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Peni Parker

A Japanese-American schoolgirl from the 31st century who took up her father's mantle as the pilot of a mecha known as SP//dr. Bonded by a physic link from the spider that makes up the other half of the mecha's control, Peni continues her work as protector of the people. She and Miles previously met in Spider-Verse, and she came to his world of her own accord to help him deal with the situation. Along the way, she would become acquainted with the pilots of the Gunbuster, feeling a bond between the two due to her lack of parental figures back home.

Peni has both a ranged option as well as multiple recovery options, in addition to heavy binding projectiles, which makes her quite the threat for someone on the heavyweight spectrum. She is also much smaller than other mecha/titan characters, being about half of Gunbuster's height. She lacks shielding options but her range is quite impressive due to the mecha's floating limbs.

Progressive Knife
Peni generates a giant knife which can stab either down low to the ground and pin opponents with a down input while the animation for the knife coming out plays, or slash forward with any other input. This deals 9 damage for both moves. With the pin, Peni's mech can then leap forward as the knife exits. This move is a reference to the Evangelion series, which Peni is clearly inspired by. Web//ng
Peni generates a string of web that is pointed higher than Miles, allowing her to swing on a unseen surface outside the boundaries of the stage, dealing 11 damage that spikes opponents to the ground. Peni can also charge the shot to have SP//dr swing around, collecting opponents in the web and then spike them downwards as it leaps away, dealing 17 damage as opponents are knocked out.
SP//dr Leap
Peni readies the mech from inside, getting on all four limbs before it leaps upwards, twirling it's limbs wildly as it jumps. This knocks foes in random directions for 12 damage while in the air and can be used to recover a bit, although Peni rapidly falls down to the ground after reaching the apex of the jump, dealing 17 damage as she lands. Alternative Pistol
Peni's mech opens one of it's palms to show a cannon that can fire heavy webbing projectiles that knockdown and keep opponents stuck to the wall or floor while dealing 8 damage. Peni is unable to harm them with many of her moves, although low-kicking weak attacks will still allow Peni to deal damage.
SP//dr Sense
Level 1
SP//dr shows a blank screen as opposed to a emotion as it stands still. If anyone attempts to attack it, it launches into a frenzied mechanical attack that deals 20 damage and blasts the opponent away.
Web Wrecker
Level 2
SP//dr curls itself into a ball and attaches itself to webbings on the top of the screen, allowing it to move quickly across the screen similar to a wrecking ball to deal 45 damage. It launches opponents far at the apex of the swing and can bury opponents at the start of it.
Emissary of Hell
Level 3
SP//dr stands upright and mimicks Spider-Man's pose from the 1978-1979 Japanese series and summons Leopardon, who slams into the stage with both arms extended as the air fills with lightning, dealing 50 damage to an area of impact and shocking nearby foes.
Alternate Outfits


Contest of Champions

Marvel Duel

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Peni Parker becomes the spider that bit her, taken from the short flashback from in Into the Spiderverse.
Heaven Spell
Peni Parker becomes a stylized version, taken from the cover art of Spiderverse Unlimited.
Midnight Bliss
Peni Parker becomes Magical Peni Parker, taken from Marvel Contest of Champions.
Incubus Delight
Peni Parker becomes Supaidaman, Peni's precursor of sorts.
Peni Parker's mech goes beserk briefly, doubling the speed of it's animations for 7 seconds.
Power Drain
When Peni Parker is caught by Rogue, the mech is kissed.
Rogue gains Progressive Knife as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to attack with a slashing cutting knife after pinning down opponents. She also gains a defense bonus, boosting her defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Peni Parker, they gain Web//ng to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to swing using a web with their heavy frame acting as the collison hit box.
The active Monstar gains SP//dr's mech body over their torso as a physical attribute.
Peni Parker's secret is revealed.

Her father's conciousness is still inside the robot, guiding her without her even realizing it.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client couldn't have illegally parked her vehicle in space that wasn't even marked for parking. If Osborne really wants to settle this, he could have filed for a damages claim but he didn't because this is a frivilous lawsuit and he couldn't even be bothered to do it correctly. Dismiss the case.
When Peni Parker is caught by Posion, Poison wraps the whip around the mech, which turns out to be a venom tendril that then coats the mech, transforming it into VEN#m, which then assimilates Peni Parker with green tendrils, dealing 45 damage.
Unlock Method
Clear Collider as Miles Morales.