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Mirania is a sorceress that is capable of using healing magic. She comes off mysterious but also kind of an airhead too. She has a gentle aura and has a stomach that rivals that of even Saiyans. She is unique in just about every way and she doesn't care what others think about her. She can shift from being very polite to very crass- you can even see it in her entrance animation, where she lets a bird fly free and then gets into a fighting stance, shouting "Now let's kick some arse!"

Mirania is a really unique character among the fighters due to her constant healing. She also has powerful attacks and is able to recover fairly well. Half of her moves will give her a cooldown with weaker attacks taking their place, so that's one weakness of her moveset. Additionally, she isn't great at dealing with opponents who can reflect projectiles or even just killing her attacks. Her light weight also makes her fairly easy to launch.

Mirania clears herself of negative status conditions and heals herself for 15 damage. Has a long start up time and has a cool-down of 10 seconds. While it's on cooldown, the move can still be used to remove negative status effects at half the rate, although it will reset the cooldown back to 10 seconds. Leaf
Mirania throws a cutting leaf that deals 10 damage and inflicts Silence, a effect that weakens your opponent's special attacks. This projectile can be reflected right back to Mirania and cause the same effect, so be careful. Charging allows Mirania to throw three leaf projectiles at once, but loses the Silence effect when they hit a opponent.
Mirania can use this move to recover off stages, launching her high and causes her to barrel towards the ledge of a stage and restore 5 of her health. This move can be used up to three times before it needs a cool down of ten seconds. When in cooldown, this move weakly launches Mirania in the air with a light effect that deals 3 damage in a medium ranged bubble. Forest
Mirania casts a bunch of plants that spring up from where they were planted after 80 frames, spiking opponents upwards for 16 damage. It's a powerful launch move and deals a lot of damage, but the timing is tight. The plants stay in a green circle and can be activated later if Mirania holds down the special button while executing the move, allowing her to still use her standard attacks.
Magic Circle
Level 1
Mirania fires a projectile to the ground that creates a white circle that she can then follow up with any of her spells:
  • Recover - Heals Mirania for 30 health and makes her immune to status inflictions for a short time.
  • Leaf - Creates a larger leaf that deals 15 damage and the silence effect and can't be reflected.
  • Restoration - Creates a pillar of light that launches opponents and Mirania into the air. For opponents, it will inflict the bleed effect.
  • Forest - Forest becomes a bunch of vines that act as a trap for opponents, burying them on contact and dealing 15 damage.
Level 2
Mirania performs a gust of wind attack that pierces through shields and leaves opponents dizzy, or deals 30 damage to unprotected foes and launches them away. Gale is best used for breaking a opponent's guard.
Level 3
Mirania brings foes close to her before attacking with a whirlwind of leaves that deals 50 damage to foes and launches them upwards. Has a large range that won't cover the entire stage, but covers the entire center of Miles' New York platform.
Alternate Outfits