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Remy is a rat who wanted to be a chef so bad he threw himself into the world of humans and fine culinary dining- and nailed it. Using a mop boy named Liguini, who ended up being the son of Chef Gusteau, Remy's personal hero, Remy was able to restore a resturant to it's former glory, giving the world of food criticism momentary pause. That being said, it all had to end once it was known a rat was running the show. Remy owns his own resturant now, although he's become seperated from it due to the Collider and now seeks to train new chefs for when he gets back- if he gets back.

Remy is a really peculiar character, really acting as a bizarre 2-in-1 with most of the roster. Remy controls the majority of the cast through their hair to cook, although can hop off and control the other character as a puppet fighter, utilizing their special moves in addition to his own to find ingredients and bite people. When he's controlling another character, he has weak projectile options that can be used to pester the opponent while also utilizing a strong physical/projectile move in the form of Saucy Skillet, which has a absurd amount of options. His Finishers are also nothing to scoff at either.

Gimmick: Little Chef

Remy can control anyone on the roster with hair. When selecting Remy, you are actually selecting two characters at once. After selecting Remy the Rat on the character select screen, your cursor will turn into a chef's hat and you then select a non-grayed out character to control. When in the match, Remy's real hitbox is the hat, and so long as he stays on, that character will be under his control. He has two movesets- one while actively controlling another person and another "Rat Mode" moveset which takes advantage of his smaller hitbox and faster movement speed. When Remy is in "Rat Mode", the person he was formerly controlling will be in a dizzy state before joining Remy on the preferred CPU difficulty as an ally, although they will take tripled knockback.
Immune to Little Chef Control
Chef Mode Moveset

Cutting Board
Little Chef sets down a cutting board table and chops up one of three vegetables- a carrot, a cucumber, or a onion. These vegetables are picked at random. Little Chef then gathers the sliced up vegetables and can use them for projectiles, each having 20 slices to use before Little Chef cuts up a new vegetable. Carrot pieces deal 1.2 damage and cause flinching, cucumber pieces deal 2 water damage and stun if sweetspotted onto the opponent's face, and onion slices deal 3 stinging damage and have a 20% chance of causing Sobbing, a status effect that puts the opponent in a crying state where their attacks whiff and heal from grabs.
Saucy Skillet
Little Chef greases up a skillet pan and either slams it forward to deal 9 damage with heavy stun or cooks a flame under it to cook all Cutting Board's remaining vegetable slices, before flinging it as a scatter-shot set of projectiles that deal Burn and up to a max of 25 damage. If the start up is interrupted, Little Chef spills oil on the floor as a puddle, causing opponents to become Oily if they step over it.

Ingredient Search
Little Chef scurries above the hat of their controlled character, sniffing the air to find ingredients. This is a passive animation that can play while moving around, although Little Chef won't be able to attack until Ingredient Search is cancelled or naturally ends after six seconds. While moving, ingredients can be found that can power up Little Chef and their controlled character for a short time. The ingredients and their effects are found below.
Little Chef lifts the hat up and Remy goes into Rat Mode. The previously controlled character will be Dizzy for three seconds before acting as an puppet fighter all that Remy can give commands to.
Rat Mode Moveset

Rat Bite
Remy lunges forward and deals a biting attack that deals 6 damage and inflicts Bleed. Remy's cooking buddy will perform their neutral special.
Go Go Go!
Remy clicks his fingers together and shouts "GO GO GO!" using an animal translator nicked from a dog, causing their cooking buddy to either come rushing to their side if they hold down the input or performing their side special if tapped. Creates a sonic shield around Remy that reflects projectiles for 1.5x more damage.

Anyone Can Cook!/Rat Leap
Remy leaps onto their cooking buddy to resume their Little Chef duties in Chef Mode, or performs a fantastically far leap that can act as their third jump while their cooking buddy does their up special. This rat leap mostly gives Remy horizontal movement.
Ingredient Sniffer
Remy searches for ingredients using his nose, able to cloak himself for brief periods if he stands still while doing this. While in Ingredient Sniffer mode, he will only be able to jump- all other inputs cancel this. It's faster and much more safer than Ingredient Search in Chef Mode. Like Ingredient Search, ingredients can be found that power up Remy and their cooking buddy for a short. The ingredients and their effects are found below.
Ingredients can be found through either Ingredient Search or Ingredient Sniffer. These, when found, power up Remy and his cooking buddy for a short period of time. The ingredients and their effects are listed below.
Apple Bread Cheese Chocolate
Has a passive healing effect of 1+ Health every 20 frames for 5 seconds. Increases defense by 1.5x for 10 seconds. Increases power of special attacks by 1.5x for 10 seconds. Increases overall speed by 1.5x for 10 seconds.
Lemons Steak Tempura Wine
All attacks act if they're sourspotted and do max damage for 10 seconds. Increases knockback resistance by 1.5x for 10 seconds. Increases attack knockback by 1.5x for 10 seconds. All attacks induce Jokerification for 10 seconds.

Level 1
Remy summons Mabel, the woman from the beginning of acclaimed motion picture film Ratatouille who fires out a shotgun blast that deals 15 damage and has a wide spread for a projectile. The projectile is considered physical and cannot be reflected. It also has sizable knockback properties. Mabel will then disappear after firing her gun. It is extremely quick with very minimal start up or end lag, but has few applications outside of providing raw damage and knockback.

Level 2
Remy creates the ultimate dish in a cutscene Finisher utilizing their Cooking Buddy, creating the dish known as Ratatouille. This has two applications. It can be eaten by Remy to heal them for 30 health, or it can be eaten by their opponent to restore 30 damage but they become unable to deal damage to Remy for 10 seconds, as their ability to process such an amazing dish overrides their fighting spirit and they must reflect on the reality of criticism and the embracing of something new. After this wears off, they are able to attack like normal.

Gusteau Ghost Gallery
Level 3
Remy focuses his mind and summons a variety of imaginary Gusteau Ghosts based off Skinner's plan to turn his old friend into a direct to consumer frozen food product. There are a total of six who rush in a line, each doing a different attack.
  • Burritos - Burritos Gusteau attacks with a shake of maracas, dealing 6-8 damage on hit.
  • BBQ Dips N' Ribs - BBQ Dips N' Ribs Gusteau attacks with a six shooter, dealing 6 damage with each firing of the gun, as well as some knockback.
  • Tooth Pick N' Chicken - Tooth Pick N' Chicken Gusteau attacks with a wooden spear, dealing 12 piercing damage and stunning the opponent hard.
  • Chopsocky Pockets - Chopsocky Pockets Gusteau attacks with a fast paced back-handed double slap, spiking opponents for 8 damage.
  • Haggis Bites - Haggis Bites Gusteau attacks with a stomping attack that inflicts Buried and 9 damage.
  • The Original - Finally, the original Gusteau ghost holds out two pans and the other Gusteaus spin around him before he attacks with five stars that deal Solar and 12 damage each.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Remy becomes a rack of dead rats, taken from the second act of the film Ratatouille.
Heaven Spell
Remy becomes a gargoyle, taken from the statues his father and his brother hurl to free him from the car in the climax of the film Ratatouille.
Midnight Bliss
Remy does not get effected by Midnight Bliss, but his cooking buddy will.
Incubus Delight
Remy does not get effected by Incubus Delight, but his cooking buddy will.
Remy is encircled by the ghost of Gusteau, who encourages Remy to become more feral, with his bite attack briefly becoming much more powerful, 2x power. Gusteau will encourage Remy to do illegal activities like arson and cooking meth, although this has no impact on gameplay. This lasts for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Remy is caught by Rogue, he just barely scurries out before she absorbs his essence through her hand.
Rogue gains Rat Bite as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to bite opponents to inflict bleed. She also gains a knockback bonus, boosting her knockback infliction by 1.3x for six seconds.
Remy's secret is revealed.

Remy owns and runs a resturant by the name of Ratatouille that has somehow managed to elude authorities.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a rat. What are we doing here? Oh, the rat supposedly got up and forced a guy to cook against his will? Do you know how utterly insane that sounds? What's even wrong with cooking a good ziti, anyway? Throw this case out.
Unlock Method
Eat 100 Food Items.