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The Hulk is a alternate identity of Bruce Banner, who takes anger issues to the next level. Unlocked via the magic/science material that is Gamma, Hulk has been around for a long time, and death proves to be nothing but an obstacle to the scientist's alternate identity. As of late he travels the wastelands of Black Hole, with his meanest side in control, although on better terms with Banner than before. He cannot die, nor can he stop. All he can do is smash.

The Hulk is a heavy weight fighter that only gets stronger (and angrier) the more you push him around, with many of his moves possessing raw physical power with earth elemental effects that get stronger the more damage he takes. While his kit is pretty simple, they also have multiple utilities. The Hulk mainly lacks good recovery and due to their large weight, does not do well in the air. Their high defense can offset a lot of the punishment they might take, however.

Gimmick: Anger

Hulk gets more and more angry the more and more damage they take, able to build up an Rage Gauge as he takes damage which makes their special moves perform differently, making them more powerful. Additionally, their defense builds up when they get angry, powering their guard to take more and more damage than normal, although this stalls the Rage Gauge if used. As a heavy weight, Hulk isn't really in danger from knockback attacks except on higher damages, which makes Hulk at his most mad when he's the most vulernable.

Although the Rage Gauge almost never can go down, falling asleep will remove all rage in Hulk's system, although he gains it back faster after falling asleep. Additionally, he also loses all of it after entering into Devil Hulk mode for a brief time after untransforming.

When fully enraged, after taking 200 damage, the Hulk's veins glow a radioactive green and he inflicts Radioactive with each of his attacks, inflicting more and more radioactive poison the more he deals damage to his opponent.
Gamma Charge
Hulk dashes forward with great power, smashing into his opponent to deal 10-15 damage, knocking back opponents. Follow up with another neutral special input to have Hulk slam the ground, pushing the opponent into the ground to Bury opponents and deal an additional 5 damage. The more rage the Hulk has, the more potent the knockback the launching hit has. Gamma Tsunami
Hulk picks up the ground beneath him and smashes his fists into it, sending a wave of violent earth rushing towards his opponent to deal 9 earth damage, scattering pieces that deal 3-4 damage on hit as well. This can act as a projectile option or a close range get-away attack, as it has considerable knockback. The distance the wave reaches will increase the more rage Hulk has.
Gamma Leap
Hulk jumps up into the air and comes back down, smashing the earth and creating small shockwaves that deal 5-8 damage each, with a total of 2-4 shockwaves depending on how high the Hulk jumps. Hulk's height increases the more rage he has. Gamma Quake
Hulk pounds his fists into the ground, creating a hail of boulders that rain down onto the opponent to deal 6-8 damage each. There are more boulders the more rage the Hulk has, up to 8 in total. Additionally, the pound attack deals 11 damage and launches opponents low, allowing for continous beating of the ground to keep a steady combo, albeit stales extremely quickly.
Green Door
Level 1
Hulk opens up a Green Door, which he pushes a opponent into to take over their mind for a brief period, being in control of their body and performing gamma-irradiated punches against them to deal 20 damage before knocking them into the Astral state and leaving them behind. The Green Door also emits Radiation while active.

Devil Hulk
Level 2
Hulk transforms into a orange, reptilian-like monster who has claws. While in this form, Devil Hulk does Hulk's attack with full rage and cannot take damage in this form, merely laughing it off. This form lasts a total of 10 seconds although is still vuiernable to getting stunned, flinched, or knocked back. At the end of the transformation, the Hulk briefly takes a hit to his rage gauge, resetting it to inital levels for 5 seconds.
Hulk, Immortal
Level 3
In a cutscene Finisher, the character is trapped in a dark dank room with Hulk's body parts scattered in jars. As they look around, they see the Hulk's smiling face before the jars burst open and the Hulk's body begins to reform around the opponent, entrapping them inside his body, dealing 55 damage before they are suddenly jettisoned high upwards, lots of knockback being dealt. In most circumstances, this is a outright kill option. Based off the famous scene from Immortal Hulk #8.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
The Hulk becomes a abomination chimera fusion of Yoda and Hulk, an ancient... yet classic image of the internet.
Heaven Spell
The Hulk becomes a sour faced baby Hulk, taken from the famed Wynwood wall mural.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
The Hulk takes on the appearance of Titan, one of Bruce Banner's more powerful personalities. The form does not change Hulk's actual power or size.
Hulk's veins become purple and he becomes much faster at the cost of strength, laughing as he hits opponents. He is weakened by 1.4x for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Hulk is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Gamma Charge as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to smash into opponents while briefly taking on green skin. She also gains a strength bonus, boosting her attack strength by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Hulk, they gain Gamma Tsunami to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to pick up pieces of the earth and throw them like projectiles.
The active Monstar gains bigger muscles and Hulk's pants as a physical attribute.
Hulk's secret is revealed.

Tony Stark was the one behind his gamma incident, being indirectly responsible for his powers that have caused him so much agony.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a man who wears his mental disorders very well, but with such a huge frame and a limited capacity to think while in rage form, I think it's reasonable to assume that the law should be nicer to someone who doesn't always have access to their mental facilities. Besides, all property damage is paid for eventually and he's never intentionally harmed a soul... except that one guy who kept him in jars. But he kind of had it coming.
When Hulk is caught by Posion, Poison cuts him up with a laser whip and seperates each body part into it's own Iron Maiden, with the painful collision of several steel caskets suddenly occuring as Poison skips away and the Hulk reforms, taking 30 damage.
When Ralsei encounters the Hulk, he sings off a poem that puts Hulk to Sleep.
Unlock Method
Be in "rage" mode for longer than 30 seconds as any character.