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Sol Badguy

Sol is a tortured man who destroys monsters known as Gears, who have ravaged the world in the Guilty Gear universe. He's incredibly powerful, although hates putting effort into anything and is considered a crude person even by those close to him. Despite his spiky and buff exterior, Sol is actually incredibly intelligent, but gets pissed off if he is unable to explain himself well to someone. Although he's become less disillusioned by the world throughout his journeys, his journey to eliminate Gears continues even post-Collider, seeking out to destroy them.

Sol is a physical fighter with large sweeping physical sword attacks and has a special mode known as Dragon Install that delivers heavy damage fast. A heavyweight with a lot of aerial options, Sol's main weaknesses are how easily he can be punished and his generally bad recovery options. While he can dish out a lot of damage, he can be somewhat sluggish at times and can be tough to learn.

Gimmick: Dragon Install

Sol Badguy's Dragon Install alters his moves when activated. It can be activated as his Level 2 Finisher. In this form Sol has increased speed, deals more damage with all his moves and his specials has special properties. Additionally, the match music changes to the Dragon Install theme "Ride the Fire!".

Dragon Install Sol's moveset is simplified, although deals more damage and causes Burn on hit for all special moves. Dragon Install lasts for 25 seconds maximum, although can be drained faster when hit. Sol's health is briefly displaced into the Finisher Bar, which will fill up on successful attack hit and slowly drain over time, although drains fast if hit. After Dragon Install is complete, Sol will have a lengthy recovery animation which can be punished greatly by opponents- provided they aren't trying to recover from the damage.
Normal Moveset
Sol releases a pillar of flame that slowly crawls along the ground, which deals 8-9 damage. The move doesn't have much range but can't be reflected or absorbed through normal means. It also doesn't have a lot of start up, so Sol can punish people who jump over it. If cancelled, it becomes a feint and Sol's hitbox will be further back to help him escape bad situtations. Blockhead Buster

In air, Gunflame changes to Blockhead Buster, a short ranged explosion that deals 10-16 damage. Causes stun on hit, putting opponents into a helpless state afterwards. Sol will be put into a bit of a strange follow-up state afterwards where he can either jump or perform another follow up attack, but doing this will immediately put him into a helpless state afterwards.
Bandit Revolver
Sol's forward special. Input this in the direction Sol is facing.

Sol performs a flying knee which can be followed-up with a spin kick by tapping the attack button again. The first hit deals 7 damage and the follow up deals 6 damage. The first hit stuns, while the second hit launches forward, flat. Can be used to gain ground quickly and somewhat safely as the second hit has armor.
Bandit Bringer

An air version of Sol's forward special. Input this in the direction Sol is facing.

Sol spins through the air before doing a burning diving punch that deals 11-13 damage, which can heavily damage guards and spike opponents. Usable as a recovery move to get directly onto the stage with armor, although it's diagonal angle can make it a little hard for beginners to land.
Night Raid Vortex
Sol's back special. Input this in the opposite direction Sol is facing.

Sol rushes forward low to the ground and delivers a heavy uppercut which deals 8-9 damage and launches foes directly above. While in the connecting frames, mash or hold to increase the distance of the launch- or for good combo potential, merely tap to launch them low with halved end-lag at the cost of halved damage (4-5).
Riot Stamp

An air version of Sol's back special. Input this in the opposite direction Sol is facing.

Sol does a flaming kick that has him soar across the air at a horizontal range, inflicting 7-8 damage but is easy to punish due to it's lack of armor. You can perform a more powerful reversed version of this by flicking the control stick side-to-side while inputting, inflicting 11-12 damage instead.
Volcanic Viper
Sol performs a classic "Dragon Punch"/"Shoryuken" move- a flaming uppercut that inflicts 7-6 damage. He uses his sword in this move, giving him more vertical hitbox and a sweetspot on the tip of the blade which inflicts 17 damage and launches very hard. Not a very good recovery move due to the lack of aerial momenteum afterwards and putting Sol into a helpless state afterwards. Breaker
Sol does a low jump and performs a firing kick that has him soar downwards- cancel this to instantly remove landing lag. The firing kick deals 6-7 damage and can spike. Good move to quickly displace Sol back to the ground.
Dragon Install Moveset
While the Dragon Install version of Gunflame does not travel like its regular equivalent, the static projectile covers a large amount of vertical and horizontal space very quickly like an explosion, dealing 13-19 damage. The air version of this move merely has it shoot at a flatter, 180 degree angle, acting as an aerial poke. Great for corner play or edge play, launching opponents as well. Inflicts Burn. Bandit Revolver
The Dragon Install version of Bandit Revolver operates similar, with Sol starting with a flaming kick before slamming his foot down covered in flame, being a two hit move. The first hit deals 14 damage, the second hit deals 12 damage and causes Burn. Flick the control stick side to side to perform a reversed version of this move, which inflicts 28 damage on the first hit and 14 damage on the second. It operates the same regardless on the ground or air and trying to do a backwards version will just have Sol perform the move quickly backwards.
Volcanic Viper
A much more damaging version of the Volcanic Viper with no way to cancel. The flaming uppercut deals 14-12 damage and if sweetspotted, deals 35 damage, flat, usually killing. Sol can glide afterwards but cannot attack or jump, which will cancel gliding momenteum and put him into a helpless state. Causes Burn on hit. Breaker
The Dragon install version of Break has faster start up and does not need to be cancelled for cutting landing lag. It deals 8-9 damage and spikes like the original move. Can be used to supplement the Dragon Install versions of Bandit Revolver and Gunflame, making the most of Sol's Dragon Install time. Causes Burn on hit.
Tyrant Rave
Level 1
Sol does an flaming uppercut attack that deals 10 damage plus inflicts Burn on hit. It is then followed by a fiery straight flaming punch that deals 15 damage and launches far. The relative slow startup of the move makes it easily punishable, but the second hit can break guards, so it may be preferable to jump or dodge it instead.
Dragon Install
Level 2
Sol's Dragon Install goes off, allowing him to inflict more damage and is generally quicker. Additionally, Dragon Install's theme "Ride the Fire!" plays over the match's original music. As listed above, Sol's moveset changes to be more simplified and has slightly tweaked properties that generally make him much more of a menance, as well as inflicting Burn on special move hit. After Dragon Install is drained completely, Sol will have a recovery animation that can be punished by opponents.
All Guns Blazing
Level 3
Sol attacks with a knee-strike before dashing behind them, ending in a crouching position as a large fire wave blazes behind him at a fast speed in the direction to where Sol is facing, cascading through the enemy, and a huge burst of flames sends the enemy flying as Sol stands up. The said flames leave behind a burnt-trail on the stage ground that aesthetically lasts for fifteen seconds. The move in total does 45 damage, and Burns and launches extremely high. It is considered a cutscene Finisher.
Branding Breach
Instant Kill
Guilty Gear series characters have Instant Kill moves, which are special Level 3 finishers. To activate a Instant Kill move, and must be pressed at the same time and then perform two successful quarter circle motions and then again. The defending player can also perform this to cancel out the attack. High risk is at play when using a Instant Kill move.

Above a volcanic field, Sol charges his Junkyard Dog MK III and goes into Dragon Install form and an orange sigil appears over its Fireseal core, seemingly tapping into his full power. Sol then jumps as fire erupts from the ground. He jabs his opponent on the gun barrel, and fires a massive flaming laser that annihilates them, just before an explosion breaks the ground open, instantly killing the opponent.
Alternate Outfits


Guilty Gear X

Guilty Gear 2

Guilty Gear Xrd
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Sol transforms into a ball, based off Venom's Giga Machina System Instant Kill from Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-
Heaven Spell
Sol transforms into a teddy bear with his clothes, based off Guilty Gear Bear, a April Fools title.
Midnight Bliss
Sol, under the effect of Midnight Bliss, turns into the female version of himself created for Lost Saga.
Incubus Delight
Sol, under the effect of Incubus Delight, takes off his shirt on whatever costume he's wearing.
Sol goes out of control, briefly activating a weakened version of his Dragon Install that lasts six seconds instead and has halved power and speed.
Power Drain
When Sol is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Gunflame as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do Sol's projectile flame attack. She also can gain access to the Dragon Install version, although it deals the same damage as the original. She also gains a special attack bonus, boosting her special attack damage by 1.3x for six seconds.
Sol's secret is revealed.

Sol was born as Frederick Bulsara, and was a scientist who specialized in Magic Physics. He was romantically involved with Aria Hale and was friends with That Man, a mysterious man who is responsible for the majority of the events in the Guilty Gear series. Aria Hale fell ill and Frederick worked to save her, putting her in cyro-sleep, although was transformed into a Gear by That Man, who claimed they were never friends and was working with the military. Frederick swore revenge and to kill all Gears and took up the name of Sol Badguy.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client's name might be "Sol Badguy", but I can assure you that he gave himself that name because he has low esteem. All he's trying to do is stop a war criminal. Besides, he frequently isn't in his right mind due to his powers, but that headband keeps them under control, so he's got a way to somewhat control himself, alright? Let's get this case out of court.
Unlock Method
Complete 2065 Matches.