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Sid's Toys

Sid's Toys, or the Mutant Toys as they are sometimes referred to, are a collection of toys mis-mashed together from other toys, becoming chimeras that are often speechless. The group is good at repairing other toys and they are capable under good leadership. After Woody revealed the secret of the toys to Sid, their fate was left unknown, although a fair bit of them have now come through the Collider and into the world of Black Hole.

Sid's Toys act as a trio of movesets united by Finisher moves, which involve the rest of Sid's Toys. Babyface is a heavyweight with a large wide frame that has grappling and blade attacks with a battering recovery special that allows them to launch themselves while ascending up. Ducky is a strong-man type character with a rekka punch and is able to stand his ground while having one of the best recovery moves in the game in the form of his Super Spring. Legs takes cues from Chun-Li with Isabelle's fishing rod move from Super Smash Bros., making her a powerful grappler with powerful kick attacks.

Babyface Moveset
... -. .. .--. / ... -. .. .--.
Babyface uses his pincer hand to attack, dealing 7-8 damage and causing the Bleed effect. During the start-up Babyface gets armor, allowing them to power through attacks while attacking. Tapping the control stick allows Babyface to approach while clicking their pincer. -.-. .-.. .. .--. / -.-. .-.. .. .--.
Babyface uses their other claw, which is less sharp and clutches onto the opponent, able to carry them while moving, dragging them across the ground before throwing them with a jab from their pincer hand, dealing 9 damage and launching them in the opposite direction. Babyface can either do this follow up immediately if the player doesn't move, or will do it as soon as the player stops moving. Babyface cannot jump while in this state.
. . -.- / . . -.-
Babyface rises up into the air while hooked onto some string, launching upwards like a spider. Tilting the control stick will have Babyface rock side to side, inflicting damage through their metal frame, dealing 3-9 damage depending on the momenteum. They can rise upwards for a max of 2.5 seconds before the string cannot support their weight and they come down in a helpless state. Cancel with special attack button to clip the string with Babyface's pincer. .... --- --- - / .... --- --- -
Babyface's head completely turns around, before thrashing with their metal legs violently forwards, galloping while doing so. They crush the opponent close by, dealing 7-9 damage and inflicting the Bleed effect.
... .-- .. - -.-. ....
Babyface switches to Ducky.
Ducky Moveset
Baby of the North Star
Ducky launches forward with a fist from his baby toy body, slamming his fist into a opponent for 5 damage. The player can then input a rekka attack that sees 0.5 additional damage added on with each additional button press before launching with a final punch that launches the opponent far. The player has a maximum of 3 seconds to perform the rekka attack and it will lock the opponent into stun unless they manage to parry out of it. Pez Bullet
Ducky leans his head back and launches a Pez bullet from the throat, which is a short-range projectile that causes flinch and deals 0.3 damage. The animation is so short and also completely cancelable, and the projectile travels a decent distance as well. While not the most effective projectile, it can be used to add pressure to opponents while at a distance.
Super Spring
Ducky "crouches" down and then begans to have a white aura around him before leaping forward at a high velocity. During this state, the player can tilt the control stick to drastically change his direction and he'll click and stick to any surface he comes down onto, even ceilings and walls. While it has a lengthy start up, it's one of the highest jump moves. It also deals 4-6 damage while rising. Duck Plunge
Ducky clicks to the ground, cancelling any knockback using his plunger base. The more often Ducky uses this move, the harder it will be for him to stick, so don't let this move get stale. This move makes Ducky one of the hardest opponents to kill, as his ability to get launched gets negated in most situtations.
Ducky switches to Legs.
Legs Moveset
Lightning Kick
Legs stands on one leg while the other leg kicks rapidly in a multi-hit fashion, stunning the opponent while inflicting 11 damage to them before launching them hard. During this kick attack, Legs gains armor in the front of her hitbox while hitting from the back of her hitbox will knock her out of the attack. Fishing Rod
Legs casts her fishing pole line, somewhat influenced by how hard the tilt to the side of the control stick was. It takes about ≈5 seconds before Legs reels in her line slowly, although if the player presses the attack button right away Legs pulls back in the line. This can clutch onto foes and Legs can then throw them into any of the four directions to deal ≈9.5-18.7 damage, depending on how quick the reaction was to the opponent getting caught before being reeled in. Can also be used as a tether recovery and can grab items from a distance.
Spinning Barbie Kick
Legs jumps down on the base of her rod and proceeds to splay out her legs outwards while spinning, with the player able to tilt the control stick right and left to sway her direction while moving, dealing ≈7.5-14.1 damage depending on how the opponent gets hit by the attack. Afterwards, the opponent is explosively launched away. Go Fish
Legs raises the fishing pole and drops her hook down, slamming down with a thud which inflicts 11 damage and can spike opponents. However, this move holds a secret- if done near the end of a ledge, water pool, or other kind of pit filled with liquid, Legs can actually go fishing. A exclaimation mark will appear above Legs when she has caught something and by mashing the button, you'll reel up a food item, a Enchanted Jellyfish, a Dragonflower, a Chaos Drive, or a Kingdom Card. Only the food item can be used in battle.
Legs switches to Babyface.

Level 1
The current playable toy drops Hand-in-the-Box, which springs out when a opponent is near, grabbing them and pushing them inside the box which rattles and shakes violently before they tumble out and are knocked into the Astral state. This attack deals 15 damage total.

Level 2
The current playable toy hops onto RollerBob's skateboard, speeding forward to deal 30 damage. If the player has allies or team members, they also ride on the RollerBob skateboard as it speeds forward. The RollerBob skateboard is capable of catching up to Sonic's speed, although it is only active for about six seconds at max before RollerBob forces everyone off and disappears into the background.

The Big One
Level 3
Sid's Toys activate a cutscene where they strap a opponent to The Big One, a rocket firework that is used during the climax of Toy Story, which shoots the opponent above the boundary box and explodes, dealing 45 damage. If the opponent has taken over 100 damage, it usually kills, otherwise the opponent falls to the ground while Burning.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Sid's Toys take on their original appearances- Babyface returns to being a baby doll, Ducky becomes a duck head Pez dispenser, and Legs returns to being a Barbie with a oversized fishing rod toy.
Heaven Spell
Sid's Toys transform into different toys from Sid- Babyface transforms into Jingle Joe, Ducky becomes Rockmobile, and Legs transforms into The Frog.
Midnight Bliss
Sid's Toys take on a "fixed" look with a femme touch- Babyface has a full set of hair and both eyes are fixed with eyelashes, Ducky takes on the head of a Daisy Duck Pez Dispenser and a She-Hulk action figure torso, and Legs gains fish-nets to their costume.
Incubus Delight
Sid's Toys take on a "fixed" look with a masc touch- Babyface is fully bald and both eyes are fixed with red and blue hetreochromia, Ducky takes on the head of a Donald Duck Pez Dispenser and a Hulk action figure torso, and Legs has Combat Carl legs.
Sid's Toys are already so throughly messed up that they cannot be Jokerized and are immune to it.
Power Drain
When Babyface is caught by Rogue, they are kissed on the pincer. When Ducky is caught by Rouge, they are kissed on bill. When Legs is caught by Rouge, they are kissed on the pole.
Rogue gains either ... -. .. .--. / ... -. .. .--., Baby of the North Star, or Lightning Kick as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do her imitation of their neutral specials. She also gains either a Defense, a Jump Height, or Physical Attack bonus, boosting one of those three traits by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Sid's Toys, they gain either -.-. .-.. .. .--. / -.-. .-.. .. .--., Pez Bullet, or Fishing Rod to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to attack with a claw to grab and snip onto opponents, fire a pez bullet from their neck, or reel opponents in with a fishing pole.
The active Monstar gains either a metal claw arm, a extended Pez-like neck, or a green plastic fishing pole arm as a physical attribute.
Sid's Toys' secret is revealed.

Sid treated his toys nicer and was actually able to communicate with them as he got older. Sid decided to become a trash collector so that they could recover toys who had no other resort left, and Sid's talent came in handy for toys with parts missing.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just a bunch of toys, horribly fused and disfigured beyond belief by their abuser. Not only does it not make sense, again, to prosecute objects, they are clearly not in their right minds. I urge this case to be dismissed, thank you.
Unlock Method
Play as Buzz Lightyear 45 times.