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Kamen Rider Jeanne

Sakura Igarashi or Kamen Rider Jeanne is a female Kamen Rider who hails from Kamen Rider Revice. A strong-willed woman who all her life expressed a desire to become "Invincible", she was forced to admit her weaknesses after multiple failed transformations, bringing out her inner demon named Lovekov. Since then, Kamer Rider Jeanne fights alongside her brothers and delivers justice through stamp and demon based transformations.

Kamen Rider Jeanne is a stance based fighter who starts off as a puppet fighter who can then turn into a weapons based character. She can switch to a focus to a pair of fans, bazooka, or a scythe using Vistamps. As such, Kamen Rider Jeanne has focuses that she can switch to give her edge in battle, such as the aerial based Kujaku moveset, the projectile and explosive focused Turtle moveset, and the slasher based Hashibiroko moveset. However, she has weakness present in all forms- if Lovekov is destroyed, she'll be reverted into a weaker moveset where she can't use special moves.

Gimmick: Libera Driver

Sakura Igarashi utilizes a transformation belt known as Libera Driver to access her Kamen Rider form and can utilize Vistamps to switch stance between her standard Cobra form and utilizing Lovekov, a inner demon who is the manifestation of Sakura's innocence as weapons through the power of Vistamps. While in her standard form, Lovekov will follow her and deal her own attacks, while in other forms Lovekov forms different weapons for Sakura to use.

If Lovekov is defeated (she has a total of 55 health to deplete), she will vanish and Sakura Igarashi will be forced out of Kamen Rider form with no Special Moves. She still has her standard attacks to lean on, being that she has a black belt in karate. Lovekov respawns after 20 seconds.

Kamen Rider Jeanne also doesn't have traditional Finishers- she has Stomping Smash that only eats half the bar, and then a full Finisher Bar for each moveset under the Kamen Rider Jeanne label. As Sakura Igarashi she has no Finishers accessible to her.
Sakura Igarashi

Hook Punch
Sakura Igarashi throws a punch that curves, acting also as a block that gives her priority over other melee attacks. It deals 6 damage and has frame advantage over parries.
Butterfly Twist Kick
Sakura Igarashi throws herself into the air with both feet out, dealing 8 damage while spinning through the air in 360 degrees. Has a bit of a disjoint that can launch or spike depending on the angle.

Uppercut Punch
Sakura Igarashi performs a jumping uppercut punch, dealing 7 damage and launching opponents upwards. Has superarmor during starting frames. Puts Sakura Igarashi into helpless state in air.
Spear Hand
Sakura Igarashi does a crouch and then performs a flat palm strike that pierces through guards and deals 6 damage total. It's fast to chain off but admittedly has some start up unless already crouched.
Cobra + Lovekov

Iron Vail
Kamen Rider Jeanne releases a sonic wail from her mouth before swinging her head to either deal 7 damage with a headbutt that launches or 3-9 damage with a whip attack from the extended ponytail from the back of her helmet. Lovekov attacks with her own headbutt, dealing 6 damage and stunning opponents.
Power Ribbon
Kamen Rider Jeanne throws a chopping punch forward, dealing 11 damage as the Revolunary Power Ribbon in her suit powers up her strike. Cancel this into Revolunary Leg or Revolunary Boots to deal additional damage with those moves. Lovekov, in the meantime, attacks with a poke attack that deals 4 damage and inflicts Dizzy.

Revolunary Leg
Kamen Rider Jeanne performs a diagonal split-legged flying kick followed by a spinning hook kick as she soars through the air, dealing 5 damage as she soars up and 8 on the last kick with high knockback. A fairly good KO move although she won't be able to jump afterwards. With Power Ribbon followthrough, it deals 10 damage on the way up and 16 damage on the last kick, with even higher knockback potential. Lovekov performs a headbutt attack that launches opponents high upwards, dealing 7 damage.
Revolunary Boots
Kamen Rider Jeanne performs a sliding kick attack before kicking forward with a upper kick that launches opponents high. The slide kick deals 8 damage and knocks foes back while the upper kick deals 5 damage and high upwards knockback. With Power Ribbon followtrhough, it deals 16 damage on the slide and 10 on the upper kick, with higher knockback. Lovekov perfroms a belly flop attack that has super armor that deals 8 damage and potentially Buries opponents.
Switch to a Vistamp moveset. Tilt which icon you want to switch to.
Kujaku Vistamp

Kujakudo Feather
Kamen Rider Jeanne attacks with fans, which do a dual strike slicing attack that stuns foes and deals 7 wind damage each hit. Doesn't deal knockback. If cancelled off Hot Arch, the attack deals 9 fire damage per hit and has the possibility to inflict Burn. In the air, Kamen Rider Jeanne falls considerably slower while executing the attack.
Hot Arch
Kamen Rider Jeanne peforms a curve melee attack with the fans, which utilize a hot flame towards the end of the animation to inflict 6-11 damage and has the possibility to inflict Burn. Cancel into Fan Fan Pivot or Kujakudo Feather to do a burning version of those attacks. In the air, Kamen Rider Jeanne falls considerably slower while executing the attack.

Fan Fan Pivot
Kamen Rider Jeanne pivots the fans to a form that is specialized for striking, breaking guards and dealing 11 damage against unguarded opponents if sweetspotted but completely whiffing otherwise. If cancelled off Hot Arch, the attack deals 17 fire damage if sweetspotted and has the possibility to inflict Burn. Has no recovery properties.
Lovekov Eye
Kamen Rider Jeanne utilizes Lovekov's perspective to counterattack, dealing a wicked wind blow with her fans that inflicts 1.8x the original damage and blowing back opponents, although doesn't knock them away. During this animation, Lovekov is vulernable and will take doubled damage if attacked.
Switch to a Vistamp moveset. Tilt which icon you want to switch to.
Turtle Vistamp

Kamen Rider Jeanne fires off a green energy shot that deals 7 Earth-based damage per shot. Charging it allows for red energy to enter the fold, allowing for explosive shots that deal 11 damage on hit, potentially dealing up to 20 damage based off the explosive charge.
V394 Canopy
Kamen Rider Jeanne readies the bazooka and keeps her feet firm on the ground, creating an explosive barrage of three green energy missiles that deal 9 Earth-based damage per hit, exploding to deal potentially up to 14 additional damage. At close range, it'll explode to deal 22 damage but Kamen Rider Jeanne will take 7 damage but stay to the ground without moving or flinching.

Mieru Hopper
Kamen Rider Jeanne fires up part of Lovekov into the air or can tilt to fire her at another angle, causing Lovekov to lock on. Shots from Kirimomizooka and V394 Canopy will lock onto whatever Lovekov sees from above. Lovekov also deals 7 damage and launches opponents high if a opponent makes contact with her while rising. This does leave Lovekov vulernable, however.
Victory Grip
Kamen Rider Jeanne readies her grip on the bazooka and stabilizes herself, preventing her from flinching, getting stunned, or otherwise falling under an effect as long until she attacks. Additionally, Kirimomizooka will fire fully charged.
Switch to a Vistamp moveset. Tilt which icon you want to switch to.
Hashibiroko Vistamp

Hashibiroko Blade
Kamen Rider Jeanne strikes the ground with the scythe, inflicting traveling purple energy slashes that inflict 8 damage each and stun opponents. Two come out per button strike, closely linked together. Inflict Bleed on double hit.
Clutter Link
Kamen Rider Jeanne performs a sonic stab attack with the edge of the scythe, dealing 11 damage. It has a wide hitbox and cuts through guards to deal halved damage. Reverse to perform a 22 damage version of the attack from the back as well as inflict Bleed.

Lovekov Sight
Kamen Rider Jeanne has Lovekov lock onto a target and then does a spinning slash behind them, teleporting to do so. Inflicts 10 damage and spikes. During this animation, Lovekov is vulernable and will take doubled damage if attacked.
Counter Toe
Kamen Rider Jeanne does a defensive pose, before striking back at a foe with 2.0x the damage that would have otherwise been inflicted on her with the scythe. Has tighter timing than Lovekov Eye.
Switch to a Vistamp moveset. Tilt which icon you want to switch to.
Stamping Smash
Half Meter
A cutscene Finisher- Kamen Rider Jeanne kicks a opponent into the air and jumps after them. Lovekov transforms into a small, snake-like form composed of light blue energy and flies toward her before coiling around her leg. Jeanne then delivers a swift kick to an enemy in the air, producing an orange and blue energy shockwave upon impact that deals 10 damage. Jeanne keeps her foot against the enemy's body as the two fall until she uses her heel to slam the enemy into the ground beneath her, dealing an addtional 3 damage. The enemy proceeds to explodes shortly after for 15 damage. This is active for all stances.

Cobra Liberal Smash
Full Meter
When activated, Kamen Rider Jeanne covers her right foot in dark blue and orange energy while running, causing her footsteps to emit light blue shockwaves. To then properly set up the attack, Kamen Rider Jeanne must jump onto Lovekov before light blue and green energy flows around her leg. With her leg covered in this energy, Kamen Rider Jeanne performs a flying kick that produces blue and yellow upon striking the enemy, dealing 45 damage and massive knockback.

Kujaku Liberal Smash
Full Meter
Kamen Rider Jeanne throws Lovekov as the fans, who are then covered in fire. Kamen Rider Jeanne controls the movement of the fans remotely by tilting the joystick, which leave behind trails of orange energy. The two fans will have reversed directions of each other as they are being controlled, dealing 7 damage per hit. After 5 seconds, the two fans fly back toward Kamen Rider Jeanne before performing a red and blue energy slash together that deals 17 damage. They then perform another simultaneous slash in the other direction, also dealing 17 damage. Finally, the fans attack separately in opposite directions, creating an X-shaped energy slash that deals 11-23 damage and inflicts Burn.

Turtle Liberal Smash
Full Meter
Kamen Rider Jeanne charges Lovekov's barrel with green energy while the sight glows red and her own visor glows green. She then fires a green energy artillery shell that explodes upon striking the opponent, dealing 45 damage and Burying them in the aftermath.

Hashibiroko Liberal Smash
Full Meter
Kamen Rider Jeanne covers Lovekov's blade in purple energy before delivering a downward purple energy slash to the enemy that has the potential to spike, inflicting 45 damage with high knockback. Inflicts Poison on impact. The attack leaves purple fire in its path.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Kamen Rider Jeanne becomes Sabotegron, a monster that she transformed into during the events of Revice Special Event.
Heaven Spell
Kamen Rider Jeanne becomes the Cobra Vistamp, which she utilizes for her transformation.
Midnight Bliss
Kamen Rider Jeanne takes on the outfit she had on when facing Hana Natsuki. When she escapes, this outfit change only applies to Sakura Igarashi.
Incubus Delight
Kamen Rider Jeanne and Sakura Igarashi take on more masculine appearances, although Lovekov remains the same.
Kamen Rider Jeanne takes on a more monster-like appearance with the Cobra motif, becoming a Deadman in appearance. She'll be stuck in her Cobra moveset without Lovekov for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Kamen Rider Jeanne is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the helmet or Lovekov gets in the crossfire.
Rogue gains either Hook Punch, Iron Vail, Kujakudo Feather, Kirimomizooka, or Hashibiroko Blade as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to perform any of the six moves depending on what state she caught Kamen Rider Jeanne in. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
Kamen Rider Jeanne's secret is revealed.

Aguilera's rivalry with Sakura may be more than it seems- although they lack the language to say what they really feel towards her.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client attacked those people because they were demons, not because they were Mexican. They're uh... themed around that, not necessarily actually that. See, they're called Deadmans, and well, I can see I'm losing you, honor, but the point is she is innocent, they're evil incarnate, defeating them is not a felony under that idea. Throw this case out of court.
When Ralsei encounters Kamen Rider Jeanne, he tries to talk to her by suggesting that they don't fight using violence, which inflicts 2 levels of Drowsiness
Unlock Method
Complete 20 matches overall without taking any damage.