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Finn Mertins

Finn is the last human in Ooo, living with his brother Jake in a Treehouse near the Candy Kingdom. Finn is still pretty young from the dimension he comes from, having a unrefined fighting style that takes elements from various things he learned in the early seasons of Adventure Time.

Finn has a fighting style that is generally pretty basic- you have a lunging attack with a sword with an uppercut slash, a projectile option that can freeze, a decent recovery, and a command grab that can also work as a way to put opponents to sleep and make them optimal for set ups. Finn lacks options on countering or defending against opponents, especially in the air where the best he can do is push them around.

Scarlet Stinger
Finn strikes forward with Scarlet, his sword with a yellow blade, before swinging upwards to launch opponents weakly into the air for 11 damage overall. Still relatively inexperienced, this is a good way to quickly get to your opponent with a strike and gives Finn a way to punish his opponent up in the air with another attack, but your timing has to be tight. Ice Shuriken
Finn throws an ice shuriken that deals 8 damage and can freeze opponents that have a high damage/low health value. The shuriken goes straight across and Finn can throw up to two at a time. Finn's momentum is halted when he performs this attack.
Dollar Bill Paracute
Finn pulls out a giant dollar bill that he uses to slowly descend down with, with a initial gust of wind pulling him upwards. Deals no damage but can be used to push around opponents while in the air. Finn's Backpack
Finn uses his backpack to hold his opponent in and then swings the backpack around to launch them away from him for 4 damage. When not near a opponent, Finn will play his flute instead, which will put opponents to sleep.
4D Blade
Level 1
Finn dips Scarlet into a black hole and strikes it forward. If it hits a opponent, it will deal 15% damage and cause very powerful knockback, but the move has a very small range in which it will hit.
Wizard Robes
Level 2
Finn puts on wizard robes and uses Dustomancy to create a tidal wave of dust that deals 30% damage and makes opponents heavier, making them harder to launch but makes them fall faster and status inflictions can generally stick onto heavier opponents longer.
Ultimate Wizard
Level 3
Finn puts on a pair of wizard robes with dozens, if not over hundred stars and unleashes a flame while attacking with his tiger claws and vorpal blade hand, dealing 50% damage as he homes onto the nearest opponent. This move is the easiest to land out of all of Finn's Finishers but also does the least for Finn overall- there are no launches, spikes, or effects attached to this attack.
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