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Luz Noceda

Luz Noceda is a human who found her way into the Boiling Isles and was enchanted by it's promises of magic and witches. As she grew more accustomed to the world and respecting it despite it not living 100% to her fantasies, she began to learn magic in her own way. With Eda Clawthorne and King acting as her family on the Boiling Isles, Luz began to build a ton of relationships on the Boiling Isles and changing people's lives for the better- but after Belos destroyed the portal door, she now has to build her own way home which gets more complicated after meeting her mother. While trying to build a portal door, she accidentally gets pulled into the world of Black Hole along with parts of the Boiling Isles. She now seeks to find her family and to unite them back together.

Luz Noceda is a magic user who uses primarily projectiles and traps, able to inflict dozens of effects as a result. Her Glyph Combo system makes her a hard character to master, but the game is more than willing to teach you how if you know where to look. She has a lot of experimentation built in, making her a character with a endless amount of depth but can be tricky to pull off on higher skill levels, but isn't completely locked out to beginners.

Gimmick: Glyph Combos

Luz Noceda has access to Glyphs, which act as her special moves. Luz has access to 9 different finishers, 3 for each Level on the Finisher Bar. She can, however, also input these moves as Glyph Combos at any time, with reduced eating of her Finisher bar. Level 1 Glyph Combos when performed successfully, eat up only a third of the bar, Level 2 Glyph Combos eat up half of the current bar, and Level 3 Glyph Combos only cost one level of the Finisher Bar. Pulling these off aren't easy- they are similar to fighting game combos.

On stages set on the Boiling Isles directly, the Titan will guide Luz and teach her Glyph Combo inputs, appearing faintly around her, glowing when she begins to perform one.

Light Glyph
Luz Noceda activates a Light Glyph, creating a orb of light that inflicts 5 damage and the Solar effect. It stays active for ten seconds or disappears if four orbs of light are already active. It can be dispersed safely with a projectile attack or mid-ranged melee attacks with weapons.
Fire Glyph
Luz Noceda activates a Fire Glyph, creating a jet of flame that inflicts 8 damage and can set opponents ablaze as a result. Crouching during the set-up allows Luz to place the flame on the ground, launching the opponent up while setting them ablaze.

Plant Gylph
Luz Noceda activates a Plant Glyph underneath her, launching herself upwards with a rising plant. The longer the player holds the button, the higher Luz will go. She can do an additional second jump off it. The plant will release pollen that inflicts Dizzy to nearby opponents if hit by Luz, opponent, or projectile.
Ice Gylph
Luz Noceda activates a ice glyph, creating a poking icicle that homes onto the nearest opponent, dealing 11 damage if sweetspotted correctly, 7 damage otherwise. Holding down creates a icy surface across the ground that can Freezes opponents.
Invisibilty Combo
Level 1
Luz Noceda turns herself invisible using this glyph combo, able to hold it for up to 15 seconds or the moment she attacks. During this state, she will dodge all attacks although she isn't immune to grabs. Additionally, she gains speedier moveset. If Luz holds it for the full 15 seconds, she will come out of the invisible state in the Break state.
Safety Hover Combo
Level 1
Luz Noceda activates a safety hover glyph combo, which allows her to glide gracefully down the air. In this state, she can attack as normal, as if she was on the ground, although she won't be able to jump. Additionally she can cancel her moves into other moves while in this glide state. Very good for aerial combos.
Mist Spell Combo
Level 1
Luz Noceda creates a combined glyph combo that creates a mist screen that covers an area of about 4x4 character lengths. The mist lasts for 10 seconds unless dispersed with wind attacks. Additionally, Luz can introduce another basic glpyh into the mist to polarize it's power, creating the following four follow-up attacks:
  • Light Glyph + Mist - Creates a blinding pocket of mist that induces Radiation, dealing damage when opponents are inside.
  • Fire Glyph + Mist - Creates a burning inferno cloud of mist that induces Burning, dealing 6 damage per 20 frames when opponents are inside.
  • Plant Glyph + Mist - Creates a sleepy cast of mist that induces Sleep to opponents that get knocked inside.
  • Ice Glyph + Mist - Creates a freezing cast of mist that induces Freeze to opponents that get knocked inside, as well as inflicting 4 damage per 20 frames.
Snow Spell Combo
Level 2
Luz Noceda activates a snow spell combo glyph that generates a sphere of snow, which can be rolled forward to catch opponents in it and inflict rolling damage of 3.4 damage each rotation. Additionally, Luz Noceda can increase it's size up to three times using Ice Glyph, catching more opponents and making it hard to avoid. It rolls off edges and only when is it airborne are opponents able to break out of it. Mashing the control stick can loosen the snow a bit and cancel it early too.
Wind Spell Combo
Level 2
Luz Noceda activates a glyph combo that creates a gust of wind that circles around like a tornado. It reflects projectiles and pushes opponents past edges with blow back wind, although it can also capture them and launch them high into the air. Additionally, Luz can introduce another basic glpyh into the mist to polarize it's power, creating the following four follow-up attacks:
  • Light Glyph + Wind - Creates a tornado of light, inflicting Solar on hit, causing higher launches into the air.
  • Fire Glyph + Wind - Creates a torando of flame that Burns opponents and deals 3 damage per 20 frames when opponents are inside.
  • Plant Glyph + Wind - Creates a tornado of vines that catch opponents and keeps them inside longer- follow up with another glyph to change the tornado type afterwards.
  • Ice Glyph + Wind - Creates a freezing tornado that Freezes opponents that get knocked inside, as well as inflicting 2 damage per 20 frames.
Petrification Spell Combo
Level 2
Luz Noceda activates a glyph that casts a Petrification status effect on the opponent, freezing them in stone for a period of time. While a opponent can mash out of it, when they do, they will crumble and be dealt 20 damage if they come out early.
Monster Summon Combo
Level 3
Luz Noceda activates a glyph that sends a red, clawed hand that springs forward to nearby enemy targets and latches onto them to deal 1.7 damage each 20 frames. Targets can wiggle out by mashing on the control stick although it is harder to get out the more damage the opponent has taken. This is smaller than Belos' very similar attack but deals more damage and can be set as a trap.
Water Fountain Combo
Level 3
Luz Noceda sets down a glyph that creates a fountain of water, creating a constant stream that deals 5 water damage on contact as well as the Wet effect. Pushes back foes and disperses a lot of projectiles on contact. If Luz puts down a Ice Glpyh next to it, it freezes up and creates spikes, dealing up to 30 damage on icicle spikes to opponents.
Teleportation Spell Combo
Level 3
Luz Noceda creates a giant, complicated weave of glpyhs that teleports her opponent to a death trap on the Boiling Isles, inflicting 45 damage to the opponent. Trying to input this through the normal glyph combo method is slow due to all the inputs, which there are a total of 22.
Alternate Outfits



Closet Witch

Teenage Abomination


Knee Wear

Hexside Uniform

Detention Track

Wing It Like Witches

Hunting Palismen

Eda's Jacket

Salty Shipmate

Emperor's Craft-en

Clouds on the Horizon


Prop Test
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Luz Noceda becomes a giant egg, the design taken for the form her Palisman originally appeared in.
Heaven Spell
Midnight Bliss
Luz Noceda wears her Grom outfit, which appears irrespective of whether Incubus Delight or Midnight Bliss is the transformation trigger.
Incubus Delight
Luz Noceda laughs hysterically for six seconds, frozen in place as she does.
Power Drain
When Luz Noceda is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the palm as Luz tries to tell her that she already has a girlfriend.
Rogue gains Light Gylph as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to produce a light sphere that inflicts the Solar effect and acts as a trap. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
Luz Noceda's secret is revealed.

Luz Noceda accidentally aided Belos back when he was a human named Phillip Wittebane, believing herself to be responsible for his rise to power in the Boiling Isles.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a minor, alright? Anyway, I don't even think this kid needs to go to juvie, a summer camp ought to set the kid at least a little bit more on the head. Why does she keep looking at me like that? Anyhow, dismiss the case, I mean aside from like trying to take over an government in another dimension, which by the way, not our concern, what has she really done? Dismiss this case.
When Ralsei encounters Luz Noceda, he gifts Luz with chalk/moss to eat, much to her confusion. Inflicts 2 Drowsiness levels.