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Licker is a type of zombie found in the Resident Evil series, being famed for it's long tongue and it's blindness. It's unknown what exactly causes a Licker although it's suggested that the victim that becomes one previously had high metabolism to incur this kind of vast mutation. While roaming around the infected Raccoon City, this Licker was caught in the beam by the Collider and has now resorted to roaming the Black Hole wastelands for new prey.

Licker has a wide range of motion due to their crawl, although they become more deadly when they listen for their opponents, which only requires them to move while performing a listening animation. When a opponent catches the Licker's attention, their attacks, which are mostly claw and tongue attacks, will become quicker and lead into combos. Additionally, many of their special moves increase this listening buff that they get for opponents, allowing them to continue tracking their scent via bleeding them. Some effects can deter a Licker by disguising their scent, and many of their moves have endlag that makes them vulernable without this listening set up.

Gimmick: I'm Listening!

The Licker is able to lock a target onto opponents using it's move called Listen, which will create a reticle that lasts 10 seconds overall, that allows it to perform quickened versions of it's attacks to do combos while nearby. The only way to lose a reticle is to either teleport, hide behind something and stay still for three seconds, or take on a different scent like Orange-Scented, Salted, Oil, or Peanut Brittle. Bleeding makes the reticle last even longer, as the Licker will be able to trace the scent quite intensely.
Licker features an advanced version of a crawl, which allows it to cling to walls and ceilings while crawling. You can enter a crawling state while pressing down while crouching, although most attacks will take the Licker out of this crawling state. Additionally, the Licker can stick to walls or ceilings while in a jumping state, entering it when they collide against it.
Licker Lash
Licker does a claw attack in a 180 degree motion, dealing up to 5 damage, causing Bleed with a close ranged physical attack that causes high stun but very little knockback. While it comes out quick, it has a fair bit of endlag. Tongue
Licker tenses up their head and regurgiates their tongue to deal 5 damage and wrap around the opponent's foot or other appendage in their tongue, keeping them in a command grab which they can drag their foe to by pressing the opposite movement direction or pull themselves towards them by pressing the movement button in the direction of their opponent. Can be used as a tether recovery tool.
Jumping Claw
Licker does a jumping claw attack that deals 11 damage and spikes opponents while inflicting Bleed. This acts as a third jump, although puts Licker in a helpless state afterwards so can only really accentuate a double jump. Listen
Licker takes a second to listen to their surrondings, causing any walking or moving opponents to be within Licker's sensed sight, allowing them to do quickened versions of their normal attacks against them for combos.
High Impact Tongue
Level 1
Licker tenses up their head upwards before regurgiating out their tongue to deal 25 damage and put the opponent in the Astral state afterwards if sweetspotted, dealing 6 damage and tripping them if hit on the larger sourspot.

Modified Licker
Level 2
Licker transforms into a Modified Licker from Resident Evil 2, which is larger and features one extended claw on each arm, which inflicts more damage with claw attacks, dealing twice as much damage. They also take on a blue shade as they get larger, which prevents them from taking knockback properly, either not experiencing it or severely dampening the effects of attacks that otherwise inflict high knockback.

Licker β
Level 3
Licker transforms into a Licker β, which has quickly reproduced off screen and carries a horde of four other Licker βs that repeat it's actions. Additionally, the Licker β you control has enchanced speed and strength stats, carrying a 1.5x speed and attack bonus. While not as powerful as the Modified Licker on their own, the horde can severely mess opponents up just by following their leader, creating combo chains that would make the Licker's endlag to their moves otherwise prove to be impossible previously. This lasts for 15 seconds before the Licker β de-evolves into a regular Licker and the horde find new targets.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Licker becomes a strange, xenomorph-esque creature with four arms, taken from the concept art for Licker βs in Resident Evil 5.
Heaven Spell
Licker becomes a plush toy version of itself, designed by Miguel Wilson for Capcom.
Midnight Bliss
Licker becomes the Suspended or Regis Licker from Resident Evil Outbreak, which was a infected human female that carried Licker-like traits.
Incubus Delight
Licker becomes the Uber Licker, from the movie Resident Evil Retribution.
Licker will laugh somewhat hysterically as it crawls around, making it unable to hear opponents correctly and thus messing up it's Listening gimmick and move for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Licker is caught by Rogue, she kisses it on the lips to get some suprise tongue down her throat, pulling away.
Rogue gains Licker Lash as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to attack with a claw attack that does heavy stun. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Licker, they gain Tongue to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to grapple with a extended tongue attack and use it for thether recoveries.
The active Monstar gains the long extended tongue of a Licker and their brain cap as a physical attribute.
Licker's secret is revealed.

Licker wants to start a family.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a zombie, therefore under the same conditions as a plea for insanity, I argue that they aren't in any control of their actions than a person who is mentally unwell would be. In fact, i think it could be argued that this is probably the most self-evident case here- we're all aware of how zombies work, right?
When Licker is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around the tongue of the Licker and hangs them up by a free way, letting passing cars slam into it over and over before it falls on the ground, run over by a Umbrella Corpation truck. Deals 45 damage to the Licker with high knockback.
When Ralsei encounters Licker, he feeds Licker a plastic arm, watching Licker gnaw on it until it gets tired, inflicting 3 stacks of Drowsiness.
Unlock Method
Complete 50 matches as Jill Valentine.