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K' is a normal child who lived happily with his sister Seirah before NESTS, a crime syndicate that invested heavily into drugs, genetics, robotics, and biotechnology. Infused with Kusanagi's dna and having his memories tampered with, K' became a fighting machine. His fighting style is "pure violence" and features more explosive flames than the previous protagonist, Kyo Kusangi. He appears alongside Wii Fit Trainer, who rescued him from the NESTS program.

K' has a fighting style that requires his opponent to be nearby and some of his moves are somewhat tricky to use because of this. He is entirely melee focused and lacks many options for projectiles aside from Blackout, a dash with invincibility frames. K' can be very quick when he wants to, but he lacks a good recovery. His moves are incredibly powerful and allow him to execute combos fairly easily.

Ein Trigger
K' releases a short range explosion that knocks down opponents and deals 11-13 damage with the snap of his fingers. K' can use it very quickly but it has limited range, being about a character length and a half away from him. As such, he needs tight spacing to use it properly. Blackout
K' becomes briefly intangible as he dashes forward, able to move through opponent and even walls very quickly. This also gives him brief invincibility frames and has a cooldown of 30 frames. Deals no damage.
Crow Bite
K' performs an uppercut, his fist exploding onto the opponent to deal 13 damage as a crescent slash of fire appears around him that deals 8-9 damage upon contact. K' launches into the air and travels along with his opponent to a point before dropping down, giving him and his opponent room after knocking them down. Can be used to recover rather weakly, as it'll drop K' into a helpless state immediately afterwards. Attack during the traveling animation to add a kick into the attack that will deal 6 additional damage and send the opponent flying further. Minute Spike
K' performs a flying leap that makes him travel a lot of horizontal distance and deal 9-12 damage, as well as spiking opponents downwards. K' can perform it in the air as well to deal 12-14 damage. It can be used for situational horizontal recovery. Crouch before performing it to perform a Narrow Spike- a sweeping attack that is good for following up knocked down foes as it'll deal 10-12 damage and can be used to jablock a opponent.
Heat Drive
Level 1
K' ignites a flame in his hand before quickly dashing forward, dealing 15 damage on impact as his opponent flies past him in a incredibly quick dash. Gives K' a lot of space after the move and knocks down his foe after impact.
Chain Drive
Level 2
K' takes his glasses off and throws them while they're on fire to deal 15 damage, before following up with an explosive set of punches and kicks that drive the opponent back after catching his glasses and putting them back on. This powerful chain of attacks deals an additional 15 damage. After completing the finisher, K' pushes his opponent back to launch them away from him.
Hyper Chain Drive
Level 3
K' slams his fist into the ground, a flaming geyser appearing from below him that has a long distance and launches into a multi-hit attack that deals 50 flame damage that meteor spikes the opponent on last impact. As such, it's a powerful edgeguard tool that can also be used to KO edge holding opponents.
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