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Frankie Foster

Frankie Foster is the caretaker of the giant mansion that houses all the abandoned imaginary friends that find themselves at Foster's- she's also the grand daughter of Madame Foster, the elderly owner. As the caretaker, she tends to be underapperciated for the massive workload she has to do every day. During her day-to-day tasks, she was suddenly pulled through the Collider into the world of Black Hole, finding new sources of stress. Luckily, she has her friend World to aid her in battle as she travels across the merged lands.

Frankie Foster utilizes her chore work in her moveset, using cleaning tools and a ladder for some of her specials that gives her quite a couple options that allow her to also act as a powerful anti-air opponent. Using Scribbles, she can also exert some stage control via minions that copy her attacks over and over, acting as traps of her own design. She can also switch to World, a second moveset and character that is a tricky opponent with their own multiple options and really knows how to use their opponent to their advantage by controlling projectiles and traps. They can also set sticky traps as well. Frankie and World also have powerful Finishers, with their highest level Finisher able to replicate the stage and tilting it around to deal potential massive damage.

Gimmick: World

World is a powerful imaginary friend who is intensely lonely, having crafted an entire world in a toy box where they are the only living, concious thing in it. They were the main antagonist of Destination Imagination and have since fallen under Frankie's care. In Blight Bastions, World is a secondary moveset for Frankie that she switches between using her down special Toy Chest. World is a tricky character who can transfer their body over into projectiles, travel across the ground, and control trap and other objects created by characters.
Caretaker Moveset

Mop, Sweep, Clip
Frankie either attacks with a mop attack that deals 8 damage and leaves behind a puddle of water that inflicts Wet, a broom attack that inflicts 7 damage and heavy stun, or attacking with gardener shears that deal 11 damage and inflicts Bleed. Only one of these three attacks comes out at a time, in the same order. Spamming allows Frankie to attack with the same move in a row, but gets stale faster.
Frankie summons a Scribble, which follows Frankie around. Due to their incomplete nature, Frankie can execute one of her moves and a Scribble will then copy it over and over in the same place for 5 seconds before disappearing. Frankie can keep a Scribble active around her until she does an attack- Scribbles only copy attacks and special moves.

Mansion Ladder
Frankie sets down a huge ladder meant for the Foster's mansion, which she can climb freely when it's active and placed. It has unique properties- due to every step on the ladder being considered a soft platform, Frankie can do double jumps and attacks off it. The ladder has 15 health before it topples over. When a scribble sets down a ladder, it can do so on top of a ladder to double the length of the ladder, although it'll collapse on top of it's parent ladder if it gets too damaged. Frankie can only set down one ladder.
Toy Chest
Frankie Foster brings out a heavy Toy Chest and switches movesets with World, an powerful imaginary friend. During the beginning animation, Frankie has 34 frames of super armor and a small drop at the end of the starting animation deals 12 damage to nearby opponents and buries them.
World Moveset

Gum Trap
World shoots a gum projectile, which acts as a sticky trap that inflicts the Shoe-Glue effect when stepped on and make the opponent unable to move from the spot. After 2 seconds, they'll be released from the trap. If World hits them, it knocks them down against the gum, creating an imprint that transforms into a gunk clone, which follows opponents and inflicts Shoe-Glue and deals 5 damage with sticky hugs. The gunk clones have 30 health and can heal 1 health each second.
World grabs their own personal treasure chest, releasing one of three "bodies" that wanders around aimlessly. The bodies are released in order of Cop, Hero, and finally Dog. Utilizing Transfer World, World can inhabit these bodies which have their own unique single attack.
Make-Believe Objects



The Cop attacks with a baton, a quick attack that deals 8 damage. Additionally, the Cop has floating capabilities, granting them immunity to ground-based attacks and having air properties to them at all times while retaining a double jump. The Hero attacks with a sword, which is a swinging attack that deals 6 damage across the blade and 12 damage at the tipper. The Hero also has high defense and can slug off about three hits with super armor before their chest is visibily damaged and takes 7 seconds for it to restore armor functionality. The Dog attacks with a keg of sleeping powder, which deals 1 ambient damage and inflicts Sleep. The dog is considerably faster and smaller than any of the other bodies World can inhabit, although their knockback resistance is considerably worse.

Transfer World
World ejects from their current body and travels across the stage ground, able to "hop" onto any body without a face. This includes most projectiles and traps, allowing World to control them for a brief period of time. Attacking World will still deal damage to them. Utilizing Make Believe, World can also use special designer bodies to attack with. As a extra bonus, World can move active Scribbles Frankie has set up or move and attack as a ladder, dealing 7 damage with a trampling attack and shaking off opponents also climbing on ladders.
Toy Chest
World brings out a heavy Toy Chest and switches movesets with Frankie Foster, the caretaker of the Foster's home. During the beginning animation, World has 22 frames of super armor and a large drop at the end of the starting animation deals 14 damage to nearby opponents and buries them.

Foster's Bus
Level 1
Frankie Foster drives the multicolored Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends bus forward, dealing 11 damage to people she collides with and knocking them back low, allowing her to repeatedly hit them if she has enough room to do so. The bus cannot jump and can only extend towards the edge of the platform it was summoned on, so you will want to use it on the main platform with the widest space possible to utilize this move most effectively. While the bus can turn around 180 degrees, this can only be done once as a corrective measure. Frankie gains invincibility while in this state.

Escape of the Extremeasaur
Level 2
Frankie Foster summons the explosive bomb Extremeasaur from the pilot movie, which attacks and chases opponents, damaging them with a chomping attack that deals 15 damage. After 5 seconds of chasing, it roars and has it's legs pop off, scattering the bombs that make up it's legs to litter the playing field. Each explosion deals 23 damage and launches opponents far, although bombs can be neutralized in a variety of methods, including utilizing Gum Trap over it to prevent it from exploding.

Doll House
Level 3
Frankie Foster and World create a minaturized model of the stage and entraps all of the opponents in the battle inside of the minaturized version of the stage. For 10 seconds, the player controls Frankie as she turns it around using the control stick, rotating the stage. For these ten seconds, you will want to get opponents killed by stationary stage hazards (moving stage hazards do not transfer to the minaturized stage) or flying opponents to the blast zone. When a opponent falls out of the mini stage, they are stored until the end of the timer and then blasted out of the radius around Frankie to deal 45 damage to them. They also remain in a mini state afterwards.
Alternate Outfits



Black Dress

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Frankie Foster becomes Fusion Frankie from FusionFall.
Heaven Spell
Frankie Foster becomes Frankrella, a form she takes under a sickness induced hallucination she is under from the end of The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To.
Midnight Bliss
Frankie Foster wears her Tank Girl costume from the episode Nightmare on Wilson Way.
Incubus Delight
Frankie Foster becomes Frances from Destination Imagination, a male distaff counterpart created for a gag while trying to replace Frankie after she went missing.
Frankie Foster becomes Frankincensed, a form Bloo sees her as under a sickness induced hallucination during the events of The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To. In this form, which lasts for six seconds, she gains enhanced strength and has magic added to her grab that inflicts the Nightmare status effect.
Power Drain
When Frankie Foster is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Mop, Sweep, and Clip as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to attack with a mop, sweep, or shears attack. She also gains a defense bonus, boosting her defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Frankie Foster, they gain Scribble to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to produce a scribble that performs any given attack on loop.
The active Monstar gains Frankie's red hair and green jacket as a physical attribute.
Frankie Foster's secret is revealed.

Her father hated imaginary friends due to having Mr. Herriman on his case all the time, and thus Frankie Foster was forced to give her only imaginary friend up very shortly after creation. Frankie Foster works at Foster's in hopes that she will see her old friend one day.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was working under a high-stress enviroment and thus parked illegally at the court house. SHe couldn't have read the sign as intended due to the bizarre circumstances; had she been able to take any time to look she would have parked properly- and due to no prior behavior, I say we put this behind us.
When Frankie Foster is caught by Posion, Poison places her on the Wheel of Misfortune from The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To and spins it, landing on either a massive animal to maul her for 45 damage or setting her free on the 1% chance the wheel spins on that option.
When Ralsei encounters Frankie Foster, he mops the floor, which can trip opponents and leaves them a puddle that can also inflict Wet.
Unlock Method
Play 10 hours in the Innsrealm mode.