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Vector Strong Bad

Vector Strong Bad is the villain of StrongBadZone, a game created by Viidelectrix. Vector Stong Bad moves from left to right, spitting out preplexing geometric attacks while the player, a spikey headed guy with a cyber shield deflects them back to hopefully deal damage back to the villain. Transferring over to the world of the Black Hole through The Collider, Vector Strong Bad continues to do what he's best at; making people's heads a splode.

You don't actually control Vector Strong Sad- Vector Strong Sad moves from the left and right of the stage and can be dealt damage. Vector Strong Sad has visual cues for how much health he has left, removing parts of his frame as he's taken damage, before entirely disappearing after sustaining 300 damage. You actually play as a spikey-headed cyber-shield guy (with a cyber-shield) that appears in the foreground, reflecting projectiles with the cyber shield. Vector Strong Bad cannot directly attack opponents, so you have to deflect his preplexing geometric attacks to deal damage. This can be a difficult task but by perfectly timing your cyber shield attacks you can have them home onto opponents to deal massive damage. They do not have Finishers- you're basically playing a very strange game instead of really fighting.


Cyber Shield
Press the to hit back any Perplexing Geometric Attacks with your Cyber Shield. You can tilt the direction of the shield although cannot move while actively holding out the Cyber Shield. If you do a perfect "parry" it will home onto a nearby opponent.
Perplexing Geometric Attack
Vector Strong Bad shoots out a tile that rotates in 3D space across the z-axis, pinging back and forth with the spikey-headed cyber-shield guy (with a cyber-shield) who is in the foreground. While a tile is active, the player can use the movement stick to reflect the projectile back with Cyber Shield/ If the tile manages to hit a opponent, it deals a whopping 30 damage and their head a splode, which briefly inflicts a high spiked launch. If the projectile is out for longer, it converts itself into level 2, which is faster and deals 45 damage instead with higher launching distance.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Vector Strong Bad transforms into the Rhino from Rhino Feeder.
Heaven Spell
Vector Strong Bad turns into a penguin with his head upside down.
Midnight Bliss
Vector Strong Bad transforms into a Vector Marzi-Mei.
Incubus Delight
Vector Strong Bad transforms into a Vector Stinkoman.
Vector Strong Bad fires off three projectiles at once without player input.
Power Drain
Vector Strong Bad is kissed on the head by Rogue before a glass wall emerges from Vector Strong Bad, causing him to retort "BACK OFF BABY". Rogue gains Perplexing Geometric Attack except on the x and y axis, and nowhere near as powerful, dealing only 5 damage with no launch. She gains a brief power boost, dealing 1.3x more damage for 6 seconds.
Vector Strong Bad's secret is revealed.


The head of whoever is gaining insight will then explode and deal 30 damage, getting spiked in the process.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client did in fact tell her to back off. And the side of the arcade machine clearly states that the game will cause your head to asplode after dying in the game. I tell you, video games are crazy these days but it all checks out legally and I'll motion for this case to be dismissed, as any good court would do.
Unlock Method
Eat too many Gel-Arshies. 30 is probably enough.