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Having retired from a life of crime and living with his human brother Finn in a treehouse, Jake mostly lives his days as a guiding teacher for Finn, which he's bad at. His stretchy powers tend to be utilized on their adventures, although Jake has begun to mostly laze out. Having landed in this mysterious city called "New York", Jake is more interested by the food here than anything else.

Jake is able to transform for a lot of his attacks and is a heavy character that is hard to launch. His damage output is relatively okay and he has two quick moves in the form of Spin-Slap and Numb-Chunks which can rack up damage quickly but won't launch foes. Whomp Whomp is a good anti-air move and Doppel-Guard is a mediocre shielding option that allows Jake to still deal close range attacks, albeit fairly weakened. Many of Jake's options don't allow him to KO early through knockback and his recovery is decent but not great. Combined with his weight and some of the lengthier animations, Jake is a powerful character but has some major drawbacks that need to be considered.

Jake stretches out both arms and forms them into battle axes, spinning around rapidly to deal 8-13 damage, able to reflect projectiles on the first hit and can effectively trap opponents in a multi hit attack with a lot of super armor. While exiting from the animation, Jake appears tired and will put his hands on his knees, giving him a lot of end lag. Numb-Chunks
Jake pulls out a pair of icy nun-chunks stolen from Ice King's Chamber of Frozen Blades, which deal 7 damage per hit. The first two hits are fast and strike quickly, but the player can hit the special button again to attack again. Doesn't flinch. If the player manages to strike a opponent 5 times in quick succession, they become frozen.
Whomp Whomp
Jake transforms into a boomerang, able to rise into the air and hit opponents in the air for 8 damage per hit before attempting to home back to his original location. Jake can change his ending direction by holding the control stick, although he will lose air faster. Doppel-Guard
Jake creates a Doppel-Guard by stretching out his foot and forming it into a doppelganger of himself. This Doppel-Guard takes halved damage and responds to the player's inputs but has to stay localized to his spot, throwing out simple punches and uppercuts that deal 4 damage.
Jake Snowplow
Level 1
Jake transforms into a snow-plow, ramming and knocking around foes for 15 damage in a snow-plow charge. Tap the special button when you scoop up your opponents to fling them away.
Jake Limit
Level 2
Jake stretches to his limit, slamming across the entire stage and wrapping it in himself before shuddering to create a large earthquake that deals 30 damage to groundbound opponents. Press the special button before Jake activates the earthquake to slap a opponent and bury them into the ground.
Jake Roller
Level 3
Jake throws a pair of sandwiches at a foe and then leaps up into the air, disappearing seemingly before coming back down, transformed into a steam roller with his regular body fused to the top before shouting out "WRYYYY!!!", before unforming. The sandwiches must a hit a opponent for this move to be successful. It deals 50 damage and buries opponents on impact.
Alternate Outfits