inside and fire attacks do more damage while inside.
  • Riddling - Fires three green arrows that embed into the opponent for 12 damage. Increases knockback of opponent from further attacks from Evangelyne. Has longest start up time. When fired into a Beacon, the Beacon spits out arrows around it that have low priority but cover a lot of area.
  • Recall Arrow - Won't inflict damage and bounces off foes, but allows Evangelyne to teleport as soon as it lands into the ground. When fired into a Beacon, it acts as absorbing field that absorbs projectiles and allows Evangelyne to heal. It goes inactive after 3 seconds and won't take any more arrows during the rest of it's active field time.
Cra Beacon
Evangelyne sets up a Cra Beacon underneath her, which only one can be active at a time and will go back into the ground after 15 seconds. It acts as a small wall platform and Evangelyne can fire arrows into it to make it do a passive area of effect depending on what arrow she shoots into it. See Arrow Types for how the arrows effect the Beacon. Quiver Switch
Evangelyne switches the type of arrows she utilizes in her moveset. Hold down for a menu to quickly switch between the six types. Tap to cycle through them instead. See Arrow Types above to see what the order of the arrows is and what their effects are.
Biting Blow
Level 1
Evangelyne fires an arrow that deals 15 damage and if it is a energy, fire, ice, or riddling arrow, the effects will persist for much longer on the opponent. Signal and Recall arrows deal 4 more damage but have no lasting effects on the opponent.
Powerful Shooting
Level 2
Evangelyne fires a arrow that deals critical damage, dealing 30 damage and putting the opponent in a Out of Body state. Has no stacking effects with her other arrows, as this arrow is completely unique.
Pyrolysis Fusion
Level 3
Evangelyne fires a arrow laced in thunder that turns into a whirlwind that quickly expands across the stage, growing in size. It deals 50 damage to opponents that get caught up inside before launching them out in a random direction.
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Unlock Method
Complete Collider Mode as Princess Amalia.