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Luigi is Mario's brother, both hailing from a universe where Sega won the video game wars and Nintendo never progressing past the Nintendo 64 era. Luigi is always on the look for new jobs in his universe, while his brother has completely given up. Luigi watched as his brother destroyed his relationships and increasingly became a worse person. Luigi is unsure what to do with his brother, especially now that they aren't even in the correct dimension.

Luigi's moveset is somewhat similar but very different to Mario's- his Thunderballs act differently to Mario's Fireballs and open up his opponents to further attacks and his Grab Block is able to efficiently take out opponents who get caught up in it's travel. His Tanooki tail allows him to have vertical and horizontal recovery but for a limited time, giving him a much better recovery than Mario. Luigi's vegetables are generally unpredictable and end up being situational at best to use properly. He does have a way to counter projectiles, but it's window is not long and only kills the projectile.

Luigi fires off a thunderball, which deals 4 damage and can paralyze opponents with high health stats. He can also charge it to make it deal 12% damage and stun opponents for longer regardless of their health. He can throw two at a time and the thunderballs zig up and down as they travel as opposed to bouncing. They have a shorter range. Grab Block
Luigi grabs a block and throws it forward, dealing 10 damage on impact as it travels across the ground. The block is unable to be broken or dealt with as it speeds across the ground and descends off ledges. Luigi can only throw one at a time. It explodes on contact with the foe.
Tanooki Tail
Luigi spins with the tanooki tail on his back, dealing 5% damage and interrupting attacks and projectiles. While in the air, he can activate it to slow his descent. If Luigi runs before jumping and activating the move, he can fly in the air for up to two seconds so long as he keeps tapping the attack button. Veggie
Luigi plucks up a vegetable, of which is random. He can either pick up a turnip which deals 5% damage when thrown, a carrot that deals 7 damage and has a sweetspot that deals 10 damage and meteor spikes opponents, a pumpkin that deals 12 damage but has a short range, or a radish that bounces 3 times and can deal 7 damage per hit.
Luigi Finale
Level 1
Luigi fires off two giant thunderballs from his hands, dealing 15% damage with a large wave uppercut. It launches opponents up into the sky as Luigi can then perform an aerial set of attacks after performing the uppercut.
L is Real
Level 2
Luigi steps out of the way as a fountain with a star plops down from the sky, spitting out star projectiles that deal 10 damage, with three in total before Luigi spins around the fountain and then waves with his cap before the fountain explodes, dealing burning effects to nearby characters.
Minus World
Level 3
Luigi creates a green pipe that he shoves nearby opponents into, trapping them in the infamous Minus World glitch, where they are attacked by glitchy Cheep Cheeps that deal 50 damage before launching them back onto the stage.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Luigi transforms into a Koopa with his hat and mustache.
Heaven Spell
Luigi transforms into Gooigi from Luigi's Mansion 3DS.
Midnight Bliss
Luigi gains Peach's pink dress and wears it as a reference to Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Incubus Delight
Luigi transforms into Mr. L from Super Paper Mario.
Luigi does his lava-hurt noise from Super Mario 64 DS for six seconds while being petrified in place.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client won that mansion, not "trespassed". Besides, that King Boo? Kidnapped his brother. I think we got the wrong person in the hot seat here, how about it, Judge?
When Ralsei encounters Luigi, he asks constant questions about where Yoshi is, much to Luigi's eventual annoyance, causing Luigi to be inflicted with 2 levels of Drowsiness.