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Punchline, originally known by her alias Alexis Kaye, is an aspiring supervillain who was radicalized through researching the Joker and performing a true crime show with her co-host Leslie Willis. Convinced that there was to be a greater point to the Joker's crimes, she set about proving herself by experimenting with Joker serum on the homeless and on her college dean, of which finally convinced the Joker to take her on. As this came out, Leslie Willis attempted to distance herself, although her story would take on a villianous turn as well. Working as the Joker's new right-hand woman, Punchline would seem to be taking up the role previously held by Harley Quinn, although she secretly has greater ambitions and direction from The Joker.

Punchline is a knife-based character who can perform combos using a move called Set-Up, which allows her to chain moves together so long as she doesn't repeat any moves. Her moves are generally fast albeit with some noticable endlag and she can cut up a opponent quite easily. She doesn't have the worst time performing kills but she is not particularly skilled in this area either. While her moves are intended to work without Set-Up, they are designed with the idea of using them and thus optimal play requires knowing combos and a fair bit about your opponent. This can even apply to her Finisher moves, with her Level 1 Joker Pill move inflicting a effect that is not consistent across fighters.

Biting Remark
Punchline performs a flip with both daggers out, dealing a strike attack that deals 7 damage and some knockback if not in direct contact with the opponent's hitboxex. If she makes direct contact with a opponent's hitboxes, she performs a latching attack that sees her stab the opponent over and over for 10 damage before releasing them into a Astral state, dealing no knockback. This moves comes out fast and with Set-Up in play it can removed the end-lag the move otherwise has. Set-Up
Set-Up is one of Punchline's most key moves as it allows Punchline to set up combos provided she doesn't repeat any moves. The move begins with a 5 damage stab with a knife and then can be immediately buffered into any move afterwards. All set-ups for moves she has are ignored until a move repeats- in which then she goes into a helpless state in the air or has a flashy finishing pose. When paired up with Pay-Off as the last move, she deals additional damage and the Bleed effect. Set-Up cannot activate until Punchline hits a opponent and if she desyncs from the opponent it deactivates.
Punch-Up is Punchline's aerial recovery move, which gives her an additional third jump that sees her spin through the air with two daggers, carrying opponents up with her while dealing 3-5 damage per strike, with a total of five strikes possible. Afterwards, unless Set-Up is in play, she enters a helpless state, even if she hasn't used any of her other two jumps. Pay-Off
Punchline performs a powerful sweeping attack with her knives that has some start-up lag but pushes the knives to the left and right of her that deals 10 damage. One of Punchline's stronger moves albeit one without much range and has start-up lag, which doesn't really work too well in most situtations. However, as part of the ending to her Set-Up move, it does 12 damage, allows her to finish the Set-Up, and inflicts the Bleed effect.
Joker Pill
Level 1
Punchline flicks a pill of a purple and green color with her fingers, which burns into the opponent for 15 damage and inflicts Jokerization, a special effect that for some characters only makes them still and laugh, while some other characters become more intense and lose frames off their moves. Punchline players should research what characters are impacted by Jokerifcation if they plan to use this Finisher.
Big Joke
Level 2
Punchline utilizes a flamethrower to deal a wall of flame attack with that can deal up to 30 damage, and leave trails of fire behind that linger after the move. Touching the fire will put it out and deal 6 damage, as well as inflict Burning.
Level 3
Punchline laughs hysterically before unleashing crazy quick attack that has her perform a x-slash with her knives, doing a spin slash while rolling through the air, and then repeating those two motions again to do a total of 45 damage to all opponents caught in the finisher. It has a magnetizing effect, pulling opponents close to her before finally knocking them away at a high speed.
Alternate Outfits


Alexis Kaye
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Punchline becomes a giant python covered in caution tape, dripping Joker Venom from it's mouth.
Heaven Spell
Punchline becomes a peacock brandishing two knives with it's feet.
Midnight Bliss
Punchline mimics her pose from The Joker #1 and takes on the outfit from that cover as well.
Incubus Delight
Punchline transforms into a masculine version of themselves.
Punchline becomes more intense under the effects of Jokerification- her movement speed is doubled for six seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client had been hanging around the Joker- he coerced her to do those terrible acts and she wasn't in her right mind due to the Joker toxins. C'mon, throw this out of court, you can't even remotely try and argue she was in any good state of mind.
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