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Gustavo Fring

Gustavo Fring is restaurant entrepreneur in Albuquerque that uses his stores as a front for the drug trade. He is the proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a highly successful fried chicken restaurant chain which he co-founded with his business associate and romantic partner Maximino "Max" Arciniega. He acts as Walter White's biggest rival in the series, being an calculating and successful version of himself who seems impossible to outmatch, which becomes dangerous as Gustavo sees ways to get his product made without him.

Gustavo Fring is a semiclone of Walter White with some primary differences, in that generating money is much easier for him due to not needing to get his hands dirty with his meth labs as frequently or make them as big of a focus in his moveset, although he holds himself to a much higher standard of fighting and his passive income will be effected heavily on his performance. Additionally, he has entirely two different specials- one that deals a lot of damage but has high risk and another that lets him heal based off performance. His Finishers are almost entirely new as well, although like other Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul characters he has different endings to his Level 3 that reward him for playing well.

Gimmick: Los Pollos Standards

Gustavo Fring makes passive income from his Los Pollos Hermanos chicken resturant chain, as well as any meth lab he sets up. He can set up a max of one and upgrade it, unlike Walt who can set up a max of two, although his meth lab will always be producing meth and money without his involvement. However, watching his meth labs will produce more meth and money. As such, Gustavo Fring's playstyle revolves living long and playing carefully, perhaps even planning against his opponent.

Gustavo Fring's biggest difference from Walt is that many of his tools require him to play and perform well consistently. Getting moves to be stale, getting hit, getting knocked out/killed, getting hit by a negative status infliction, and shows of weakness will negatively effect his revenue stream from Los Pollos Hermanos, the power of his down special Los Pollos Cangilón, and downgrades his movement speed and makes him more suspectible to knockback attacks. Getting in successful hits, performing Finishers, surviving, and killing/knocking out opponents will increase his revenue stream, boost Los Pollos Cangilón, and boosts his movement speed and resistance to knockback.
Dedicado a Max
Gustavo Fring throws a packet of Yellow Meth for 7 damage, which also inflicts the Doom effect. Gustavo's meth throw differs from Walter's in that his is thrown across at a more precise horizontal angle, travelling farther. He carries five bags of Yellow Meth at the start of a stock- if he runs out he will have to produce more from Meth Lab. Box Cutter
Gustavo Fring does a command grab where he holds a opponent from behind with a box cutter unfurled, slitting the neck of the opponent to deal 20 damage and inflicting the Bleed effect afterwards. While it comes out quickly, it has a short range and if the opponent is just out of range, Gustavo will have a opening to be punished for with the missed animation.
Meth Lab
Gustavo Fring either sets up a meth lab where he is or watches Gale/Victor produce meth under his watch. The meth lab can be destroyed by opponents if they deal 45 damage to it, although it heals back over time. When a meth lab is active and extra blue meth is produced that Gustavo isn't pocketing for Dedicado a Max, Gustavo gains money he can use to spike up his Finisher Bar quicker. The meth lab also has a Radioactive bubble around it that doesn't effect Gustavo if he's actively watching it, but as long as the meth lab was recently active it can put the Radioactive effect on them. Los Pollos Cangilón
Gustavo Fring eats from a bocket of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken, restoring up to 5 health every three seconds as he eats from the bucket. He can also launch a chicken wing at opponents to deal 4 damage and the Oily effect on them by pressing the attack button. The amount of health restored by eating Los Pollos Hermanos chicken depends very much on how well Gustavo has been playing in accordance to his gimmick- if he is doing poorly, it only restores 1 health and if he is doing extremely well it restores the full 5.

Level 1
Gustavo Fring plants a Lucuma tree, growing it in a matter of three seconds. This small tree has many properties for him to use: it grows four Lucuma fruit which he can eat to restore 10 health each or he can throw the fruit to explode and deal 12 damage per fruit and inflict the Shoe-Glue effect on opponents. Additionally, it can be used as a guard tool, neutralizing projectiles and massively slowing opponents when they try to attack it. After 12 seconds of the Lucuma tree being active, a coati will ruin the tree and then get caught by Gus, who holds it passively in his status bar, although he can't release it. This is important for one of his endings.

Level 2
Gustavo Fring can upgrade his meth lab into a Superlab, which will be constructed underneath the main stage platform over a period of 30 seconds. During this time he will gain no renevue from meth production. He can knock opponents into the construction zone to Bury them and deal 30 damage- although they will be ejected after completion of the Superlab. When the Superlab is constructed, it will become harder to destroy as it's hitbox will be on the ground of the stage. It also has 100 health. However, there are three drums of phenylacetic acid that can be opened that will pour phenylacetic acid into the lab- it can then be set aflame to destroy it via a box of matches hidden nearby or through a fire attack.

Meth production and revenue doubles when Gus has a Superlab active.

Face Off
Level 3
As Gustavo Fring gains more money, this move will influence the ending of Gustavo Fring's story you get when you perform this finisher. This will drain all your money and leave you with the possible endings as followed:
  • 0 - 1,000 dollars - The Hector Salmanca ending. In this ending, Hector Salmanca explodes using a bomb impanted in his wheel chair, dealing massive damage to Gustavo Fring and nearby opponents with an explosion that deals 45 damage. Not usually worth it. All money is cleared out of Gus.

  • 1,001 - 10,000 dollars - The Hazard Pay ending. In this ending, Gustavo Fring won't be able to clear "hazard pay" for Mike and his other hired guns, causing them to retatilate and open fire on their boss. Gustavo Fring can avoid fire by simply walking forward, although shots will deal anywhere from 13-35 damage each and inflict Break. All money is cleared out of Gus.

  • 10,001 - 50,000 dollars - The DEA Hero ending. In this ending, Hank Schrader will bust Gustavo Fring's whole operation and set up a DEA sting, causing DEA agents to appear across the stage, firing with guns that deal 13-35 damage. Gustavo Fring disappears through his car, making a clean getaway as opponents deal with DEA agents who think they're involved in the operation. DEA agents have 50 health and wear vests that make them resistant to projectile damage. All money is cleared out of Gus.

  • 50,001 - 150,000 dollars - Full Measure ending. In this ending, Gustavo Fring has Mike snipe a opponent in the head to deal 55 damage and heavy knockback. All money is cleared out of Gus.
  • 150,001 - 999,999 dollars - Airplanes ending. In this ending, Gustavo Fring has two planes run into each other through a man in the inside, causing debris to splash across the stage while he stays safe in a shelter. Debris deals 30-55 damage on hit. A pink bear will fall from the sky and create a giant pink mushroom cloud that causes Chronostuck. All money is cleared out of Gus.

  • 150,001 - 999,999 dollars - New Game+ Chicken Man ending. To get this ending, produce a Superlab and then crouch before executing the Finisher motion. In this ending, Gustavo Fring buys a chain of toy stores from a man named Al Wiggins, allowing him to launder more money. He also learns of a incident involving a boy named Sid Phillips that toys are alive and gets them to run drug trafficking for basically free. All money is cleared out of Gus, acting a new game+ for him as passive income triples until he hits level 3 again.

  • 150,001 - 999,999 dollars - Coati Secret ending. To get this ending, hold onto a coati from Gustavo Fring's Lucuma tree Level 1 and taunt before executing the Finisher motion. In this ending, Gustavo Fring has Gale perform meth magic on the captive coati, transforming it into a massive meth monster that breathes out a smog that causes Nightmare and Sleep, as well as attacking with meth crystal claws to deal 18 damage per strike. The methed out coati stays active for 14 seconds before curling up and dying. All money is cleared out of Gus.
  • Alternate Outfits

    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Gustavo Fring transforms into a coati with inprints around it's eyes to resemble glasses.
    Heaven Spell
    Gustavo Fring transforms into the right chicken brother on the Los Pollos Hermanos logo.
    Midnight Bliss
    Gustavo Fring transforms into a female version of himself, with half of a shaved haircut being the major difference in the design, a sly nod to his actual fate in Face Off.
    Incubus Delight
    Gustavo Fring has slowed movement speed as he stifles any laughter or other impulses.
    Power Drain
    When Gustavo Fring is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on back of the hand as he delivers it to Rogue, dealing 4 counter damage automatically with a counter-slap.
    Rogue gains Dedicado a Max as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to throw a yellow meth packet to doom opponents. She doesn't have to cook it, unlike Gustavo's associates. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
    Gustavo Fring's secret is revealed.

    Gustavo Fring changed when his partner, Maximino "Max" Arciniega died at the hands of the cartel run by the Salmanca family, his one weakness is his hatred for them.

    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, where is the evidence? Gustavo Fring is a good man who sells good chicken, nothing more. The laundromat had no evidence the DEA was able to pull together, no witnesses have come forward about any illegal doings, and Lyle can vouch for Gustavo that he's been cleaning the deep friers with him every night this week. Throw this case out.
    When Ralsei encounters Gustavo Fring, he wears a Los Pollos employee uniform and cooks some chicken before accidentally dropping ice cubes into the frier, which creates a carpet of bubbling grease, which inflicts 3 damage on contact, inflicting Burn and Oil across the whole surface of the platform.
    Unlock Method
    Defeat Walter White on Level 9 CPU difficulty. Alternatively, complete 30 matches on the stage Los Pollos Hermanos.