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Dory is a blue tang fish that lives in the coral reef with Marlin and Nemo, the latter of which she had quite the adventure to find. After finding her parents in a aquarium and bringing a whole family of blue tang fish back to the ocean, Dory spends her time living happily at her home in the reef when suddenly the Collider pulls her into the world of Black Hole. After getting assistance from a mysterious witch to put her in a water bubble, Dory has to find Nemo (and Marlin) again.

Dory utilizes a very unique system to "swim" around, utilizing a water bubble to freely swim around and launch herself out of using her side special Just Keep Swimming. She also has a ranged projectile attack in the form of Purple Shell and even a close range rekka attack and a sonic attack. Her Finishers have her summon a variety of ocean wildlife, whether it be giant seagulls to peck foes, Crush and his family of turtles to perform air dashes, or summoning a giant whale to swallow the stage whole. Dory can also charge any of her attacks through repeating them multiple times before pummeling the opponent with a super-powered version of it.

*Gimmick WATER ORB

Dory is placed inside of a water orb, which floats around freely in any of the cardinal directions, mimicking how freely Dory would be able to swim in her home enviroment without getting everyone else wet. Dory's water orb can only spend 7 seconds off stage before it suddenly destablizes, the timer of which slowly ticks back up as she returns to the main stage platform. Dory can launch herself out of the water orb in specific scenarios but will want to return back to the water orb by all means possible as staying outside of the water orb puts her in a helpless state where she won't be able to do anything but flop and can only sustain herself outside the water orb for 10 seconds before taking dry damage. Water attacks resets this timer, and getting Wet staves off this counter.

Dory's secondary gimmick is Forgetfulness. As opposed to having her moves grow stale through spamming them, unsuccessful uses of the move will instead power them if spammed, creating a blue aura around Dory that can be then utilized for one special launching version of her attack that deals 1.5x as much damage and knockback. After this, the blue aura will dissipate off Dory and the move will be considered stale and not deal as much knockback or damage. Dory can charge almost all of her moves through simply repeating them over and over before unleashing them properly.
Purple Shell
Dory throws a purple shell as a projectile, dealing 6 damage. It then boomerangs back to Dory. The purple shell causes stun when it hits opponents and is considered a physical projectile with water elemental damage. When the shell is thrown initally, it can also reflect other projectiles but this property is not carried when it boomerangs. Just Keep Swimming
Dory shoots herself out of the water orb, dealing 11 damage and flopping into a helpless state if she misses a opponent and lands on the ground. If she hits a opponent with this ejection move, she successfully bounces back into her water orb. Tilt the control stick to spin the axis of the water orb, ejecting it at various different directions.
Blue Tang
Dory leans forward out of her water orb and attacks with a series of slaps with her fins in a rekka attack that ends with a back flip kick with her fin that launches the opponent at an upward diagonal. In this rekka attack, each successive hit deals 0.7 damage and the player can mash up to 30 fin slaps before Dory finishes with the final back flip that deals 8 damage and launches. Deals water elemental damage. Whale Sounds
Dory launches a sonic attack by performing whale noises, which deals 8-2 ambient damage in a radius, getting weaker the further out the noises are. Whale sounds can cause opponents to flinch during the starting 42 frames but the attack does have a extended animation that makes Dory easy to punish if she messes up. Directly next to opponents it's even capable of launching very high.

*Feed the *Birds
Level 1
Mine! Mine! Mine!
Dory calls out to the seagulls to come down, the birds towering over opponents with their massive size. A group of three birds will gang up on the opponent with the least amount of damage and fight over them, dealing 15 damage and inflicting the Buried status in the aftermath. It also deals air elemental attack damage. The seagulls cannot be harmed in anyway and ignore damage done to them- the whole ordeal is done in 5 seconds.

Level 2
Dory summons Crush the Turtle, who comes splashing out from a water portal along with a whole group of turtles of various shapes and sizes. They come from the left-most part of the screen and continue to swim fast through a current that's created in the center of the arena that acts as water, with all the slowing properties that entails. When Crash or any of the other turtles bash into a opponent, they deal 11-16 water elemental damage and launch the opponent in a random direction out of the water stream produced. The water stream is active for 7 seconds and then all the turtles cross to the other side of the screen, closing the portal.

Level 3
Dory calls upon Monstro from Pinocchio to swallow the stage and uses her whale noises to control Monstro from the inside, either producing more water or launching opponents out of the blowhole, which will be a instant KO in most cases. More details about the stage are found below. Dory is immune to Monstro's effects and can control him with her Whale Noises down special. This special is active for 17 seconds, which will be shown on screen as a ticking timer.

  • Thomas Newman - Lost at Sea
  • Thomas Newman - Loon Tune
  • Yoko Shimomura - Monstrous Monstro
  • Yoko Shimomura - Prankster's Party
  • Leigh Harline - Monstro Awakens
This stage has two main elevated platforms and a lower floor that frequently fills up with water and can also pull in ship wreckage pieces, which deal 6 damage on contact and launch the opponent away in jagged directions. Due to Dory's whale noises, utilizing Whale Noises allows Dory to raise the water level inside as well as pull opponents to the only exit out of Monstro's body, the blowhole. The blowhole magnetizes opponents with high launch power towards it and when it blows out from every third use of Whale Noises, it magnetizes opponents towards the exit. When opponents are launched out of the blowhole, they typically leave the boundary box but it's possible for them to tech out of it. Monstro is on screen for 17 seconds before spitting out the stage.
*Alternate *Outfits


Toy Colors
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Dory becomes a toy fish found inside a tank from Finding Dory.
Heaven Spell
Dory becomes her younger self, from Finding Dory.
Midnight Bliss
Dory wears P. Sherman's Diver Mask over the Water Orb, from Finding Nemo.
Incubus Delight
Dory becomes her dad, Charlie, the only fish to have a combover, from Finding Dory.
Dory laughs hysterically for 3 seconds before forgetting why she's laughing and resumes normal gameplay.
Power Drain
When Dory is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the water bubble.
Rogue gains Purple Shell as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to shoot a purple shell projectile that boomerangs back to her. She also gains Dory's memory issues, causing her to lose Purple Shell after six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Female Wireframe, they gain Just Keep Swimming to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to do a water propelled dash that has him them flop on their front to deal 12 damage and burying opponents underneath them- a new attack.
The active Monstar gains Dory's yellow fins on their face as a physical attribute.
Dory's secret is revealed.

I forgor 💀.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a fish- and putting that aside for a moment, the accusation here is theft, right? If we're going to pretend like a fish can suffer capitol punishment and have the same rights as a human in this case, let's leverage back the crimes of the accusor- who's trafficking fish? Would we let this go on for any longer if it was humans? I highly recommend you settle P. Sherman, or I have a countersuit with your name. I don't think this case holds much water, if you get get what I mean.
When Dory is caught by Posion, Poison puts them in a plastic bag and shakes them, dealing 45 damage.
When Ralsei encounters Dory, he offers her a fish bowl to sleep in, with Dory immediately jumping inside to Sleep, forgetting she was fighting at all.
*Unlock *Method
Play as any Pixar character a total of 45 times.