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Flood John-117 Form

"The only way to stop the Flood is to starve them to death."

Flood John-117 Form is a Flood-infected Master Chief, from a timeline where the mission to destroy the Flood went a little awry and Master Chief was instead infected. Cortana, emotionally distraught, thought there might be someway to cut the infection out and thus the normal protocol that would usually happen with infected Spartans didn't happen. In this universe, the Flood have won, and few things are not the parasitic species, Cortana being one of them. Needing to feed still, The Flood were lucky when one of their own came through The Collider and into a new universe full of bodies to feed off.

Flood John-117 Form is a mix between Spartan and Flood combat, able to create armies of weak but deadly enemies quickly using Flood Spores and attacking with shotgun attacks, grapplehook attacks, and flood tendrils and brood. While they can be disabled, their ability to create an army always creates pressure and stage control and they are much more capable of that than other army-building characters due to their low spending minimum.

Gimmick: Armored Casket
"The armored casket."

Flood John-117 Form is, in the Gravemind's eyes, the perfect fusion between Spartan MK II and Flood. Flood John-117 Form has a infector pod on his back that has aged considerably, loosing a lot of it's infective power but can also produce new spores to create all types of Flood to use in battle. Flood John-117 Form's energy shields are down. During arm moves, Flood John-117 Form's arms can be seperately hit and destroyed, briefly disabling moves like M90 Shotgun and Grappleshot when the right arm is destroyed and Flood Tendril when the left arm is destroyed. However, Flood John-117 can still use Amass Spores and will also grow back limbs after 7 seconds- the right arm will also have brand new Flood-based moves. Flood John-117 Form gains 5 Spores to spend every three seconds.
M90 Shotgun
Flood John-117 Form fires off a shot with the M90 Shotgun, dealing ≈9-14 damage depending on the spread of the blast and where it hits the opponent. It also stuns the opponent and knocks them back a little bit, but does not launch them. Flood John-117 can fire off the M90 Shotgun a total of 6 times before needing to reload, which is a animation that cannot be cancelled and creates a vulernability. Flood Tendril
Flood John-117 Form shoots out a flood tendril from themselves, dealing ≈4-7 damage on hit, dealing Poison as well. The tendril can extend up to 6 character lengths and comes out quick, although has fairly lengthy end-lag, although has soft armor for most of it's animation.
Flood John-117 Form uses a grappling hook to grapple in a 360 direction, using the control stick to aim, although Flood John-117 Form by default aims for the nearest opponent or ledge. When the player lets go of the button, Flood John-117 Form travels across the wire, accelerating quickly. Deals 1-3 damage to opponents when hooked into, and 7-9 damage to opponents after colliding into Flood John-117 Form. Has the capability to spike or launch based off the angle. Amass Spores
Flood John-117 Form rears back, amassing Flood Spores before setting down a Flood Caccoon that they can spawn Flood through, which are listed below.
Flood Carrier

Flood John-117 Form bursts a single Pod Infector from their arm, using up 5 Flood Spores to do so. They try to go to the nearest opponent and can't jump super high, making it easy to have them all crowd under one spot under a floating platform. They inflict 4-5 damage on hit as they latch on and inflict Poison. They have 10 health and thus are incredibly easy to deal with most of the time, although overwhelming in a group. Grappletendril

Flood John-117 Form uses a newfound tendril to grapple in a 360 direction, using the control stick to aim, although Flood John-117 Form by default aims for the nearest opponent or ledge. When the player lets go of the button, Flood John-117 Form bursts forward, accelerating quickly. Deals 4-5 damage to opponents when hooked into, and 3-4 damage to opponents after colliding into Flood John-117 Form. Inflicts Poison. Pulls opponents in as Flood John-117 Form uses it in the air as opposed to spiking or launching.

Pod Infector
Pod Infectors rush forward, dealing 4-5 damage on hit as they latch onto a opponent, however they are incredibly weak, only having 10 health. They inflict Poison as well.
5 Spore

Flood Bombers fly ahead using gas sacs, dropping Flood Blisters that inflict Wither onto a opponent and 2 scolding damage. They have 20 health but don't stray far from the opponent.
15 Spore

Juggernauts are huge and have 50 health and attack by flailing their arms forward, dealing ≈8-10 damage per hit as well as inflicting Poison. They also jump really high.
35 Spore

Combat Form: Human
Infected humans fight using M90 Shotguns, inflicting ≈9-14 damage depending on the spread of the blast. They have 30 health although can be rendered useless by attacking their arm when they fire, which will knock it clean off.
20 Spore

Combat Form: Grunt
Infected grunts fight using plasma gernades, throwing them towards nearby opponents to deal ≈7-17 depending on how close you are to the radius of the blast. They like to be close, so it's easy for them to blow themselves up. They have 20 health.
15 Spore

Combat Form: Spartan IV
Infected Spartan IVs are your worst nightmare, having 65 health and attacking with either physical pincer attacks that deal ≈7-17 damage and Wither or firing off a shell from a shotgun to deal 6 damage and stun. They can also jump, parry, and guard against attacks.
50 Spore

Combat Form: Opponent
A infected version of your foe will assist you if they are killed by the Flood. The Flood version of your opponent has about 50 health and only access to their standard attacks, if they even have those. They will prefer close combat and are weak to projectile attacks.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Heaven Spell
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Flood John-117 Form's Spore production increases to 10 spores every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.
Power Drain
When Flood John-117 Form is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the tendrils.
Rogue gains Flood Carrier as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to produce Flood Infection Pods every three seconds. She also gains a flood infected appearance and a Speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds. She also is hit with the Poison effect for a short bit.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Flood John-117 Form, they gain Grappleshot/Grappletendril to replace their side special, Intercept. It depends on whether Flood John-117 Form has replaced arms or not.
The active Monstar gains yellow puss-filled sacs over their face and hanging skin tags across their body as a physical attribute.
Flood John-117 Form's secret is revealed.

John-117 is still in there, fighting off the Flood and Gravemind's influence, ocasionally peetering in and out, giving Cortana ocassional glimmers of hope that he can break through the infection- but it's been six years and these moments get farther and farther between now.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is... in fact, extremely dangerous. But the only way to vanquish the Flood is to starve them out, and that requires killing all life in the galaxy so... your call there. I say we follow rules and relegations, quarantine for a couple months, see how that goes. Let's... get this guy out of the court room as fast possible.
When Ralsei encounters Flood John-117 Form, he attacks with a plasma sword while dressed up as a Covenant soldier, dealing 13 damage and inflicting knockback.
Unlock Method
Defeat 5 Halo series Nemesis Nightmares.