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BB-8 is a droid that debuted in Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, acting as a companion to Rey and Finn. He originally was a co-pilot for Poe Dameron's star cruiser and ended up going on an adventure with two new pals to stop the impending Star Killer Base from continuing it's destruction. Caught up in the Collider's grasp, BB-8 finds themselves in the world of Black Hole, where they roll around, unaware that a rival from the First Order is also adrift...

BB-8 is a movement based character who utilizes a rolling attack and several close ranged options to mess with his opponents or to damage them. His unique gimmick means he gets more or less traction on certain stage materials which makes stage selection sometimes a bit of a factor in how he plays. His kit, while a bit more physical than it should be for a smaller character, allows him to dish a ton of constant damage and constantly apply pressure to them at a close range.

Gimmick: Gyro Centered

BB-8 is centered around a ball and head build that spins underneath them. While BB-8 is a all terrain droid, some terrain is easier to roll on than others and thus changes BB-8's speed and power of his Rolling Charge move. Additionally, his ball body and head have different hurtboxes- attacks that hit the ball body deal 0.75x as much damage while attacks done directly to the head deal 1.25x as much damage as normal. While moving, the player can tilt BB-8's head forward to deal more damage with attacks or tilt it back to act more defensively by pressing the guard buttons while moving, as this won't put BB-8 into the guard state like other characters.
Terrain Types
Terrain Types modify BB-8's movement speed when he rolls across the top. Listed below is how terrain effects BB-8.




0.9 movement speed. 1.0 movement speed. 1.1 movement speed. 1.6 movement speed.




0.6 movement speed. 0.7 movement speed. 0.5-0.8 movement speed. 1.3 movement speed.




1.2 movement speed. 0.4 movement speed. 0.3 movement speed. 1.0 movement speed.
Shock Prod
BB-8 extends out a shocking prod to deal 6-5 electrical damage to opponents. Holding down will extend out the shocking prod for longer, capable of still zapping opponents that get into contact with it. It can also be used to safely light bombs off early as well as light oil puddles on fire. BB-8 can only move 1-2 character lengths while the Shock Prod is active. Rolling Charge
BB-8 stays stationary as the ball begins to roll underneath him before suddenly pushing his head unit towards the front and charging forward to deal damage based off momenteum (3-12 damage). Press the special attack button to do a headbutt attack that inflicts additional damage, up to 6 damage more.
Cable Spin
BB-8 leaps into the air with cables extending out from him and twirling tightly through the air, dealing 7-13 damage on hit, as well as spiking opponents downward. Perform this late into a jump and BB-8 can do it on the ground as a edge guarding tool. BB-8 can also use this to recover, tethering to edges. Resistance Backing
BB-8 casts a forcefield that scrambles opponents by casting the Umbra effect on them, dealing 3 damage as well. BB-8 can also use this to "lock" onto opponents, performing a special version of Rolling Charge after performing this move successfully on a opponent that will home onto them regardless of distance.
Grappling Line
Level 1
BB-8 launches a grappling line that extends to the edge of the screen and then zips forward, dealing 15 damage with heavy knockback as they launch themselves forward before bouncing back onto the stage. This move can be used as a movement tool or to launch multiple opponents at once. Even if it whiffs it still goes off.
Head Transplant
Level 2
BB-8 transplants his head onto a larger metal ball, about eight character lengths tall. This increases the power of Rolling Charge by 3x, although doesn't change BB-8's movement speed and terrain crawling mechanics. On contact while dashing, BB-8 deals 10 damage on hit, with large knockback in the direction that BB-8 is rolling in. Lasts for 7 seconds.
First Order Walker
Level 3
BB-8 commandeers a First Order Walker, firing blaster bolts that deal 20 damage with heavy stun at a diagonal downwards angle. Additionally, the First Order Walker can stomp and Bury opponents underneath it by walking forward onto them, dealing 22 damage as it does so. BB-8 is unimpacted by terrain in this state although he can't jump. Lasts a total of 10 seconds before the First Order Walker collapses into a flaming pile of wreckage.
Alternate outfits





Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
BB-8 becomes a resistance tank created as a concept art for Rise of Skywalker, which ultimately did not get used but serves as inspiration for Head Transplant.
Heaven Spell
BB-8 becomes a tea kettle, a piece of merchandise with BB-8's design on it.
Midnight Bliss
When grabbed in Midnight Bliss, BB-8 becomes a female gjinka human cosplayed by Cheyenne Jaz Wise. After being released, BB-8 returns to normal.
Incubus Delight
When grabbed in Incubus Delight, BB-8 becomes a male gjinka human designed by ryncherry. After being released, BB-8 returns to normal.
BB-8's blue light becomes purple and their head unit rotates randomly across their body, destroying their ability to guard for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When BB-8 is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the head unit.
Rogue gains Shock Prod as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to attack with a shocking lance that deals electrical damage. She also gains a movement bonus, boosting her movement speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of BB-8, they gain Rolling Charge to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to roll up into a ball and perform a butting attack.
The active Monstar gains BB-8's head as a dish hat as a physical attribute.
BB-8's secret is revealed.

BB-8 has a galactic map that can lead out of Black Hole, but their inability to communicate with anyone means nobody knows about this little factoid.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, how is my client even supposed to be commiting crimes as a droid? If we really want to break the Star Wars universe in a irrepairable way and claim they have will and intent to commit crime, you can do better than this case, a simple hijacking of a Nazi- I mean, First Order vehicle. Dismiss this case.
When BB-8 is caught by Posion, Poison bolts a electrical detonator that deals 45 damage as it explodes.
When Ralsei encounters BB-8, he rides in a rollercoaster cart resembling himself and bumps into BB-8, inflicting 9 damage and signficant knockback.
$nlock Method
Log 8 hours of other modes than battles.