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Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume is a student hailing from UA who comes from Class 1-H, focusing on Support items for other heroes. She likes to invent and her inventions tend to come in handy for other students, although she is a bit over-passionate with her inventions, calling them babies. She values being able to market herself over winning a fight, but the passionate is not undeserved. When arriving in the Black Hole, Mei was able to get pretty far with just her babies.

Mei Hatsume is not a character that really damages opponents with her special attacks, instead opting for debuffs or buffs to herself to deal damage with her standard moves. Her Zoom gimmick allows her to deal more damage on one target for 10 seconds while dealing less damage to other targets. She has good aerial movement with her Jetpack and Hover Soles, and can use her Wire Arrows to additionally recover and deal damage with headbutt. Her capture gun is a good tool for spacing except for when it's low on ammo.

Gimmick: Zoom

Mei Hatsume's Quirk is Zoom, which is activated through Mei's down special of the same name. When Zoom is used, a reticle appears over the screen and the player will chose a target. When a target is inflicted with Zoom, Mei's attacks will do relatively more damage (1.3x) to them and a yellow reticle will appear over them. Zoom is active for up to 10 seconds unless Zoom is activated again, in which it will cancel the current Zoom target. When Zoom is active on a target, all other viable targets will take reduced damage (0.7x) from Mei's attacks. Zoom will also give Capture Gun and Wire Arrow additional homing properties.
Capture Gun
Mei Hatsume takes aim with a pistol with a wide barrel that fires capture nets, which wrap around an opponent when the projectile connects, temporarily disabling attacks and decreasing movement speed and jump height. The nets can be mashed out of, but get harder to escape out of the more damage the opponent has taken. The net projectiles can be destroyed while in the air with fire or energy attacks and can also be parried. The nets deal no damage either and Mei can only fire up to five before needing to get into a lengthy reload animation. However, it can be used to space opponents as well as disarm them for combos. Wire Arrow
Mei Hatsume fires two wire arrows from a device on her chest. These wire arrows go for a long distance and latch onto a surface, character, or item on contact. While connected, Mei can either press the guard button to cancel the latch and retract the wire arrows, or pull herself towards the connection point by pressing the attack button. Mei Hatsume does more damage depending on how much distance she was from the target originally, performing a headbutt attack. If the opponent attacks perfectly timed, they can knock Mei off without Mei being able to inflict damage, but this is only if they don't have a Zoom reticle over them. The player can tilt the control stick to determine the angle of the wire arrows.
Jet Pack
Mei Hatsume activates a jetpack on her back that allows her to take off into the air and then glide for a short distance. The Jetpack has fuel that can be seen with the effect of the jet turbine's cones of air, which are more white and opaque the more fuel it has, but gradually thins out over use. It's an excellent recovery move but comes with the issue of a height ceiling, which is 4 character lengths from the origin point of the jetpack. Fuel is replenished from not using and fills faster when fresh moves are used by Mei Hatsume. Zoom
Mei Hatsume activates her quirk, her eyes flashing as a reticle appears on screen which the player controls with the control stick. The player must aim over a target and then press the attack button to activate Zoom, which will place a yellow reticle symbol over the target in question. When Zoom is activated, Mei deals more damage to her opponent and gains homing properties for Capture Gun and Wire Arrow. Zoom lasts for up to 10 seconds before wearing off.
Hover Soles
Level 1
Mei Hatsume puts on a pair of Hover Soles, which puts her constantly in an aerial state, making her immune to ground-based attacks. The Hover Soles stay on Mei Hatsume until she sustains 35 damage with them on, making them a powerful modified for aerial combos which generally include attacks that do more damage and deal more knockback. Hover Soles can also be used for recovery as they let Mei glide into the open air.
High Density Weights
Level 2
Mei Hatsume sends out some small weighted bracelets that attach around a opponent to make them less fast and less strong, weakening their attack strength for all attacks. These last for a total of 10 seconds before wearing off and can be used as a powerful tool to possibly level out bad matchups for Mei Hatsume.
My Adorable Baby
Level 3
Mei Hatsume appears in a mechanized suit and fires off two explosive barrels that bounce towards nearby opponents with homing properties before exploding on contact with them or after five bounces. The mechanized suit makes Mei take half of the damage she usually does from attacks and explodes after after both barrels detonate. When detonated, the barrels deal 10-60 damage depending where the opponent is to the blast range.
Alternate Outfits


UA Uniform
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Mei Hatsume transforms into a giant roach.
Heaven Spell
Midnight Bliss
Mei Hatsume is transforms into her outfit from Chapter 339 of the manga.
Incubus Delight
Mei Hatsume is transforms into a male version of herself.
Mei Hatsume gets caught in a laughing loop for three seconds before the Jokerization toxin exits. She isn't able to move in the Jokerization state.
Power Drain
When Mei Hatsume is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Zoom as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to target onto foes with her attacks and deal more damage. She also gains super armor on her physical moves for 6 seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just doing what she does best! How could she know her equipment would be used by ill-doers? Especially those used by so-called heroes? She's not the one to blame here, throw this out.
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