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Sisicross, also known as Seiji Shisikura, is a Shiketsu High School training student in their second year who is training to become a Pro Hero. They have the Quirk known as Meatball which allows them to use their flesh as a weapon and use it to trap his opponents as meatballs. He is somewhat influenced by Stain, believing there are people worthy of becoming heroes and anyone who doesn't fit his vision are unworthy. He refuses to reflect on his actions or thought process, leading him to Black Hole where he takes out those he doesn't consider worthy of being a hero.

Sisicross is a very unusual character with a different win condition under his moveset. All of his attacks inflict some level of percentage of Flesh Containment, which he can use to transform his opponent into meatballs and if trapped as meatballs long enough, can end their stock at almost any damage value. He doesn't deal a ton of damage and he doesn't particularly excel in any common attribute, but his unusual gimmick makes him potentially powerful if you have the focus for it.

Gimmick: Meatball

Opponents do not exclusively take damage from his attacks, but also gain additional Flesh Containment points. This appears as a percentage above their health bar. This increases the chance that Sisicross can entrap them as a meatball, as well increases the length of time they stay as a meatball. To transform a opponent into a meatball, Sisicross can use his Finisher, Flesh Kneader, which can be performed at any time towards the opponent. Foes gradually lose Flesh Containment points over time, so Sisicross will want to play aggressively.

When a opponent stays as a Meatball for 10 seconds, they will either get KO'd or the match ends with a countdown, as the opponent is considered too incapacitated to continue forward.

Electrical attacks break Sisicross' focus and can be used to instantly break out anyone he has trapped as a meatball if he gets shocked.

Sisicross will send a ball of flesh firing forward like a bullet, dealing 7 damage and inflicting 8% Flesh Containment. The ball of flesh acts like an ordinary projectile but cannot be reflected back, instead smashing against the barrier of the guard and returning back to Sisicross. Sisicross can send out two at a time. Finger Strike
Sisicross removes one of his arms as giant fingers appear behind him, allowing him to pummel foes with a multi hit attack that deals 3 damage per strike, as well as 4% Flesh Containment. Holding down allows him to continue jabbing with the large fingers, but he loses armor after six fast strikes, opening him up to attacks. Has low knockback.
Flesh Wall
Sisicross creates a wall of his flesh that acts as a barrier against attacks. Tilt the control stick up to have him swing it up, launching foes up in the air for 10 damage and 5% Flesh Containment at the cost of opening him up to attacks. Skin Sack
Sisicross throws a net of skin that attaches over a opponent, trapping them and inflicts 2% Flesh Containment for each 30 frames it's on them. It does not actually deal damage but it inflicts the shoe-glue effect while active, making it hard to effectively move.
Flesh Kneader
Sisicross strikes his palm out as red energy surges out of it. Opponents close by will have a chance to turn into a Meatball based off their Skin Containment points. The higher the percentage, the more likely they are to turn into a meatball, and higher numbers influence how long the opponent stays as a Meatball. Damage values and status effects also influence how long a person stays as a meatball. If they stay as a Meatball for 10 seconds, it is considered a KO and Sisicross can end the game using this method. When this move is used on a opponent, Flesh Containment points are reset to 0.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Sisicross transforms into a giant meatball.
Heaven Spell
Sisicross transforms into a pig with his outfit on.
Midnight Bliss
Sisicross transforms into a purple-haired girl in a black medic outfit.
Incubus Delight
Sisicross transforms into their civilian outift.
Sisicross gets into a laughing fit before using Flesh Kneader early and out of the player's control. If it succeeds he laughs loudly for three seconds or if it fails he snaps out of it immediately and is put into the Break state.
Power Drain
When Sisicross is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the forehead.
Rogue gains Finger Strike as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to pummel foes with giant fingers at the cost of defense. She also gains 1.5x power on all of her attacks for 6 seconds.
Sisicross's secret is revealed.

Sisicross isn't actually a fan of meatballs because he can't stop seeing his victims when he eats them.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client has never permanently turned anyone into a meatball and no lasting damage was ever done to them. It's a little weird, but it's just their power. Throw it out.
Unlock Method
Get inflicted with the Gobstopper effect a total of 45 times.