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Midnight is a Pro Hero and faculty member at U.A. High School, who teaches Modern Hero Art History. She was also the Chief Referee of the U.A. Sports Festival for the first-year students, her powers coming in handy to stop reckless students from killing each other. She has arrived in Black Hole through the Collider and acting as a hero, she wants to stop whoever is responsible... and dominate them a little too, why not.

Midnight's moveset is pretty much entirely revolved off the sleep status effect. She has a lot of moves that can deal a lot of damage, but each time she uses Somnabulist or Clouding Judgement, she loses some defense and can be hit for more damage or get launched farther. However, Midnight's best assets are best used when she has a done a lot of damage to her opponent, as the sleep effect will put her opponent in a deeper sleep the more damage she has done to them. Her whip attacks have unique and fast properties to them as well.

Midnight tears at some her body suit to release an sleeping aroma that causes a sleeping effect in the radius of release. Reduces her defense each time she uses it, but is one of the most powerful sleep inducing moves. Midnight Lace
Midnight attacks via a whip for 3-7 damage, depending if sweetspotted or not. The whip can be also used to tether recover. The whip has a wide range when fully extended out, but launches at a low rate. Inflicts nightmare if sweet-spotted.
Clouding Judgement
Midnight spirals into the air with a kick while unleashing some of her sleeping aroma that will put opponents to sleep. The kick deals 8 damage and the sleeping aroma becomes stronger the more of her body suit that has been torn. Bullwhip
Midnight attacks via flogging with a bullwhip, which deals 5 damage and increases every time Midnight attacks with it up until it deals 13 damage per hit, in which it becomes stale and deals less damage each hit.
Level 1
Midnight wraps her whip around her foe and then slams and then throws them for 15 damage. Has a tight start-up and no end-lag, making it a very good move to utilize in a combo.
Matrix Dominate
Level 2
Midnight releases a ton of sleeping aroma and proceeds to get a boost to her whip attacks, dealing 2x more damage with them.
Level 3
Midnight rips off all of her costume skin off, save for a couple bits and unleashes a stage-wide mist of sleeping aroma that puts everyone to sleep as her whip attacks gain a 2.5x bonus to attack. Pretty deadly if your opponent has sustained a lot of damage.
Alternate Outfits



Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Midnight turns into a white snake.
Heaven Spell
Midnight turns into a Nomu.
Midnight Bliss
Midnight turns into one of her original concept designs.
Incubus Delight
Midnight turns into a masculine design similar to this one from a unknown artist.
Midnight's sleeping aroma inflicts the Jokerification effect when active. It lasts for 6 seconds. Her Midnight Lace move also gains 1.6x more power.
Power Drain
When Midnight is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Somnambulist as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to release sleeping mist to put foes to sleep. She also gains a 1.5x increase in speed.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, how can you blame my client for putting everyone at the opera to sleep? It was a boring show, I was there, everyone was nodding off and I didn't see any fumes from her before I conked out. Might be a little unprofessional for a lawyer to also be a witness, but let's face it, the allegations are nonsense. Throw this case out.
Unlock Method
Activate Midnight Bliss 10 times.