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Poison is the leader of the Mad Gear gang, or at least what's left of it after Haggar, Cody, and others tore through the organization over the years. She's also a manager for the tall heavyweight champ known as Hugo, who towers over all of his opponents. She's a flirty figure who has a lot of love to offer, although she's not big on the pigs they call cops. While on a date with Roxy, she was sucked through the Collider and now seeks to find Roxy or a way back home through the world of Black Hole.

Poison utilizes her whip to attack from far distances and to create projectiles, which inflict a status effect known as Addiction which makes her opponents into craving being hit or poison provided she has her Toxic Glamor Install active. Poison is a pretty good zoner character who isn't afraid to get close and dirty as well with grabs and has one of the better recoveries in the game, as her whip can extend all the way to the top of the screen for her to swing on. With Toxic Glamor active, she'll be able to perform off tight combos. Overall a very strong character.

Gimmick: Toxic Glamor

Poison's gimmick is Toxic Glamor, a install that occurs when she utilizes her Level 2 Finisher. This changes up her moveset completely, being a stronger moveset that focuses on combos and dealing the Poison effect to the opponent. This install lasts a total of 30 seconds before Poison returns to her original moveset. Additionally, her grabs gain more power, making them harder to escape and her grab range is extended with her whip.
Poison also has a unique Level 3 Finisher that allows her to perform a torture attack, inspired by the Bayonetta torture attacks. These are all unique for each opponent, sometimes referencing their history and sometimes being more suited for the type of character they are. The default torture attack for undefined characters is wrapping her whip around her opponent, pushing them to the ground and then proceeding to whip them wildly for 45 damage, keeping them in a downed state afterwards. She tends to be harsher and more humiliating to those in law enforcement.
Aeolus Edge
Poison creates a pink, crescent-shaped wave from her whip that travels across the stage. It inflicts 8 damage and Addiction on hit, a status infliction that causes the opponent to be unable to guard and gains a boost to their Finisher energy when they are hit.

Charge up the attack to send it out farther- at max charge, it'll even travel through walls.
Heart Raid
Poison swings her whip downward, attacking the opponent on the legs to deal 7 damage and stuns them. Tilt the control stick in a direction while performing the move to have Poison whip horizontally straight across or higher up, allowing for two additional degrees of attack.

Press the standard attack button after inputting the motion for this attack to instead have Poison perform a dancing walk that adds dodge frames to her walk and then press either the standard attack button to perform normal Heart Raid or the special attack motion to perform the EX version of this move, which has Poison swing her whip wildly a total of three times in a spiral, knocking down the opponent as she deals 14 damage.
Perfume Swing
Poison extends her whip to either the wall or the top of the screen, then swings across using it, dealing 6 damage and dealing knockback depending on how far she has swung. Shocking Heel
Poison crouches down and then kicks back with the edge of her heel, dealing a whopping 10 damage and significantally launches her opponent back, causing the opponent to soar through the air.
Toxic Glamor
Enarete Edge
Poison creates a purple, crescent-shaped wave from her whip that travels across the stage. It inflicts 10 damage and Poison on hit, a status infliction that deals poison damage to the opponent over time. Charge up the attack to send it out farther- at max charge, it'll even travel through walls. Avant Line
Poison swings her whip back and forth three times, dealing 9 damage and stunning the opponent with the attack with each strike. Hold to charge to perform the EX version, which has Poison whip wildly a total of six times, dealing 18 damage and knocking the opponent down.
Kissed by a Goddess
Poison thrusts upward spinning in a corkscrew manner with her feet leading above, dealing 11 damage while rising upwards. Charge to hold down and launch further up into the air, while surrounded by purple tendrils of energy that inflicts Poison. Cancelling allows Poison to spin and then perfom another jump, provided she hasn't used both jumps previously before doing this move. Honey Trap
Poison blows a kiss that takes the form of a heart while shouting "Time for a treat!". It is an anti-air projectile that only deals 1 point of damage, but does a massive stun effect on the opponent that allows Poison to brandish attacks at them with the opening provided. She can only have one of these projectiles active at a time and it is considered an energy attack.
Fire Squall
Level 1
Poison throws a molotov cocktail, throwing it in a small arc that explodes that deals 15 damage on explosion, causing Burn on hit. It leaves behind a carpet of fire that also inflicts 9 damage and Burn on hit. Tilt the control stick to throw it straight up or over Poison's shoulder for more options on how to utilize this move.
Toxic Glamor
Level 2
Poison switches to a different moveset, more focused around inflicting poison and dealing hard damage. These act better for combos than her original moveset in some respect and deal harder damage and stun. One of the bigger tradeoffs is her recovery, which while still good, is not as powerful as Perfume Swing which is one of the best recovery options. Lasts a total of 30 seconds before returning to her normal moveset.
Tender Torture
Level 3
Poison captures her opponent, which takes on a unique appearance and sometimes function when done. These are listed on their pages.

By default for undefined characters, Poison wraps her whip around her opponent, pushing them to the ground and then proceeding to whip them wildly for 45 damage, keeping them in a downed state afterwards.
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Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Poison becomes a skeleton with the Mad Gear cap and her pink hair, taken from a shirt design from Fangamer.
Heaven Spell
Poison becomes a cat modeled after her named Tamer, taken from the April Fools game Neco Drop.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Poison becomes more manic, boosting her attack strength for 1.4x for all whip attacks, laughing sadistically. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Poison is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips. Poison kisses back with tongue.
Rogue gains Aeolus Edge/Enarete Edge as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to shoot a projectile that deals Addiction/Poison. She also gains a attack distance bonus, boosting her attack distance by 1.3x for six seconds.
Poison's secret is revealed.

She would love it if people would stop contesting her gender and actually acknowledge her as a woman.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client did nothing more than guide Hugo on his way to become one of the biggest wrestlers in the Metro City area. Her involvement with Mad Gear was a stint that she has already served time for and she's been pardoned off by the mayor. Wait, that's not what this case is about?Public masturbation? I deal with that all the time... Your honor, I don't see much evidence of wrongdoing here, witness are mumb, can we dismiss this case?
When Poison is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around her and then summons a chevalet underneath her to make her ride against the ridged grooves before whipping her away, dealing 45 damage as she falls to a downed state.
Unlock Method
Unlocked through surviving a hit with 300+ damage.