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Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is a magic-based superheroine that resides within the Marvel universe. Her story has been a pattern of tragedy and unable to cope with loss and disappointments, which inadvertedly make her a danger to others and thus the cycle continues to happen over and over. Wanda, currently trying to make up for her actions, found herself in the world of the Black Hole through the Collider, meeting with a multiverse version of Vision that has yet to meet her. Afraid of what might happen, Wanda keeps her distance, but their attraction to each other is magnetic, almost inevitable.

Wanda utilizes a variety of spell attacks that have interesting phasing properties or inflict transformations. The main tool in her kit is Hex Mark, which can be followed up into any of her moves to inflict a curse onto her opponent that deals damage after a prolonged period of time, with different effects afterwards. This in essence, gives her two versions of all her other special moves and Finishers, which also follow this gimmick. There are draw backs to this, but they also prove to be a powerful control tool over opponents.

Gimmick: The Scarlet Witch

Wanda can cast Hex Marks onto her opponent with Hex Mark, followed up by any of her special moves or Finishers to change the Hex Mark and effect placed on them. This in turn gives her two options for every special move in her kit, allowing her to torment her opponent by casting a cursed Hex Mark on them and then reaping the reward when it drops on them after six seconds. However, Hex Marks can be cleared by status effect clearing moves or items, which makes the Finisher versions of Hex Marks somewhat risky because they can be cleared out before they drop and effect the opponent. In addition, Hex Marks can be placed on Wanda as well if reflected, and she won't be able to clear them before they drop on her.

Hex Marks each have their own sigil marked above the move name, which appear above the opponent's head when the opponent is effected by them.

Hex Mark
Wanda casts a Hex Mark on her opponent, inflicting Doom on her opponent, a status effect that lingers and then drops a set amount of damage onto the opponent, which can stack. Initially it deals 12 damage, and can be stacked to deal up to 30 damage max cap. Hex Mark has a unique effect where following up with any of Wanda's other special attacks changes the mark and effect that opponent takes.
Scarlet Field
Wanda creates two energy pulses around her hands before firing them off, homing on the nearest opponent and dealing Bleed and then exploding for 11 damage. Can go through walls and floors. Has some end lag. The Hex Markversion of this attack inflicts Bleed and inflicts 11 damage after dropping.

Reality Warp
Wanda warps herself upwards, creating a staticky tear in the background that the player can tilt and then warp Wanda to any point across that vertical tear in space. Deals 3 ambient damage to opponents when they touch it. The Hex Markversion of this attack inflicts Shoe-Glue and inflicts 9 damage after dropping.
Chaos Magic
Wanda slings her arms out in a crossed motion before releasing a red wave of energy that deals 7 damage and inflicts the Makai Spell effect at a 30% chance. Considered a energy projectile. The Hex Markversion of this attack inflicts Makai Spell and inflicts 14 damage after dropping.

Level 1
Wanda utilizes the Darkhold to cast a spell, creating a web of dark and red energy strands around her as she reads it. The energy spreads in a chaotic, random direction, dealing anywhere from 1 to 16 damage on contact and inflicting the Wither effect if the strand is black- or Jokerification if the strand is red. Lasts a total of six seconds before dispersing as a wave that ambiently deals 6 damage. Wanda will be briefly powered up 1.3x for 6 seconds, having increased speed, attack, jump, defense, and grab power.

If wanda performs Hex Mark before doing this Finisher, they'll implant the Darkhold Hex Mark on them and inflict Jokerification and Wither while it's active on them, dealing a total of 15 damage as it drops.

House of M
Level 2
Wanda shrieks in agony and coats the stage in red magic- on contact the stage will deal 17 damage and remove the opponent's special moves. This disabling measure lasts a total of 15 seconds. The only way to avoid this disappearing act is to not touch the stage while the spell is active for a total of 4 seconds. Afterwards, Wanda's eyes open as an ambient spark of 6 damage that launches rolls through the screen, which can only be avoided by guarding.

If wanda performs Hex Mark before doing this Finisher, they'll implant the House of M Hex Mark on them and reduce their attack power to 0.1x while it's active. When the Hex Mark drops, it deals 30 damage and disables the opponent's special moves for a 8 second period.

Level 3
Wanda creates a hexagon of staticky distortion around her. This hexagon follows her and slowly shrinks over time but causes a variety of random effects.
  • Attack power reduced to 0.2x.
  • Time slow inside the hexagon.
  • Makai Spell, Heaven Spell, Midnight Bliss, and Incubus Delight applied at random while inside.
  • Jokerified applied for opponents entrapped for 6 seconds or longer.
  • 6 Health drained from opponents and given to Wanda every 30 frames.
  • Uncontrollable taunting.
  • Characters uncontrollably walk towards a wall.
The hexagon lasts for about 20 seconds before finally dispersing. While inside the Hexagon, Wanda will act with full coherency.

If wanda performs Hex Mark before doing this Finisher, they'll implant the Wandavision Hex Mark on them and a full flash of every status effect in the game will effect the opponent while it's active on them, dealing 7 ambient damage every second. When it drops, it deals 10 damage and launches the opponent very hard.
Alternate Outfits


Date Night

Hellfire Gala

Magican's Assistant




Ultimate Alliance 3
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Wanda becomes a half demonic appearance, taken from the Marvel comic Darkhold.
Heaven Spell
Wanda becomes a red helicopter toy, taken from the tv show Wandavision.
Midnight Bliss
Wanda transforms into her Transian outfit, taken from the comics, with Transia being her home.
Incubus Delight
Wanda transforms into Scarlet Warlock, taken from an alternate universe version of herself that is male.
Wanda's fingertips turn black and her physical attacks inflict Jokerification as she growls demonically, with her eyes a searing red. This stays active for 12 seconds.
Power Drain
When Scarlet Witch is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Hex Mark as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to cast a Hex Mark on opponents to inflict Doom. She also gains a special attack bonus, boosting her special attacks by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Scarlet Witch, they gain Scarlet Field to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows to shoot a red energy projectile that goes through walls.
The active Monstar gains Scarlet Witch's "crown" and cape as a physical attribute.
Scarlet Witch's secret is revealed.

While able to rewrite reality to her own whims, she's always felt like she was being controlled by a higher power. The only thing that's ever made sense to this belief is talks with Gwenpool about the god-like beings she knows about called "Writers".

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was in clear distress for almost all her actions- and as a socress with nigh-unlimited power, those magic powers are tied to her emotional state. Do we blame her weakness of character for understandable grief, or do we blame ourselves for not being able to keep her in check more? Honor, I take her side and you should too- these things are beyond her power, even if they are her power.
Unlock Method
Collect 10 Anima Enchanted Jellyfish.