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Noel Vermillion

Noel is part of the NOL, a central authoritarian leadership in the world of BlazBlue. She was ordered to find her superior, Jin, who left his post to pursue Ragna the Bloodedge. While on her journey, she landed in the New York everyone has been transported to through Galeem's beams. She is still trying to accomplish her mission, amusingly enough. However, Olivia Octavius senses great power within her...

Noel is a speedy character with a lot of projectile options and physical attacks, being able to hit the opponent from afar. She is generally skewed towards the weaker side of the spectrum in terms of power, but with her Chain Revolver set-up, she is able to become much quicker and deal lots of damage with her otherwise weak moves and chain together fantastic combos. She lacks a true recovery and can be punished very easily.

Gimmick: Chain Revolver
Noel's Chain Revolver is activated via her standard special attack input. When activated, Noel will be able to chain attacks together and eliminate start up time and end lag. Her buffer time also becomes quicker. This has a couple of different quirks though:
  • She can chain special, standard, aerial attacks together. She cannot chain Finishers into Chain Revolver.
  • None of Noel's inputs can be the same or she will activate Bloom Trigger instead as a chain ender. Pressing Bloom Trigger early will always end Chain Revolver.
  • She only gains Finisher Meter during the first four inputs she utilizes in the chain. Any successive moves halt her Finisher Meter growth.
  • While in Chain Revolver, Noel is unable to shield or jump. She can also not walk, run, or do any kind of movement options.
  • Noel cannot pick up items while in Chain Revolver. Any item she is carrying before inputting Chain Revolver will instead be thrown away.
Chain Revolver
Noel activates Chain Revolver, her Drive from BlazBlue by sliding forward and fires her gun directly in front of her to deal 5 damage. This acts as Noel's "stance" of sorts, allowing her to chain multiple attacks into each other as a combo. This does have a couple of quirks though when activated which are listed above. Type XI: Optic Barrel
Noel sets a mark in the air, which explodes soon after to deal 4-8 damage. Charge for more distance and power. It launches upon explosion. When in Chain Revolver, Noel gains a slight advantage if this is used as one of her first four moves in that it will automatically start near the closest opponent, requiring less time and a tighter control input. You should release the button immediately when in Chain Revolver.
Type XIII: Revolver Blast
Noel jumps up and twirls upside down while in the air. She rams twice for 6 damage as a physical attack and fires a spray of four shots which have projectile properties, dealing 4 damage each. Acts as a dodge during the first couple frames. Deals lower damage as a combo starter. Type II: Bloom Trigger
Noel jams her gun forward to deal 4 damage, following up with a large energy blast from her gun that acts as projectile that deals 7 damage. Gives her some end lag and will bounce opponents on impact against the floor or wall. A unique quirk of this move is that it can either be used to end Noel's Chain Revolver early or will be executed if the player inputs a move they have already done while in Chain Revolver.
Zero-Gun: Fenrir
Level 1
Noel summons a giant gatling gun ans sprays the area around her with machine gun fire that does 1 damage on loop for 2.5 frames (each 30 frames dealing 1 damage), and then blowing away with a charged shot that deals 10 damage. Gun-butt acts as a shield on start up. Noel cannot be interrupted during the attack and makes airborne opponents fall.
Bullet Storm ⇒ Zero-Gun: Thor
Level 2
Noel fires a volley of bullets that deals 15 damage, and then follows up with a missile that is heatseeking and can break through shields, dealing 15 damage. The bullets stun the opponent if they hit them while in the air. It has a extremely fast start up. Noel cannot move or shield after the missile has been shot, only regaining complete movement after the missile explodes. Noel however, can use Chain Revolver immediately afterwards.
Valkyrie Veil
Level 3
Noel fires a single needle-like bullet forward. If the opponent is hit, Noel dances around while firing at her opponent with explosive needles while they are binded with glyph. Noel gains invincibility during the start up. Deals a total of 50 damage to the opponent.
Alternate Outfits




Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Noel transforms into a ladybug with a blue shell and her cap as a reference to her dislike of insects.
Heaven Spell
Noel transforms into a panda with her outfit.
Midnight Bliss
Noel has three different Midnight Bliss appearances, which have a 30% chance of appearing.

  • Noel takes on Taokaka's coat, one of Litchi Faye Ling's costumes designed for her.
  • Noel takes on Valentine's clothes, one of Litchi Faye Ling's costumes designed for her. This is a reference to the Guilty Gear 2 Overture character.
  • Noel takes on a skimpy sailor look, one of Litchi Faye Ling's costumes designed for her. Her hat seems to reference May from Guilty Gear.
  • Incubus Delight
    Noel take on a appearance similar to Jin from BlazBlue, although with her beret and corded extensions.
    Noel starts to take on some of Mu-12's mannerisms while under the Jokerified state such as ranting about the world hating her and robotic speech, often dropping to her knees in anguish while in the middle of gameplay. This last for six seconds.
    Power Drain
    When Noel is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
    Rogue gains Chain Revolver as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to cancel combo into her normals so long as she doesn't repeat any moves. She also gains a projectile strength bonus, boosting her projectile strength by 1.3x for six seconds.
    Noel's secret is revealed.

    She is the 12th Prime Field Device, an umbrella name for a series of artificial humans, developed by Relius Clover.

    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, my client is a weapon. Any war crimes she commits is just people using the product as intended. Throw this out- you wouldn't throw a gun in jail.