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jesse Pinkman

  • STATUS: Single, Baby, Single!
  • HERE FOR: Hook ups
  • BODY TYPE: Lean & Mean
  • ETHNICITY: I'm totally cool with ethnics -Black, Mexican, long as you're SMOKIN' HOT, YO!

Jesse Pinkman is a clone of Walter White, a lot closer to him than Gustavo Fring. However, he varies slightly different in his approach, being more laden with trap attacks like Captain's Cook and Hydrofluoric Acid. Additionally his Ricin Cigarette allows him to poison opponents without them even realizing it, being one of the highest damage poison moves in the game, albeit with a sneakily long start up.

Gimmick: Live Free or Die

Jesse Pinkman's gimmick is Live Free or Die, which has him gain money that he can either expend to gain Finishers quicker or save up to get a different ending to his Level 3 Finisher- Live Free or Die. Money is gained by producting extra meth at Meth labs, and he can extend money to buy additional Finisher energy by doing a guard attack at a Meth Lab.

Jesse Pinkman can't produce as much meth as Walter White due to the lack of Exterminator as a Level 2 Finisher, however his friends Badger and Skinny Pete double his sales of meth by default compared to Walter or Gustavo Fring. While they can produce more meth and more money with their options, Jesse has an easier start but slower endgame.
Captain's Cook
Jesse Pinkman produces a packet of Pink Meth and throws it at opponents for 7 damage, which also inflicts the Burn effect as a side effect of the chili powder found inside. The arc is shorter than Walter White's version of this move but also can act as a trap, as the Pink Meth will create a fire carpet when it explodes against the ground. He carries five bags of Pink Meth at the start of a stock- if he runs out he will have to produce more from Meth Lab or RV Cookout. Ricin Cigarette
Jesse Pinkman holds out a ricin cigarette and proceeds to light it on fire, creating a gust of white fumes that do not appear to deal damage to the opponent if they walk into it, but after 3 seconds they will take 3 damage every 20 frames, which esclates into 6 damage every 20 frames, before finally making the opponent into a Dizzy state as ricin poisoning leaves their system.
Meth Lab
Jesse Pinkman either sets up a meth lab where he is or works at the meth lab if one is already set up and he's close to the set up meth lab. The meth lab can be destroyed by opponents if they deal 45 damage to it, although it heals back over time. When a meth lab is active and extra pink meth is produced that Jesse isn't pocketing, Jesse gains money he can use to spike up his Finisher Bar quicker. The meth lab also has a Radioactive bubble around it that doesn't effect Jesse if he's actively working at it, but as long as the meth lab was recently active it can put the Radioactive effect on them. Hydrofluoric Barrel
Jesse Pinkman kicks forward a barrel filled with Hydrofluoric Acid, which deals 9 damage on hit, but if damage will explode in a bath of the acid which deals 12 searing damage, with 4 damage inflicted every 30 frames for the next 3 seconds if anyone touches it. The acid stays on the floor for about 4 seconds before sinking through the stage, which deals 4 contact damage.

RV Cookout
Level 1
Jesse Pinkman upgrades his active meth lab to an RV to cook things in, allowing for faster production of meth and increased money-making opportunities. He also gains a complete refill to his Blue Meth packets. The RV has 100 health compared to the standard Meth Lab's 45, although it will lose it's radioactive properities. This acts as a permanent upgrade for a Meth Lab until it is blown up.

El Camino
Level 2
Jesse Pinkman drives a 1981 Chevrolet El Camino, taken from Todd Alquist and his Nazi uncle's compound at the end of Breaking Bad. While in the El Camino, Jesse Pinkman can run over people to deal 15 damage per set of wheels and spin around to reverse direction. The car cannot jump, although it can drive off edges if Jesse Pinkman presses down on the pedal via the special attack button. Additionally, Jesse can fire bullets using a gun from the glovebox, dealing 17 piercing damage per bullet, although the bullet projectiles are small and fast and thus easy to miss shots with. After 7 seconds, Jesse Pinkman will abandon the vehicle as it drives off course or crash into a wall, which deals 30 explosive damage.

Live Free or Die
Level 3
As Jesse Pinkman gains more money, this move will influence the ending of his story you get when you perform this finisher. This will drain all your money and leave you with the possible endings as followed:
  • 0 - 1,000 dollars - The Tuco ending. Jesse hides behind a bush as Tuco snarls, violently beating down and choking opponents with his hands before Walter White sneakily shoots at Tuco from the background, causing him to bleed out. Each hit from Tuco deals 10 damage and each choking attempt can deal 21-34 damage. All money is cleared out of Jesse.
  • 1,001 - 10,000 dollars - The Gustavo Fring ending. Gustavo Fring shows up and extends out his arms, causing all opponents to fall under the Poison effect until they take 45 damage, afterwards it exits their system. Each poison hit flinches the opponents. All money is cleared out of Jesse.
  • 10,001 - 50,000 dollars - The DEA Cooperation ending. Jesse has Hank and Gomez come out from a black car, firing guns to deal damage to opponents on the left and right, with the safe space being in the middle of the stage which Jesse will occupy inside a car. Each shot from the DEA agents deals 15 damage, 25 if headshotted. Lasts 11 seconds before Hank and Gomez high-tail it out of there. All money is cleared out of Jesse.
  • 50,001 - 150,000 dollars - Full Measure ending. Jesse personally runs up to a opponent and after a moment of hesitation, shoots the opponent point-blank to deal 55 damage to them, causing them to fall into the Astral state. All money is cleared out of Jesse.
  • 150,001 - 999,999 dollars - ATM Machine ending. Jesse watches in horror as a fully loaded ATM falls from the sky, landing on one opponent to deal 75 damage and Flattening them. All money is cleared out of Jesse.
  • Alternate Outfits



    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Jesse Pinkman transforms into a bathtub, with the bottom missing and strangely bloody. Taken from the second episode of Breaking Bad.
    Heaven Spell
    Jesse Pinkman transforms into a go-kart, spinning around in a circle. Taken from Season 4, Episode 3 of Breaking Bad.
    Midnight Bliss
    Jesse Pinkman transforms into a hazmat wearing woman.
    Incubus Delight
    Jesse Pinkman wears his pyjama bottoms from the Pilot.
    Jesse Pinkman becomes insanely angry, his physical attacks becoming 1.4x more powerful. Lasts 6 seconds.
    Power Drain
    When Jesse Pinkman is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
    Rogue gains Captain's Cook as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to throw a pink meth packet to burn opponents. She doesn't have to cook it, unlike Jesse. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
    When The Monstars rob the talent of Jesse Pinkman, they gain Ricin Cigarette to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to shoot a while smoke gale that poisons opponents severely at a delay.
    The active Monstar gains Jesse Pinkman's beanie and hoodie as a physical attribute.
    Jesse Pinkman's secret is revealed.

    Jesse Pinkman is taking a cut off the extra meth produced under Gustavo Fring's watch and trying to sell it to a drug recovery group.

    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, my client cannot be proven to be the one selling the blue meth on the streets- or for that matter, any blue meth at all. We have the word of a woman at a gas station and Hank Schrader, who's had it for the kid enough to beat him down so bad he had to go to the hospital. So, case dismissed, right? We're done here.
    When Ralsei encounters Jesse Pinkman, he smokes a doobie with Jesse Pinkman and the two of them get high- Ralsei is inflicted with Sobbing while Jesse Pinkman is inflicted with Levitation before falling to the Sleep effect.
    Unlock Method
    Cook 50 batches of meth as either Walter White or Gustavo Fring.