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Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters is a mix of a Stand and Stand User, being a colony of plankton that acts in tandem with the Stand. It's stand allows it to heal, produce, and warp itself into whatever it wants. It takes on the appearance of Atroe, a female prisoner of Green Dolphin Street Prison. It proves to be a powerful ally to Joylene and Ermes for the remainder of their stay at the prison.

Foo Fighters utilizes a unique water mechanic for her moves, able to use it as ammo for her moves and filling it up on it through a special shield option. Her attacks are quick and powerful, inflicting a lot of water damage and the Wet effect. She has fairly good recovery and projectile options, although her Finishers mostly are there to improve on what's there and give her more stage control.

Gimmick: Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters needs water and moisture for it's moves and survival. A water meter is next to their health on the hud, which can be filled up with their guard special, Ain't It the Life where they sip water through a cup. She can drain opponents that are Wet, healing herself for up to 10 health points.
Foo Fighters fires off a water bullet from her finger, dealing 5-6 damage and expending a small portion of her water meter. The water bullet will pierce through guards at halved damage (2.5-3 damage) although won't break the guard. La Dee Dah
Foo Fighters expels out water out of her body and forms it into speeding water projectile. Holding down a charge will allow Foo Fighters to create a bigger and bigger projectile before expelling it at the cost of her water meter. It deals 5-19 water damage depending on the size of the projectile. Inflicts Wet if fully charged.
Stacked Actors
Foo Fighters unfolds her arm to become a strand of plankton, creating a grapple tether move with it's own physics attachment. She can use it to tether to ledges or stick to walls and then pull herself forward, or attach it to a opponent and pull herself forward to deal 9-10 damage. This is her only move that works without water, although with water it propels her forward and deals water damage to opponents, making them Wet. Up In Arms
Foo Fighters performs a dodge roll before unleasing a torrent of plankton in a upward spread as she does, unleashing 3-4 damage per plankton bullet. She can then press the attack button again to teleport to the top plankton of the spead, allowing her to to manuever around quickly.
Ain't It the Life
Foo Fighters drinks from her cup, restoring her water meter. It takes about 4 seconds for the meter to fully fill up from it being entirely empty.
Big Me
Level 1
Foo Fighters absorbs more plankton into their mass, doubling in size overall. Foo Fighter's attacks briefly become powered up (1.4x more damage) and all of her moves can be chained into each other, cancelling start up and end lag from each move, although each attack will decrease her mass slowly.
I Am A River
Level 2
Foo Fighters attacks with a torrent of water, which goes across the middle of the stage horizontally, stunning foes like a laser before Foo Fighters returns to their original form, spinning through and dealing damage by zipping forward, dealing 15 damage with a tackle attack before returning to her original body. Inflicts Wet.
In the Clear
Level 3
Foo Fighters disperses a lot of their conciousness into a command grab, going into the opponent through their eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, black fluid leaking into them as they deal a whopping 45 damage with lingering Wither effect. If they successfully killed their opponent, they take over their body although their moveset does not change.
Alternate Outfits


Stone Ocean

x Harada Tadashi
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Heaven Spell
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Foo Fighters laughs hysterically for 6 seconds, frozen in place.
Power Drain
When Foo Fighters is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Breakout as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to fire water bullets from her finger. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
Foo Fighters' secret is revealed.

Foo Fighters harbors romantic feelings for both Joylne and Ermes.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a school of plankton. You can't testify for or against an animal, mother nature plays by very different laws than any of us. Also, they're already in prison, so, that's clearly not working out. That ought to do it, your honor, dismiss.
When Ralsei encounters Foo Fighters, he offers a glass of water which Foo Fighter uses to heal herself for 15 hit points and gets Break placed over her.
Unlock Method
Complete 70 matches as Joylne Kujo.
Credits: Main art by mast3r-rainb0w