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Mets are a recurring enemy in the Mega Man series known for their indestructible hard hats. What's this one doing as a fighter? I dunno, maybe it just stumbled in the wrong direction and got lucky with it's match-ups.

Sometimes fighting games are a little too complicated for newcomers. We get that. That's why Metool, the world's most perfect beginner's character was invented. He's a single button fighter and if you stop moving, he retreats into his helmet, a mostly invincible fortress of protection. There's still depth for you pros: if you hold his single attack, you get different bullet spreads.

Gimmick: Metool
Metool is well, a Metool. He acts identical to how he does in Megaman for the most part. This means:
  • He cannot jump, perform grabs or shield. The lone exception to this is during some Collider bonus stages, where he is given a single, huge jump to get over platforming challenges.
  • He is very heavy. He will drop straight to the ground if he somehow gets in the air, being the fastest faller in the game.
  • Metool is exposed while attacking or walking. He cannot run. If he stays stationary, he is completely invincible except from below, which means attacks that effect the ground or come from underneath him can still harm him.
  • While he has a perfect shield while stationary, Metool has a idle animation that will expose him if he stays still too long.
  • Metool takes doubled damage from attacks.
  • Metool has doubled Finisher Bar growth.
Metool shoots a single bullet that deals 3 damage and flinches and knocks back the opponent. It is very weak. Holding the button down allows Metool to shoot two or three bullets that spread at the cost of more exposure time. This does not increase his damage output.
Metool Pick
Level 1
Metool slams down a giant pick in a melee move, dealing 15 damage and spiking opponents. Due to Metool's fast Finisher Bar growth, this can be utilized as a edge guard tool.
Bullet Hell
Level 2
Metool sends out a spread of bullets out in a pattern, still doing 3 damage but sends out 30 of them, which have slight homing properties. It's quick on start up, making it effective as a stage clearer.
Giant Metool
Level 3
Metool summons a Giant Metool to stomp on a single opponent, dealing 50 damage. It automatically reads the opponent's position and it's giant size means it's hard to miss, but is possible with a good enough roll or evasion method. Spikes in the air.
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Unlock Method
Lose 15 matches.