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A wealthy influencer from another multiverse, BangBang is a provactive gunslinger who utilizes potions in her magic guns to fire different projectiles. Making do with the elements around her after being caught up in the beam of the Collider and finding herself in the chaotic world of Black Hole, this is not BangBang's first rodeo with multiple different universes clashing together, and she figure she might as well have some fun while she's here.

BangBang is a combo fiend character, utilizing elemental projectiles from her gun to attack opponents as well as using her butt and a firery pouncing jump to inflict damage quickly and efficiently. Additionally, she doesn't function like most normal characters in Blight Bastions, having Ace Moves instead of Finishers which she gets five of and can spend them like moves in a RPG. She also builds this off an audience that appears for her, attracting their attention with flashy moves done right or taunting.

BangBang plays much closer to a Novae Terrae character than a Blight Bastions character, featuring Ace Moves as opposed to Finisher Moves. She gets five of these "Ace Moves" that fill up according to a percentage that fills up according to the "audience" of the stage, which can be appealed to via taunting, hitting successful moves, or parrying/guarding moves successfully. When BangBang feels like using a move, she can navigate a rpg-style window box to select a move that she can afford and unleash it. Additionally, she can assign two to one of the two Finisher buttons before the match starts for easier, quicker performance.

BangBang has a unique elemental potions system that she utilizes in her neutral special, Anima Climax. Listed below is all 12 potions she utilizes in Blight Bastions, many of which return from her Novae Terrae moveset but also have new ones and replacements made just for this iteration of the character.

LIGHT SHOTS are white pea-shaped projectiles that travel screen-wide to deal 2-3 damage on hit. They are BangBang's default potion and one of two options that has infinite ammo. They come out quick and rack up damage quickly, but do not cause opponents to even flinch. They do cause a light version of the Solar effect on hit. BangBang can charge to hold a EX Shot, which unleashes a 15 damage light wave projectile, which stuns hard and puts heavy Solar on the opponent, but BangBang will have to switch to another element. Has a 10 second cooldown.

ASTRAL SHOTS are auroral, formless bullets that slightly home towards opponents, dealing 7-6 damage on hit and has a chance to inflict the Astral knockdown effect on a opponent. Good for keeping foes away, although foes can easily out maneuver these bullets. BangBang can fire up to 8 before her supply runs dry. The EX Shot version consists of a larger shoryuken projectile that inflicts heavy stun and then drops the opponent to the ground in the Astral state while dealing 9 damage. Has a 13 second cooldown.

FIRE SHOTS are fireballs that bounce across the ground, leaving fire carpets that deal 7 damage and Burn on contact. The actual projectiles deal somewhere around 9-8 damage on hit and can cause some stun on hit. BangBang can fire up to 8 before her supply runs dry. Can also be lobbed against recovering opponents. Charge up for a EX Shot that creates a jet of flame that deals 17 damage on hit, with Burn also added for effect. Cooldown lasts for 15 seconds.

ELECTRIC SHOTS are thin lightning bolts that reflect off surfaces and blast zones, lasting for 3 seconds. Bolts stun and Shock on hit, and deal 4-18 damage depending on how much they've been reflected across the stage. Electric shots can also set off bombs and traps. BangBang can fire up to 12 before her supply runs dry. The EX Shot version releases a screen-wide scatter of lightning bolts that are wider and inflict 8-24 damage. Cooldown lasts for 15 seconds.

ICE SHOTS are a wave of three ice crystals that travel across the screen, freezing all opponents caught in their path for minimal time whilst inflicting 4 damage. If a ice crystal hits the ground, it'll create a carpet of ice that is considerably more slippery and cause opponents to trip if they run across it. Up to 12 waves of Ice Shots can be fired before BangBang's supply runs dry. The EX Shot version consists of three large ice crystals that'll split from her gun at different angles to cover considerably more distance, although they deal same damage and effect as the normal variant. Cooldown lasts for 15 seconds.

SLIME SHOTS are gooey, slimy lobs that are thrown forward at a short arc, leaving behind a sticky slime that entraps opponents and inflicts the Absorber effect on them, as well as dealing 6 damage on first hit. Can make opponents fast fall if they're hit in the air. BangBang can fire up to 20 before running dry. The EX Shot version has BangBang release it like a hose, inflicting the opponent with Absorber as well as deal up to 12 damage while significantly increasing their weight and decreasing their jump height.

DARK SHOTS are small black pea-like projectiles that travel-screen wide in homing formation but inflict even less damage than Light Shots (1-1.5 damage per hit). They however, are a safer option. There is no ammo supply attached to this weapon, either. EX Shots consist of a barrage of black missiles that'll home in to inflict 6-5 damage and inflict knockback, but she'll need to switch to another element while waiting out the 10 second cooldown before her Dark Shots are open again.

ANIMA SHOTS are white, ghostly projectiles that phase through walls, inflicting 7-8 damage with a ghostly screeching roar as they explode. They have spiking capabilities, making them good to break through defenses or take on aerial opponents. BangBang can fire up to 9 of these before her supply runs dry. The EX Shot version has a large ghost follow around a opponent, circling around them and dealing 6 damage with a ghostly strike every 52 frames, staying active for 4.2 seconds before vanishing. Has a 9 second cooldown.

EARTH SHOTS are large earth spheres BangBang will lob through the air in heavy arcs to inflict 8-11 damage and Buries opponents. Though burdened with the worst range, they are terrific edge-guarding tools and the larger EX Shot versions not only hit harder, but create protective pillars that last 3.2 seconds. BangBang only has 5 of these in her ammo supply however, so they should be used rather situationally to get the most from them. Cooldown lasts for 15 seconds.

SPACE SHOTS come out as stars, which start slow before speeding up quickly, exploding on contact with a opponent, inflicting the Shoe-Glue effect on hit and 8-10 damage on hit. They are good for grounding your opponent, although their unwieldy speed makes them hard to use. BangBang can shoot 7 of these before they dry up. The EX version shoots a black hole that magnetizes opponents, items, and projectiles to it, while inflicting 1-6 damage each 30 frames they're caught inside, lasing for 6 seconds. Has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

TIME SHOTS come out as a long and short set of crystals that spin through the air, slowing down the opponent when they're hit by it, as well dealing 3.5 damage. The slowing effect can stack, allowing BangBang to significantly slow her opponent. BangBang has a total of 10 of these shots before drying up. The EX Shot Version catches a opponent in a crystal capture, inflicting Chronowreck on them and dealing 12 damage. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

CANDY SHOTS come out as candy pieces that fire varying distances, dealing 3-2.5 damage each while having a chance to inflict the Gobstopper effect. Candy can also be eaten by BangBang and her opponent once it hits the ground, becoming a food item that heals 3-4.5 damage for each piece. BangBang can fire a total of 50 of these shots before running dry. The EX Shot Verion fires a giant jawbreaker that slowly decreases in size, becoming harder but dealing less stun, dealing anywhere from 9 damage and heavy stun to 17 damage but only causing the opponent to flinch. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Anima Foreplay
BangBang licks her dual magic guns in sultry, playful manner while guarding as a circle of elemental shots surrounds her, desiginated into halves of "Offensive" or "Deffensive" shots. This freezes BangBang in place and projectiles and attacks slow around her in this state for 3 seconds max as the player makes their choice of ammo. Once selected, BangBang loads her magic shooting guns with a potion of elemental flavor of the player's choice and then can fire out the projectiles with Anima Climax. You can also fast switch between potions using the parry function while tilting the controller.
Anima Climax
BangBang huskily moans "Mama Marias~" while pulling out her dual magic guns, firing the chosen magical potion shots out of her gun. A full list of shots and their effects can be found above. Charge the move to fire a EX Shot, which a more powerful version of the shot that drains half of the available ammo for that particular element. Tilt the control stick to change the abgle that BangBang fires. Depending on the current potion supply loaded into both her guns, the ammo count and cooldown time may vary. All players can tell which potion is loaded into her Mama Marias by her colored aura. Provocative Prerogative
BangBang turns in place before lunging forward, shouting "You're mine!" or "Oh yes!" while bashing the opponent with her rear. Upon impact, she bounces off the opponent to deal 9 damage and dealing high knockback to a slightly lower degree, knocking them against the floor. This proves to be a rather powerful kill option and comes out fairly quickly, which can accenuate a projectile attack from Anima Climax. It can also be used as a horizontal recovery and buffering Full Moon Rising off it proves to be a great combo ender.
Full Moon Rising
BangBang purrs sensually while using an aura of flames to propel herself in one of eight directions that can be chosen by tilting the control stick before coming down in a diagional fashion with an aura of flames around her body, a double pawed fast-fall fast strike occuring as she lands on the ground. This deals 11-18 fire damage, as well as inflicting Burn. Cancel the move with jump to have BangBang jump out of it, while entering free-fall for better recovery. While pouncing, BangBang can also change her Mama Marias' active potion using the guard buttons, cycling between all the available potions. Hex Mania
BangBang winks and shakes her hip as she says "Ooh a-la!" while creating a black sphere of dark energy between her palms as she dances, which absorbs projectiles only to rebound them back in the opponent's direction to inflict 1.2x the usual amount of damage. These absorbed projectiles have light homing properties. The black hole she creates has a gravitational pull that magnetizes nearby opponents over to her; any foe that makes contact with the sphere will get command grabbed by BangBang, who can then pummel and punish them as she desires, dealing 5-9 damage. Hex Mania damages BangBang for 5 damage each time she uses it, with black scarring showing up on her arms the more she uses it. With fully black arms (after 5 uses), BangBang takes 15 damage each time she uses it.
Master of Potions
BangBang lifts back her magician robe, revealing a gallery of potions behind her. The player can select between a total of seven potions, each with different effects.
  • Wrath Potion - Increases physical offense by 1.3x.
  • Aura Potion - Increases special offense by 1.3x.
  • Iron Potion - Increases resistance by 1.3x.
  • Zinc Potion - Increases speed by 1.3x.
  • Feather Potion - Drecreases falling speed by 1.3x.
  • Regen Potion - Slowly auto-fills health by 1 health point per second.
  • Charm Potion - Increases appeal, allowing for faster Ace Gauge build up.
All last 15 seconds each; more than one can be selected and be active at a time although each potion costs 5% more Ace Guage than the one previous if selecting more than one.
Feedback Loop
BangBang gloats while holding out a cellphone, snapping selfies in various poses before unleashing a torrent of hate comments from inactive characters not in the match. She can then direct this wave of hate at opponents to deal 7 damage per hate comment, which can trap opponents in stun cycles as they get hit. Feedback Loop lasts only 3 seconds long but makes for a great edgeguard tool and can direct opponents towards the blast zones.
Unholy Flash
BangBang winks and crosses her arms before flashing as she removes her clothes that burn off, a series of camera flashes covering any actual nudity. The blinding flash will inflict 25 damage on opponents and deals heavy Solar effects, greatly decreasing their weight and making them easier to knock away. Certain fighters can be more easily effected by BangBang's shamelessness, possibly getting Jokerized by the blatant display.
BangBang raises her finger to her lips, letting out a caliming "Shhh~" that turns the air into a photo-negative bubble that causes opponents and projectiles to fall, with opponents to be put into a Sleep state. This space disappears after 4 seconds, after which BangBang is vulnerable. BangBang will then kneel down, pat nearby opponents on the head (or something similar), then say either "Good night"/"Sweet dreams"/"Love you" before a gigantic fist made from all 12 of Blight Bastions' primary elements suddenly slams down, slamming them to inflict high damage and knockback.
Bang Bang BangBang!
BangBang shouts "The final countdown!" before ascending up the screen as a cutscene Finisher plays out. The Finisher cutscene plays out as caught opponents find themselves in a tall brick tower structure, with BangBang rapidly assaulting all caught opponents with magic shots from her Mama Marias before rapidly kicking them as she runs up the building's side. Eventually BangBang will hold one by the neck as the others grip the edge for mercy. She'll smirk, kiss her held opponent's forehead and say "Toodles~"/"No mercy, as God intended" before summoning the elemental giant fist to punch them all down to their deaths on the concrete parking lot, dealing 60 damage total with high knockback.

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
BangBang becomes the Kuchisake-onna or Slit-Moutb woman from Japanese yokai folklore, who takes on BangBang's outfit while carrying twin golden scissors, smiling with her unsettling slit mouth. She will sometimes ask if she is still beautiful.
Heaven Spell
BangBang becomes a small red kitten playing with a yarn ball of 12 different colors of string, each resembling a element she uses in her Mama Marias.
Midnight Bliss
BangBang wears a red v-string monokini with her magican robes inverting colors.
Incubus Delight
BangBang becomes a handsome young twink wearing red g-string with the magican robes inverted in colors.
BangBang laughs hysterically for 6 seconds, frozen in place as she laughs.
Power Drain
When BangBang is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips as BangBang makes out with her.
Rogue gains Anima Climax as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to fire light bullets from her version of BangBang's Mama Marias. She also gains a special defense bonus, boosting her special defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of BangBang, they gain Provocative Prerogative to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to attack opponents using their reats.
The active Monstar gains BangBang's magican robes as a physical attribute.
BangBang's secret is revealed.

She's got a major crush on Poison.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, public indenecy? Is that really a nice thing to charge a guest of ours? Just because they come from a different multiverse doesn't mean they understand all the rules, your honor. I say we strike this off the record.
When BangBang is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around her to tie her up and then puts a gag over her mouth as BangBang blushes and proceeds to pull a blackout curtain to obscure what's happening. BangBang takes 15 damage and comes out Dizzy.
When Ralsei encounters BangBang, he offers her a green-tinted glass of wine which she gladly accepts before realizing it's battery acid, much to both of their horror, dealing 12 damage and inflicting Wither.
Unlocked if you have a prior Novae Terrae save or if you've been playing for 100 hours combined over controllers.