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Verosika Mayday

Verosika Mayday is a succubus singer from hell who recently got through rehab, although she still nurses a drinking problem. Formerly involved with Blitzo, the leader of a hitman service for the deceased to enact revenge on the living on Earth, Verosika is often rather petty and mean to him and his company along with her posse. Coming through the Collider, Verosika quickly creates a new posse of characters to surrond herself with while she finds as much booze to drink.

Verosika is a simple character who works through intimidation, often utilizing her specials to put the opponent in a weaker state to attack them in. She tends to keep them close using Siren Song and can follow up with moves that deal a lot of damage like Hip Flask or utilizing one of her Finishers to deal a lot of damage. Stardust is a major kill move but has a precise hitbox that can make it hard to utilize for kills.

Penance Stare
Verosika puts on her sunglasses or takes them off- when she does she creates a line of sight attack that deals 7 ambient damage and inflicts the Break effect on whoever she is looking at, opening them to attack. Charge to have her do a cruel laugh while she does it, stunning the opponent while dealing damage. Hip Flask
Verosika takes out a flask of Beelzejuice and bumps it against her hip to launch it. If it lands on the ground, it creates a puddle that causes opponents to slip and take damage based off their weight (1-11 damage, eseclating in higher weight classes) as well as getting inflicted with the oily condition. If it hits a opponent it explodes and deals 9 damage with shrapnel and inflicts Jokerification on them.
Verosika swings around a giant steel pole and then climbs up it glitter sprays from the top. This recovery move can temporarily create a small platform while in the air, which can also be used to majorly spike a opponent for 14 damage, although the aiming needs to precise. The glitter ambiently creates a stun effect if walked into. Siren Song
Verosika utilizes her singing ability to magnetize opponents closer to her while inflicting the Dizzy effect as they get closer. This gives her an opener to attack, although this move deals no actual damage. This also magnetizes items closer to her.
Level 1
Verosika sends out her Hellhound bodyguard Vortex to deal a charging shoulder tackle attack that deals 15 damage. Knocks back opponents hard, making them lay in the Astral state if they hit the ground during this knockback animation. Vortex only goes out a total of 7 character lengths before disappearing, and the move has a fair bit of start up for a Finisher.
Level 2
Verosika feeds a fish tank some Beelzejuice and a giant fish monster flops onto the stage. Each struggle of the monster catfish deals 7 water damage to nearby opponents and it can snap and tear into opponents with it's jaws, dealing about 30 damage before knocking them away. The catfish stays active for about 8 seconds before exploding, spreading fish body chunks everywhere on the stage.
True Form
Level 3
Verosika snaps her fingers and nearby opponents are entrapped in a cutscene Finisher where she and a couple of her posse members surrond them before attacking them savagely, dealing about 45 damage and putting them in the Break state after the cutscene. It does not launch- opponents merely take the damage and state change.
Alternate Outfits



Early Design
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Verosika becomes her car, from her debut.
Heaven Spell
Verosika becomes her human form, taken from her debut.
Midnight Bliss
Verosika takes on a pin-up look with pink pasties and a skirt, taken from a design for one of the official pins.
Incubus Delight
Verosika transforms into a male version of her design, designed by Riux_xxx on Twitter.
Verosika's attacks speed up by 1.4x and are powered up for 1.4x more damage for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Verosika is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips- Verosika sticks her tongue in there to make out.
Rogue gains Penance Stare as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to use a stare to deal damage and inflict the Break Effect. She also gains a defense bonus, boosting her defense power by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Verosika, they gain Hip Flask to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to bounce a hip flask that explodes and deals damage, as well as create an oil trap.
The active Monstar gains Verosika's glasses and coat as a physical attribute.
Verosika's secret is revealed.

She was super bitter with how her relationship with Blitzo ended, eventually finding solace in the idea he would never be happy again with anyone because he constantly pushes people away. While she's found some happiness outside of him, part of her feels a lot of it is artifical and craves a real connection.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was just partying hard! I mean, who doesn't like to let loose at spring break, huh? Besides, the police told me that they were perfect little angels when they had them in holding. I say we let these party-goers get back to spring break with the knowledge that they won't be doing any more illegal activities- I can chaperone if need be! What? You don't like lawyers?
Unlock Method
Play 666 matches as a female character.