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Piccolo, also known as Piccolo Jr., is the reincarnation of King Piccolo and a powerful Namekian. While originally an enemy to Goku, they had to team up to fight Goku's evil brother from space known as Raditz. Piccolo killed Raditz and Goku with a beam attack and it was after this that Piccolo began to turn into a hero, training and taking care of Goku's son Gohan. When he came through the Collider and into the world of Black Hole, he realized many old enemies and new ones resided inside the chaotic world and took it upon himself to put them back to the ground they come from.

Piccolo is a beam and flight fighter that plays similarly to Dragon Ball Xenoverse's fighting system, featuring a plethora of attacks that can be utilized through a ki meter that allows him to pull off extra moves that give him quite a bit more options. Additionally, his flight allows him to recover decently, although he can be taken out of the sky easily with a single strike. Piccolo generally keeps his distance in battle, mainly utilizing attacks to keep away opponents and using beams to attack them from afar.

Gimmick: Ki

Piccolo has attacks that he can use that use their own meter seperate from Finishers known as the Ki Meter. These moves can only be accessed through the right back bumper of the controller and have additional inputs for each of the four face buttons, similar in execution to Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Piccolo gets up to ten pips in his Ki Meter to spend at any given time, and they fill up when Piccolo is hit or damages a opponent. They fill up quickly but can be depleted quickly by spamming his ki-special attacks.
When Piccolo double jumps, he enters into flight mode, allowing him to fly around and perform attacks while in the air. When Piccolo gets hit, he drops to the ground in a helpless state. he can also drop down by holding the down button. Flight Burst

(While in Flight Mode)
Piccolo can speed forward with a purple energy pulse coming off him. Deals no actual damage, just speeds him up in the air. If he's hit in this state, when he hits the ground he'll be inflicted with the Astral effect.
Dust Attack
Piccolo fires a energy shot at the ground, kicking up a bunch of dust around him. The attack deals 4 damage and inflicts the Break effect on impact with the dust field. Paralyze Beam
Piccolo fires a short purple beam thats deals 5 damage and Paralysis. The hitbox is very thin across the vertical axis, but extends to the edge of the screen or wall horizontally. Takes 1 second to charge up and fire.
Evil Flight Strike
Piccolo rises into the air and creates a set of circling energy attacks around him, launching foes for 9 damage in a direction influenced by the posistion in which they were relative to Piccolo. While close range, the attack can spike and launch rather hard. Evil Explosion
Piccolo creates a close range explosive blast that deals 10-14 damage, launching opponents far in the upwards diagonal direction. It can be released quickly but has a short range, with a hitbox that's a little smaller than the actual explosion that can make it tricky to zone.
Explosive Demon Wave
Piccolo fires a very powerful energy wave shot from a single hand, ripping through the air at a completely horizontal direction. Deals anima elemental damage and stuns opponents hard. Hold down to increase the power of the Explosive Demon Wave, allowing for three levels of energy that hits at different amounts- 7 damage, 14 damage, and finally 21 damage. Special Beam Cannon
Piccolo fires off a beam with two fingers, the beam being a yellow color with rings around it. Deals 12 damage on inital hit, although missed hits still deal 10-3 damage as it thins out on contact. Takes some time to charge at start up but drills and deals piercing damage, launching opponents far and breaking guards effectively.
Afterimage Technique
Piccolo teleports a short distance while dodging an attack. It can be used as part of a counter move by performing this just as the opponent is about to hit you, allowing you to teleport behind them regardless of distance. Explosive Breath Cannon
Piccolo opens his mouth wide and produces an explosive mouth energy wave at a upwards diagonal direction that's yellow in color, dealing 8 damage and multi-hitting opponents for 2 damage each hit as they rise up into the air. Tilt the control stick to move Piccolo's head and beam, pushing opponents caught in it to a different direction.
Hellzone Grenade
Level 1
Piccolo charges up and then fires a bunch of energy spheres in the nearest opponent's direction, disregarding the need for accuracy or actually hitting them. However, if a opponent makes contact with one, it deals 8 damage and inflicts the Solar effect. As the energy spheres are suspended, Piccolo then brings his arms down as the energy spheres change from purple to yellow, homing down on the closest opponent to rain down and deal damage depedent on how many light spheres are on the field (8-48 damage, up to six spheres).
Light Grenade
Level 2
Piccolo puts his hands together in front before charging up a blazing white auta that turns into a yellow energy sphere and fires it off at a horizontal direction, phasing through walls and other obstacles in it's wake as it deals a massive 45 damage spike, inflicting Solar and dealing anima-elemental damage.
Sayain Special Style Execution
Level 3
Piccolo clones himself, with one of his clones holding the opponent in a full nelson hold while the primary Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon point blank through the opponent's chest, dealing a whopping 77 damage to the opponent and launching them high straight up using the clone, who flies straight up just in time to dodge the beam cannon. This whole move is a reference to Piccolo's double murder of Goku and his brother Raditz during the first arc of Dragon Ball Z.
Alternate Outfits


Art by monicaknight
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Piccolo becomes a sinister looking egg, taken from Hyper Dragon Ball Z, which in turn is a reference to Piccolo's birth.
Heaven Spell
Piccolo becomes Cymbal, one of King Piccolo's henchmen that was mutated into a more dragon-like appearance.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Piccolo takes on a dishelved appearance with most of his clothes torn off, taken from him defending Gohan.
Piccolo becomes a Namekian frog, taken from the Namekian ecosystem.
Piccolo's features morph into King Piccolo and will briefly nullify 90% of the damage his way, as a reference to an ability King Piccolo has in Dragon Ball Fusions.
Power Drain
When Piccolo is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Dust Attack as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to produce an energy blast that creates dust to disorient opponents. She also gains a special attack bonus, boosting the power of her special attacks by 1.3x for six seconds.
Piccolo's secret is revealed.

Piccolo is considered more of a father to Gohan than Goku ever will be, and he holds that as the ultimate victory against Goku in his head.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is not King Piccolo. Sure, he goes by the same name and even has some lingering memories, but his father spat him out from his mouth hole as an egg and we have to respect that this is a seperate person who has helped saved the planet multiple times! Besides, he's got more sense than that monkey. I order this case be dismissed immediately- you don't even have the right guy! This would be like trying to persecute a good friend of mine's son, who prefers to go by Flynn these days.
When Piccolo is caught by Posion, Poison sticks her foot through Piccolo's chest and creates a hole in the center of it, whick Piccolo slowly grows back after bleeding out in a stunned state, taking 45 damage and Bleeding for the next 10 seconds.
Unlock Method
Spend 200 hours combined across controllers in-game.