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Marceline is the Vampire Queen and the daughter of Hunson Abadeer, ruler of the Nightosphere. Marceline is an immortal demon vampire human hybrid who mostly shirks actual responsibility for partying or pranks. She loves to mess with people, although when she takes it too far she immediately backpedals. She is good friends with Finn and Jake, although her and Princess Bubblegum have yet to interact since their break-up in the timeline presented in Fortresses of Light. Pulled in by the Collider, Marceline is searching for Finn so they can escape back to Ooo, as she can just go through the Nightosphere and return home from there.

Marceline is a fairly robust character with levitation and a transformation. As such, she has a bevy of moves and abilities that make her fairly good as a fighter overall, with a heavy reliance on physical attacks with some heavy grappling found in her bat beast form. Her recovery is good due to her levitation and she has some fairly solid moves. She can also heal by draining red objects. She is however, somewhat sluggish with movement and her transformation mechanic requires her to be unguarded for 3 seconds while crouching, opening her to attacks. She also lacks good ranged options beyond summoning weak skeletons.

Marceline is constantly floating in the air, although can still be hit by ground based attacks. She is overall faster in the air and can float slowly upwards or downwards to change her position in the air. While running, she can change height faster, although she can only go up to certain "ceiling" for her height of levitation.

While in bat beast form, Marceline's flight becomes higher and faster overall but her guard, dodge, grabs, and attacks in general are sluggish albeit more powerful. She can also be knocked out of the air if hit, putting her into a spiraling state until she hits the ground, however she can immediately rise back up by tapping the up button twice.
Form Shift
By holding down (crouch) for longer than 3 seconds without gaurding, Marceline shifts into a giant bat creature that is stronger and slower than her normal form, gaining an enhanced version of her flight and some new attacks. Marceline can stay in this form as long as she wants and can revert back to her normal form by crouching again for 3 seconds. Doing this leaves Marceline fairly vulnerable.

Hot Beat
Marceline waves both of her fingers upwards and causes two flame pillars to appear to her left and right and then snaps to cause a explosion. The flame pillars deal 4 damage, while the resulting explosion deals 10 damage and causes the burn effect.
Bass Attack
Marceline does a downwards, powerful heavy swing with her ax bass, which deals 8 damage, launches the opponent, and causes the bleed effect. One of Marceline's best utilities for it is breaking guards, as it begins as an aerial attack but has a small end animation that deals 3 damage that is considered a ground attack.

Dead Band Redemption
Marceline summons a undead trio of skeletons who run forward, playing a trumpet, drum, and a saxphone. The trumpet playing skeleton deals 6 damage with a blare from his trumpet, the drum skeleton deals 9 damage with a heavy wave attack, and the saxphone skeleton attacks a piercing doot that deals 7 damage and the umbra effect. Each of the skeletons have 10 health and shamble on attack, returning back to the grave. The instruments briefly stay on the ground, allowing Marceline to drain red from the drum.
Red Drain
Marceline takes a stance and can drink from anything that's red, including projectiles, enemies, characters, even parts of the stage. While in the stance, the game looks for "red" tagged objects and then has Marceline clip to the nearest tagged object to suck on it. This gives her a healing factor depending on the size of what she drank from, able to heal 3-17 damage from drinking red. However, while drinking from objects she is stationary and does not gain superarmor and while from drinking from characters, they can shake her off.

Dark Fang
Marceline dives into the opponent with her beast form, sinking her fangs into her opponent to inflict the wither effect for 10 seconds as well as 3 initial damage. She can use it best from the air, able to home onto opponents via her bat form.
Midnight Tentacle
Marceline wraps around her foe as she shapeshifts into a form consisting of mostly tentacles barbed with umbra causing effects, dealing 7 damage as well. The move works like a command grab as she shifts into the form she took on in Go With Me and allows Mareline to throw the opponent in the direction she tilts them in.

Minotaur Piledriver
Marceline grabs the opponent and shapeshifts into a more Minotaur appearance, taking on the appearance she took on in Time Sandwich. She then rises into the air and then spins down, drilling the opponent into the ground to bury them and deal 12 damage. Works as a much shorter command grab.
Red Raid
Identical to the move in her "normal" state, Marceline looks for red tagged objects (projectiles, characters, enemies, even background stage elements) and then drains the red from them to heal back 3-17 damage. She does not gain superarmor while draining and characters can shake her off while draining. Marceline releases a sticky blue orb from her mouth after draining red in this form, similar to The Moon from Stakes. This inflicts the absorber effect if stepped on.
Transparent Room
Level 1
Marceline casts a magic room around a opponent that locks them into place. They continue to stay in place, having a limited room to move. Marceline is able to move them around by landing launching attacks on them, although the room will always be ground bound. While it deals no damage, it gives Marceline a lot of room for combos, of which she can use to glorious effect via Dead Band Redemption, Bass Attack, and Hot Beat. This room lasts for a total of 5 seconds. This is a power she got from the Vampire King.
Lunatic Amp
Level 2
Marceline summons the Lunatic Amp, a demonic walking amp from Lego Dimensions, and rides atop of it, able to jump with it as well as attack with a sonar blast that deals 15 damage with each blast. It can blast up to three times before vanishing. Marceline can keep riding it as long as she wants though, as it is much faster than her normal movement speeds.
Dark Cloud
Level 3
Marceline hisses loudly as her body takes on a light red color as her body is engulfed in black clouds that form her into a giant black cloud creature that is massive, about the size of Evangelion Unit 01. She then roars and rams forward into the first foe she makes contact with, then stomps them with her limbs to deal a total of 65 damage and inflicting 40 seconds of wither before reverting back to normal in a weakened state.
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Unlock Method
Complete Collider with Finn on Hard Difficulty or collect 30 Red Banana Coins.