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Paper Jam Dipper

A messed up clone of Dipper created when the copy machine jammed during the events of Double Dipper. In this bizarre timeline, Paper Jam Dipper insisted on going with Quatro to steal Robbie's bike and the two ended up living long past the events. Now coming through the Collider, Paper Jam Dipper is set on helping Dipper- even if he doesn't need his help.

Paper Jam Dipper is a clone of Dipper, with some generally small changes, although his version of Journal 3 and Journal 1 are mechanically pretty pretty different with different effects save for mediumweight hit. Additionally, President's Key is replaced with a lunge attack known as Nyang, which allows Paper Jam Dipper to rack up damage quickly. Paper Jam Dipper is much lighter than Dipper and can even glide while in the air, although is extremely weak to water damage and cannot jump while Wet.


Copied Journal 3
Paper Jam Dipper swats down with a copied version of Journal 3 Stan created after the events of Gideon Rises. It deals 5 damage on hit. The journal is able to do three different effects depending on the weight of the opponent:
  • Inflict Toad - The journal inflicts the Toad effect on hit, transforming the opponent into a toad, making all their moves a magic spell that can transform people into toads. Lasts only four seconds. Lightweights get this effect.
  • Bottomless Pit - The journal creates a bottomless pit underneath the victim, causing them to fall a long time before randomly appearing back on the main stage platform. Mediumweights get this effect.
  • Peanut Brittle - The journal encases heavy weight opponents in peanut brittle on impact, which has minute healing properties but also debuffs jumps and breaking out of grabs.

Copied Journal 1
Paper Jam Dipper reads off from Stan's copied version of Journal 1, summoning a regular cloud that rains onto the floor. Coming contact with the rain will deal the wet effect, although it deals no additional damage to a normal opponent. It has some other interesting properties as well:
  • When Paper Jam Dipper is flipping through the pages of Journal 1, he gains invincibility frames. He has two more than normal Dipper.
  • When Paper Jam Dipper is summoning the cloud, a flash of thunder can be seen as it forms which deals 6 damage and shocks opponents.
  • The cloud's rain will melt Paper Jam Dipper, dealing 4-6 damage to him every 20 frames he's under the rain.
  • The cloud halts falling momentum considerably and can almost be used as a safety net to help recover.

Crystal Flashlight
Paper Jam Dipper utilizes the size changing crystal flashlight to turn himself bigger, able to increase his damage output by 1.3x and making him 1.3x more resistant against knockback. He gains heavier and bigger hitboxes, in addition to becoming slightly slower to attack. Hit the button again to turn Paper Jam Dipper back to normal size. Tilt the control stick during the start up animation to have Paper Jam Dipper instead point the flashlight at a opponent to inflict the mini effect for five seconds.
Paper Jam Dipper rears forward, doing a chomp attack that deals 4-5 damage and causes the opponent to flinch. Comes out fast, clips to opponents, and can be turned into a rekka attack by repeatedly mashing the button, with each press inflicting 0.5 more damage.

Quatro Bike
Level 1
Paper Jam Dipper hops on with Quatro on a bike (as Tracey refuses to work with Paper Jam Dipper), with Quatro speeding away on the bike. Deals 15 damage as he rams into opponents and knocks back opponents on impact. Travels across the entire length of the stage, ending at the ledge.

Time Ticker
Level 2
Paper Jam Dipper pulls out a tape measure that is actually a time machine, attaching it to the ground before running back. If he bumps into a opponent, he hands the machine to them and the time machine will snap back, sending the opponent into the past, being inflicted 30 damage as they are stomped on by customers in the past verson of the stage, which used to be a mattress store. If Paper Jam Dipper does not bump into the opponent, he will travel foward in time and appear on top of a metal sphere spaceship that deals 30 damage to nearby foes with laser attacks.

Level 3
Paper Jam Dipper releases the Gremlobin, who travels across the stage quickly and stares into opponents to deal petrification on sight, as well as 50 damage. The Gremlobin is on screen for 5 seconds before it jumps off the stage and disappears.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Paper Jam Dipper transforms into a folded up look of the "meat dimension" look his original took from inside a Weirdness Bubble from Weirdmageddon.
Heaven Spell
Paper Jam Dipper transforms into a folded up look of a wooden statue stuck in a pose of agony, similar to how his original appears in the episode Northwest Mansion Mystery.
Midnight Bliss
Paper Jam Dipper takes on an appearance similar to his hypothetical twin Paper Jam Mabel with his clothes on.
Incubus Delight
Paper Jam Dipper transforms into Dippy Fresh from Weirdmageddon.
Paper Jam Dipper briefly gets transformed into his version of "Bipper", a Bill possessed version of Dipper, which lasts six seconds. It changes his moveset slightly, changing Book 3 to produce a bubble of madness that inflicts the Makai Spell effect if a opponent passes through it. Additionally, "Paper Jam Bipper" flinches less and is harder to launch, although if he takes too much damage he'll fall asleep.
Paper Jam Dipper transforms into his "death" form, making it impossible to jump and taking damage every 20 frames.
Power Drain
When Paper Jam Dipper is caught by Rogue, Paper Jam Dipper instinctually puts up Copied Journal 3, causing her to kiss that instead.
Rogue gains Copied Journal 3 as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do attacks based off the opponent's weight that inflicts various conditions. She also gains a weight bonus, decreasing her weight by 1.3x for six seconds.
Paper Jam Dipper's secret is revealed.

He was the smartest Dipper clone, refusing to get involved and knowing his existence was pointless to begin with.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is someone of clearly not right mind, and if a fire were to go off in the court, the sprinklers would kill him. Let's just let the little rascal do whatever clones do, I want this case dismissed.
Unlock Method
Do a match with four Dippers fighting at once.