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Rogue, also known as Anna Marie, was a mutant whose power manifested in a way that prevented her from being able to touch another person without absorbing their essence, personality, and in some cases, their powers. As such, she joined with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to avoid hurting loved ones. When ordered to steal Carol Danver's powers, however, Carol's personality influenced a change in heart, causing Rogue to join Xavier's X-Men team as a hero.

Rogue is a pretty straightforward superheroine character with a big gimmick, able to sap other people's powers for herself to replace her Neutral Special, Photon Beam. She also gains power boosts off sapping people's powers. Beyond that, she's got a straight forward projectile beam, a rekka, a couple of offensive melee moves and Finishers. She's remarkably straightforward as a character, being pretty balanced in most things.

Gimmick: Power Sap

Rogue can drain opponents of their health and can absorb a special move from them via either her down special Power Drain or her Level 3 Finisher Ultimate Drain. Every character has a noted Power Drain scenario, with some sometimes inflicting aftereffects from the kiss. She gains a little bit of health from the opponent being drained. If she tries to absorb more than three opponents in a match, she can become Jokerified from all of their conflicting mental impressions, so be careful in overusing this move.
Photon Blast
Rogue emits out Carol Danvers' trademark energy blast, which emerged as a horizontal laser beam with some charge up required. It deals 9-12 damage and is a energy attack. This move is constantly replaced with a different from any opponent that Rogue saps with her Power Drain attack, so this move doesn't necessarily stick in her kit for very long. As a basic energy attack, it does the job. Rapid Barrage
Rogue does a rekka attack that pushes her forward, dealing 1.5 damage with each punch. The player can input up to 12 in this dakka command input, although after the fifth punch it no longer stunlocks the opponent and they can get out of it with any attack as a revenge tactic. This rapid punch attack gives her super armor on the first couple frames.
Power Dive Punch
Rogue flies straight into the air before coming down at a diagonal angle, dealing 8-9 damage and Burying opponents. This can be useful as a recovery move, although it's immediate downwards angle afterwards can screw you if you don't find a way to cancel it into freefall as it comes down very fast. Could be used in leiu of a second jump to gain some extra distance although after a second jump it will just skip to the downwards diagonal impact.

Power Drain
Rogue rushes forward with a command grab where she holds the opponent close to her and does some sort of kiss, usually on the lips, and drains them of 8 health and copies an ability and gains some sort of boost to an attribute for six seconds after wards. This move has a cooldown of 5 seconds- any repeated use of this move will fail. Rogue can taunt to remove the drained move and return to Photon Blast. Every single character has it listed on what Rogue does to them, what move she steals, and what kind of power boost she gets out of it.
Hyper Barrage
Level 1
Rogue attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks that flow with Binary energy, before unleashing a blast of Binary energy that causes opponents to launch away for 15 damage. Locks a opponent in on the first hit as a Hyper Combo background, ripped straight out of Marvel vs Capcom appears behind her and the opponent.
Jaw Splitter
Level 2
Rogue does a rising uppercut, that knocks the opponent off their feet, launching them high into the air while dealing 30 damage. Comes out quick and swift, allowing Rogue to do quick kills with this move even at lower percents.
Ultimate Drain
Level 3
Rogue touches a opponent with her ungloved hands and kisses them while draining for much longer than Power Drain, draining about 45 health before blasting them away. Like Power Drain, this gives her a new standard special attack that replaces Photon Blast. The opponent is left in a Astral state after the move is complete.
Alternate Outfits


Savage Land




Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Rogue transforms into one of the Brood, a parasitic species, that is a enemy of the X-Men in general.
Heaven Spell
Rogue transforms into an anthromorphized skunk superheorine, from a gag in X-Men Annual #12.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Rogue transforms into her look from a bizarre story called X-Men: Millennial Visions #1 where the genders of the X-men were reversed by a evil chimp named Bubbles and a evil pop mandarin named Buzz.
Rogue laughs manically as her movement speed gets faster by 20%, although she whiffs a bit more often.
Power Drain
When Rogue is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains no replacement move for Photon Blast. She does gain a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
Rogue's secret is not revealed. She goes out of her way to cloud the head of the Nothic or anyone else trying to gain Insight on her, causing the Dizzy effect for both involved.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client cannot control her powers! She cannot help but drain them from touch! She wears gloves and kisses are the most minimal contact she can make without killing someone! Throw this out.
Unlock Method
Experience a complete loss of Special Moves at least once.