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Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui and learned her ninjutsu skills from him, as well as infusing a fiery fighting style. She can bounce off walls and generally has her fighting style take her up into the air- you could she's a bouncy fighter in more than one way. She can be a bit of an airhead and admires beauty above all else, which can come across vain to some of her opponents.

Mai is a quick fighter that has projectiles and physical attacks, some of which are even command grabs. She is also a great aerial fighter who can deal with foes who enter the air and punish them with anti air attacks. She suffers from not really being able to launch with her moves, although she can reliably spike. She's been given additional "outfit combos" which use the dodge input to allow Mai Shiranui to change outfits and extend her attacks. While this has never been part of her moveset in the past, it makes use of her quick costume changes that she's always been able to pull off in her opening and victory animations.

Gimmick: Outfit Combos

Mai Shiranui is able to pull outfit combos by doing a dodge input towards certain frames in her attacks. By changing outfits, Mai Shiranui gains some superarmor during her attacks and allows her to extend the combo, as the attack will restart at some point in the animation cycle as opposed to ending.

Each special move notes what outfit Mai changes into and what properties the attack takes on in this extended combo, as it is slightly different from the original attack. She can also do this with her Super Moves to some extent. If Mai is somehow interrupted during a combo, her clothes fall off for a brief second (although no actual nudity is seen), causing a flustered Mai to quickly change back into her original outfit. This does not occur if Mai just fails to make the combo- if the player decides to not follow up, she will just stay into the costume she changed into originally until another costume change combo happens.

If using an alternate costume, that will be considered the "normal" costume and the original costume associated with the move will be changed to Mai Shiranui's original red costume.

Mai throws a fan forward, which spins while in the air. It is affected by windboxes and has low priority, but deals 8 damage on contact. Mai can hold onto the fan to infuse it with flames, which will deal up to 14 damage and gain higher priority. She can send two at a time.
When using an outfit combo, she changes into her alternate costume from KOF Max Impact, which is modeled after a panda. To perform the outfit combo, the dodge input must be entered during the frames while Mai is holding a fan- she will slightly move in the direction while changing her costume while carrying the fan and then release it for 12 damage- it will then come back to her and while catching it, perform another dodge input to have Mai return to her original costume.

Hishou Ryuuenjin
Mai performs a flaming somersault kick that can launch opponents straight up into the air, which is notably good for follow ups and is tough for directional inputs. It deals 10 damage and has a burning effect for opponents with 45 health or lower.
When using an outfit combo, you want to do a dodge input during the frames while hitting your opponent. Upon activation, she will change into her Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 outfit and she'll blast the opponent upwards at a diagonal for 7 damage- in which then you'll tap dodge again to switch into Mai's normal outfit while zipping upwards to send them meteor-kicked down for 6 additional damage.

Flying Squirrel Furiante
Mai jumps into the air and rushes diagonally towards the opponent, striking them and sending them flying back, dealing 14 damage. Good for keeping away but not great for recovery aside from ledge trumping.
When using an outfit combo, you will want to do a dodge during the strike frames. Mai will change her costume to the Goddess outfit from SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and reverse direction, striking into the opposite direction for 16 damage instead, and then teleporting on top of at the apex of the opponent's launch if a dodge is inputted again while changing back to her original outfit. This allows her to get some serious air, but this may not be beneficial in all situations.

Fuusha Kuzushi
Mai grabs the opponent with her legs, flips them over, and slams them into the ground for 12 combined damage. It's a great command grab that can be done in the air, but won't launch opponents far, instead just knocking them to the ground.
When using an outfit combo, pressing dodge when you slam the opponent will cause Mai to flip them again with her legs, dealing a de-escalating amount of damage (8 for the second hit, 5 for the third, and 4 for the final hit). Mai will change her costume to her casual outfit from promotional material for Fatal Fury Special when successfully pulled off, alternating with her main outfit for follow up hits. After the final hit, Mai will be given the Break effect, but her opponent will be inflicted with the Astral effect.

Dragon Flame Romp
Level 1
Mai jumps and spins through the air, repeatedly striking her opponent with fire-infused Kachousen (large fans) dealing 7 fire damage on each hit for a total of three hits, before sending the opponent knocked back at a fixed rate.
When using an outfit combo, you want to perform them when Mai strikes her opponent, giving off an extra burst of flame that deals 4 extra damage, although knocks the opponent less distance away from Mai when it finishes if all outfit combos are successful. When an outfit combo is performed, Mai changes into the Shiranui outfit from the Days of Memories series.

Kagerou no Mai
Level 2
Mai surrounds herself in a spiral of flames, dealing 45 fire damage to nearby opponents, as well as inflicting the Burn status effect. As a cinematic super, it briefly freezes positions of opponents and time on the clock when activated until it pans away from Mai's face.
While the cinematic is playing, the player can perform a outfit combo as soon as Mai puts her hands together, able to send out a fire clone that does Mai's side special known Hishou Ryuuenjin for double its original damage (20 damage total), and can send out an additional one as soon the first fire clone is sent out. This may be a good option in case you whiff the original attack. When performing the outfit combo, Mai changes into her New Years outfit from King of Fighters All-Star.

Shiranui Ryuu Kunoichi no Mai
Level 3
Mai strikes the enemy into the air and repeatedly dashes past them in a flurry, generating flames that shape into the 女 kanji. Afterwards, she strikes a laying pose on her side, causing the flames to explode for 75 damage.
When using a outfit combo, she uses her speed to blitz the opponent in rapid succession before grabbing them with her legs and slamming them into the ground- the dodge input needs to be performed when she first dashes, allowing her to switch into her Summer outfit from King of Fighters All-Star. It deals 65 damage for the blitz, and then an additional 15 damage if the leg grab is performed correctly.
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Max Impact

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