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Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, trading with Bowser's Kingdom in her universe, having solely a business relationship with the Koopa King. She never met Mario or Luigi, and seems perplexed by the idea of ever needing to be rescued. She finds a charm in the urban landscape of this alternate New York, although she would like to be back home soon!

Peach is a character with a lot of aerial prowess, able to spike opponents and descend slowly while in the air while still doing damage. Her Psych Bomb gives her a good bomb option, albeit one that goes off fairly quickly and has limited potential with her opponents. Her paintings give her a lot of stage control, allowing her to summon minions, teleport, act as turrets and inflict a variety of effects. Her lightweight makes her easy to launch.

Gimmick: Painter

Peach has a talent for painting and utilizes it in her moveset as her down special, Peach Painter. There are a total of 10 paintings, which are listed below her moveset. While the painting Peach is intially working on is random, the player can change which one she is painting by pressing the guard buttons. The start of the painting animation will always be the same, so experienced Peach players will know exactly how to paint the paintings they want.

It is worth nothing that she can only have two paintings active at a time- and each has a limit on their output. Some paintings work to interact with others, such as the Peach Paintings or the Tiny-Huge Island painting.
Psych Bomb
Peach grabs a bomb and hurls it a distance, which it will go off after a second or after it's hit by an attack. It deals 15-21 damage and covers a decent range and is fairly powerful. Peach can attack it in the air just after hurling it to increase it's distance, making it travel for further. Peach Bomber
Peach leaps forward with her hips and slams into her opponent for a pink explosion of hearts, dealing 11% damage and causes her to get knocked back on impact. It can be used as a movement option, allowing Peach to have a quick, attacking horizontal recovery option.
Peach unfurls Perry, either spiking him upwards while on the ground for 10% damage or using him to float, dealing 4% damage on contact. Peach can keep Perry active while in the air for as long as she wants, but will begin to quickly descend after five seconds. Painter Peach
Peach sets up an easel and begins to paint one of the paintings from Super Mario 64. Although the painting is random, you can shift between the different ones using the guard buttons. A full list of the paintings and their effects is listed below. She can only have two paintings active at a time- the oldest painting will be replaced.
Bob-omb Battlefield Cool, Cool Mountain Whomp's Fortress Jolly Roger Bay Peach Painting
A Bob-omb emerges out of the painting, walking around a bit before exploding to deal 7-12 damage and launching foes away. The painting will keep spawning Bob-ombs until destroyed, at a rate of 1 every 3 every seconds. A Mr. Blizzard emerges out of the painting, hiding in the ground before firing off a snowball that deals 5 ice damage. If a Mr. Blizzard is destroyed, a new one will spawn out of the painting in 3 seconds unless the painting is destroyed. A Whomp emerges out of the painting, being a large imposing character with 30 health who flattens foes to deal 14 damage and Buries those he squishes. If destroyed, a new one will emerge out of the painting in 6 seconds unless the painting is destroyed. Unagi the Eel emerges out of the painting if someone draws in close, attacking with a rush attack that deals 8-12 water damage and knocks opponents back greatly. It then recedes back and waits for a new opponent to approach unless the painting is destroyed. Peach Paintings can be used as teleports for Princess Peach, provided two are created. When one Peach Painting is created, the next will be a Peach Painting. Quickly warp around the stage using a Peach Painting and get the best mix-ups out of your opponents.
Bowser Painting Lethal Lava Land Tall, Tall Mountain Wet-Dry World Tiny-Huge Island
This painting spits out flames every 0.8 seconds, of three varying heights. The flames deal 8-9 damage and Burns opponents who touch the flames. They continue to come out of the painting unless it is destroyed- reflecting the flames will burn it. A Mr. I emerges from the painting, firing off pink bubbles that inflict the Nightmare effect and 5 damage. Spin attacks will defeat them instantly- otherwise they have 20 health and will be replaced upon death after 5 seconds unless the painting is destroyed. A Fly Guy emerges from the painting, flying around and shooting fireballs that deal 5-6 damage. If jumped on, they spin up into the air and act as a temporary platform. They have 10 health and will be replaced upon death after 5 seconds unless the painting is destroyed. A Heave Ho emerges from the painting, scooting across the ground and launching foes away with their lift, although they don't deal any damage. They have 10 health and will be replaced upon death after 4 seconds unless the painting is destroyed. They can't jump, so they will stay around the platform they were spawned on. This painting has aura that either enbiggens other enemies that pass by it, or shrink opponents into the Mini effect. Enbiggened enemies deal 2x as much damage and have twice as much health.
Toad Super Guard
Level 1
Peach puts her arms across her chest in a defensive pose as a Toad runs in and jumps in front of her, acting as a super guard that reflects projectiles for 3x the power of the original projectile. It also acts a counter against melee opponents, dealing 2.5x the original damage of their original attack. If it whiffs, it whiffs.
Super Crowned
Level 2
Peach kicks a Super Crown forward and if it makes contact with a opponent, it gives them a Midnight Bliss effect as Peach then command grabs them with her umbrella and pummels them relentlessly for 30 damage, before kissing them on the cheek and then launching them away.
Heart Brand
Level 3
Peach holds out her palm and unleashes a powerful set of heart shaped projectiles that can drain up to 50 health from opponents and use it to heal Peach. These projectiles expand as they go across but can be blocked on the first frames of contact. There are three in total, which means a opponent would have to block three times in a row with very tight timing.
Alternate Outfits


Mystery Land

Dinosaur World Vacation








Strikers Battle League

Olympic Swimsuit




Odyssey Vacation

Mount Volbono

Odyssey Swimwear


Kyoto Cross Media
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Peach transforms into a pink Piranha Plant with an white stem.
Heaven Spell
Peach transforms into Toadette in her trademark dress.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Peach turns into a man with a pink coat and a shorter version of her haircut.
Peach takes on the appearance of the Shadow Queen poessessing her for six seconds, and all of her attacks inflict Umbra during this transformation.
Power Drain
When Peach is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Psych Bomb as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to throw a heavy bomb. She also gains a air attack bonus, boosting her attacks in the air by 1.3x for six seconds.
Princess Peach's secret is revealed.

She is hiding something between the fireplace and blue chair in her room. She is able to cloud exactly what the nature of this item is, but the location is clear.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was told by the computer that she was invisible as long as she stripped nude. How can you charge her with public indecency with a story like that? Throw this case out.