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Limewire was a free software that was used to torrent and download music until 2010, in which the case of Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC shut it down, as the company offered a "professional" version of the software at a fee. It languished in infamy for being a virus magnet and for some reason a company has revived the name as a NFT music platform? Limewire in Blight Bastions is a spinning ball that continues to be a virus magnet, having found itself in the Black Hole to try give the denizens free music.

Limewire is a bizarre fighter who is based off torrenting software, able to attack by leeching health, setting down "seeds" that can be used for its other moves, magnetizing foes, or shooting burning discs across the ground. It can also download whole movesets unlike similar copy characters, although randomly it will also take on "virus" moves that damage itself with bizarre properties.

Gimmick: Peer 2 Peer

Limewire can use their Level 1 Finisher, Download to copy their opponent's special moves (Neutral, Side, Down, and Up specials) although randomly one of their moves will be a "virus" move that tends to be bad for Limewire and replaces one of their special inputs. They can eject this moveset using their taunt, which pushes out the moveset as a burnt CD that also doubles as a ground-based attack.
Limewire creates a "seed" underneath them, which appears as a lime green pixel that can be used as a trap. Limewire can set down up to ten of these "seeds" and then use Leech to speed through to these points on a path. They can also use Magnet Link to drag the seeds back to them. Seeds can also stick to opponents if they make contact with them. Leech
Limewire rolls forward, leeching health of opponents they slam into for 2 health points per hit. If they were seeded before, this increases to 6 health points per hit. Additionally, Limewire will speed across automatically to "seeds" they've previously laid.
Magnet Link
Limewire rises up in the air as they bring all "seeds" previously planted towards them, including those stuck to opponents, which drag the opponents to Limewire. Limewire then pulses to deal 7 electrical shock damage, sending the opponent blasting upwards. Burn DISC

Limewire sends out a burning disc that deals 8 damage and inflicts Burn as it speeds across the ground. It is considered a physical projectile and comes out fast, although only two can be sent out a time. A heavy attack or reflect move can reflect the direction of the disc backwards, doubling it's damage. It flies off edges.

When Limewire has downloaded a opponent's moveset, Limewire can taunt to release a Burn DISC that deals 16 damage but makes them revert back to their original moveset.
Virus Moves
Limewire makes a clicking sound before seeming to freeze in place before suddenly distorting to become black and dealing 19 dark damage to themselves, as well as being inflicted with Wither. Opponents that touch Limewire when they turn black will also be inflicted with Wither. b^gb1t3.exe
Limewire leans forward and snaps in half, dealing 7 damage to itself before being knocked into the Out of Body state. Opponents hit by the lurching state will be healed for 2 health points before Levitating for 2 seconds.
Limewire rolls in place before suddenly falling victim to the Flat effect three seperate times in succession, dealing 11 damage to itself. It then spins wildly before resuming control of itself. Freezes Limewire while in the air. $KR0M3R$.png
Limewire deals 9 damage to itself as it sucks in any available currency from other opponents to heal itself, up to 10 health points. For characters like Walter White or Kyoko, it can steal up to 100 dollars, while for opponents that use currency to summon characters like Captain Phasma or AUTO it can only steal up to 10 of their troop building points.
Level 1
Limewire scans and then "downloads" the opponent's data to their system, copying their special attacks. However, this comes with a catch. Randomly, one of their moves will be replaced with a "virus" attack, which is listed above. Any of these virus attacks can be attached to any of Limewire's inputs when they have a copied moveset.
Level 2
Limewire attempts to load in a new track for the stage but suddenly the background becomes the Windows 95 blue screen of death, which freezes opponents in place for 7 seconds before the stage reboots. Limewire can attack freely during this time, being unneffected by it. Great for chaining combos or attaching "seeds" to opponents.
Level 3
Limewire inflicts one of their virus moves onto the opponent, dealing 15 damage as well to them with a rolling attack. They are stuck with the virus move on one of their inputs for 30 seconds before it finally wears off. When a opponent is inflicted with a virus move, they will have a Limewire icon above their head for the duration. Additionally, Limewire can teleport 1 seed onto them at any time for the duration of the 30 seconds.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Limewire becomes Napster's mascot, another torrenting program.
Heaven Spell
Limewire becomes Bearshare's mascot, another torrenting program.
Midnight Bliss
Limewire becomes a feminized humanization of itself, designed by reashi. It reverts back to normal after breaking free.
Incubus Delight
Limewire becomes Homer with Limewire's lime icon as their head, based off the craze of Simpsons Limewire memes. It reverts back to normal after breaking free.
Limewire's special moves are entirely replaced with their virus moves for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Limewire is caught by Rogue, it is kissed on the lips. Rogue's mouth becomes puckered inwards from the sour taste.
Rogue gains one of Limewire's virus moves as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast. She also gains a damage bonus, boosting her ability to take damage by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Female Wireframe, they gain one of Limewire's virus moves to replace their side special, Intercept.
The active Monstar gains Limewire's lime icon for a head as a physical attribute.
Limewire's secret is revealed.

It wants to give you viruses soooo bad. Also the company revived this brand to sell NFTs, for some reason? Laughable.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a torrenting program, not a pirating program! What users do peer-to-peer cannot be moderated under any reasonable circumstance. What Metallica is asking for is unreasonable and besides, the numbers they're claiming to have lost on my client's part are entirely speculative, if not fictional. James Hetfield, let's get lunch instead of dragging out this frivilous lawsuit any further, hm?
When Limewire is caught by Posion, Poison gives it headphones and makes it listen to black MIDIs, which cause it to take 45 damage and Bleed profusely.
When Ralsei encounters Livewire, he asks to download a digital pet app but ends up accidentally somehow infecting Livewire with adware with Spamton's visage across it, slowing Livewire 2x for 8 seconds.
Unlock Method
Play as Rogue or The Monstars against Level 5 CPU opponents or higher a total of 20 times.