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The Monstars, also known by the Nerdlucks, are a group of toon aliens from Moron Mountain who were under control by their boss, Mr. Swackhammer. Seeking a new attraction for their space theme park and finding it in the Looney Tunes, the Nerdlucks were challenged by the toons to a basketball game and the Nerdlucks stole the talents of many NBA players to compete. After losing a historic basketball game with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, the Monstars freed themselves under his control and joined the Looney Tunes, although they were barely seen after that point- now in the world of Black Hole, the Monstars make a new name for themselves.

A five-in-one character, The Monstars operate a lot closer to how you would play a sports game than a fighting game character in some respects, changing their active player by throwing the ball to each other or using the shoulder buttons to switch between the five. Each of them has slight trade-offs but initally share the same basketball inspired moveset. However, the Monstars have one more quirk up their sleeves: they can copy talents from other characters to replace their side special. This allows them to level the playing field more with their opponents.

Gimmick: The Ultimate Basketball Team

The Monstars are a five character team that operates similar to how you would play a basketball game like NBA Jam- you take control of one player at a time but can switch to any of them at a time. While the player controls one of the five Monstars, that active Monstar will have a hitbox, take damage, and can use any of the moves shared across the five. The other Monstars will follow the player's active Monstar as best as they can but they are intangible background characters until switched to. The Monstars primarily use a basketball that they can dribble, throw, and attack with. The basketball, however, can also be picked up by other characters and used as a weapon. However, most are not skilled with the basketball and most make a concious effort to not just hold the backsetball. They must throw it as soon as they get it as carrying it is not allowed and will cause the ball to explode to deal 45 damage.

Each of the Monstars has different traits, weights, speeds, defense, and attack multipliers but they all share a moveset.

Pound is the heaviest of the Monstars and also the widest. He isn't as fast as other Monstars but has the hardest throw and puts opponents into a Break state with his stomping, which happens as he runs. As leader, he is the first Monstar you control by default.

Bang is second in command and is a bit leaner, generally about the same height as Pound and has increased speed at the tradeoff of having a less powerful throw. He can breath fire when throwing the ball, making opponents Burn if they get hit by it or intercept it.

Bupkus is identical to Bang, stats wise, although he is a bit more sadistic and mean than the other Monstars, inflicting the Addicted effect to opponents he hits more than three times. He has stronger grab power but at a tradeoff he's got weaker defenses than other Monstars, his guard taking about half the time to break.

Blanko is the tallest Monstar and has the longest shot with the ball for his attacks, able to keep up aerial momenteum much better and adds a spin to his ball that puts opponents in the Dizzy state if they get hit by the ball or intercept. He also has the longest reach for his attacks, however he is somewhat sluggish and slow, even compared to Pound.

Nawt is the fastest Monstar and also the shortest. Nawt can only throw the ball a short distance but he inflicts Bleed with the ball when opponents get hit by it. Nawt also has the highest jump height out of any of the Monstars.
The active Monstar shoots the ball in their hand, firing it for however much distance it goes. Pound deals 12 damage when he throws the ball, Bang and Bupkus deal 10 damage with the ball, Blanko deals 7 damage, and Nawt deals 6 damage. This move can also be used to summon a new basketball when it is gone. Intercept
The active Monstar pushes their chest forward and smashes into the opponent to deal damage and inflict the Flattened effect. Pound deals 14 damage with this move, Bang and Bupkus deal 11 damage, Blanko deals 8 damage, and Nawt deals 5 damage. This move is replaced when a Monstar uses Rob Talent.
The active Monstar shoots the basketball high while performing a leaping jump that can be used as a third jump. The basketball soars high as the active Monstar comes crashing to the ground, Flattening foes that come underneath them. Pound deals 18 damage with this move, Bang and Bupkus deal 16 damage, Blanko deals 13 damage, and Nawt deals 10 damage when they come crashing down. The ball itself deals damage depending on momenteum, dealing anywhere from 11-4 damage. Point Guard
The active Monstar performs a cross-up that guard attack that gives them invincibility against projectiles and physical attacks for a short 35 frames while they have the ball bounce between their hands. Bupkus only has 17 of these frames. When the ball isn't on a Monstar, it gives them just superarmor instead- they will take damage but not flinch, stun, or move.
The active Monstar performs a special command grab where they twist their opponent into a ball, replacing their current ball with the opponent. The grab deals 13 twisted damage and the opponent is dealt 4 damage each time a Monstar dribbles. When the opponent is thrown, they uncontrort and transform back out of ball state. They also untransform after 5 seconds.
Rob Talent
Level 1
The Monstars switch into an ectoplasmic pink goo that they can freely move through the control stick, before sticking a phasing tendril through an opponent to deal 15 flinch damage and robs a talent for the active Monstar at the time. This robbed talent will replace Intercept as their side special for that particular Monstar. The Monstars can steal up to five talents for their team before they have to ultimately replace one. Additionally, they gain one physical attribute from that character that shows up on their model when they have taken an move.
Laser Gun
Level 2
The active Monstar fires a laser gun that shoots a horizontal, sparking projectile that deals 30 damage and inflicts the Makai Spell onto the victim. The projectile cannot be reflected and also breaks through guards. However, it's fast and easy to dodge as the charge up animation is about 45 frames long and can be telegraphed rather easily.
Swack + Hammer
Level 3
The Monstars swack their opponent forward and then hammer down rocket pieces onto their opponent, before lighting them on fire and sending them off into space by launching them. The Monstars laugh as the opponent proceeds to fly past the boundary box, dealing 45 damage before either getting screen-KO'd or falling back to the stage in a Burned state. The technique is named after their former boss, Mr. Swackhammer.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
The Monstars become the Nerdlucks, their original forms from Space Jam.
Heaven Spell
The Monstars become the Moron Airship, their spaceship from Space Jam.
Midnight Bliss
The Monstars wear cheerleading outfits, although their bodies are not all transformed.
Incubus Delight
The Monstars take on the original Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan jerseys from Space Jam.
The Monstars become intensely bigger, sparking with green lightning. Their attacks become 1.6x more powerful although they also become easier to launch.
Power Drain
When the active Monstar is caught by Rogue, they are kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Shoot as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to summon a basketball and throw it to deal damage. She has Nawt's stats. She also gains a strength bonus, boosting her strength by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of the Monstars, they gain Super Intercept to replace their side special, Intercept. Super Intercept acts the same as Intercept, except it has super armor frames and a larger lunging distance, allowing it to be used to recover.
The active Monstar gains a bowtie and additional bug-like attenane, a influence of their true Nerdluck nature showing through.
The Monstars' secret is revealed.

After the events of the original Space Jam, the Nerdlucks joined the Looney Tunes in their toon world, but found themselves to be the new butt of every joke played by them and got fed up with it. Finding solace with Marvin the Martian, the Nerdlucks decided to look elsewhere, eventually absorbing the talents of other space heroes to become the Monstars again. They had planned to return to Toon World to fight the Looney Tunes again but were caught by the power of the Collider.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my clients' actions were under the jurisdiction of their boss, Mr. Swackhammer of Moron Mountain. Additionally, the Looney Tunes inadvertedly put themselves under verbal contract of their own doing by underestimating the Nerdlucks. Nobody had to do anything they didn't want to do, your honor, so why is this a case at all? Throw it out and let's play some basketball. Shoot some hoops. That's a more productive use of the jury's time, I think.
When The Monstars are caught by Posion, Poison paints a tunnel on the side of a mountain and calls to the attention of the Monstars before going into the tunnel herself. The Monstars try to chase after her but slam into the mountain and then a avalanche of boulders falls onto them, dealing 45 damage.
Unlock Method
Get 200 KOs as Rogue.