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Pepsi Convoy

A bigger sell-out than even Optimus Prime, Pepsi Convoy is a rogue Transformer that only has but one mission— to bring cool, refreshing carbonated beverages to the thirsty sentients across the galaxy! With his powerful CO2 soda gun, fueled by the Bottle Station that he transforms into, he accomplishes that mission with haste. Pepsi Convoy is unusual in that he's not made out of Living Metal, but instead by the same material as Pepsiman, posessing many of the same traits as the soda superhero as a result. Captured by the beam of the Collider across dimensions, Pepsi Convoy found himself in the world of Black Hole and had a new mission= all will be quenched with soda.

Pepsi Convoy utilizes the corporate synergy mechanic from Optimus Prime, but with a bit of a Pepsi Twist to it, which is to say it's permanent and Pepsi Convoy is vastly simplified in comparsion. Pepsi Convoy can heal opponents and allies with their CO2 Soda Gun, create fields of bad luck, drive around as a Pepsi tanker truck, and summon a old Pepsi mascot known as Marphalump. Pepsi Convoy gains major power from their sponsored overlord but also failing to appease them will poison them and can lead to predictable routines for their opponents.

Gimmick: Pepsi Corporate Drone
Here we have a circle, smooth and inoffensive
This will be the basis for your revolution
Pepsi Convoy is powered by a unusual metal that becomes more powerful the more corporate synergy is achieved. As such, their attacks become stronger and stronger the better they align with Pepsi's values. Better corporate synergy results in higher knockback for opponents, inflicting more damage on opponents (up to 1.7x at 100% corporate synergy), and increased movement speed and cancelled landing lag. Negative corporate synergy will Poison Pepsi Convoy.
Below is a list of things that achieve corporate synergy:
  • Utilize special moves without them becoming stale. (Neutral)
  • Performing C02 Soda Gun to heal opponents. (+8%)
  • Using Pepsi Spray to create the bubble of bad luck. (+11%)
  • Driving around as the Bottle Station for 5 seconds or longer. (+17-34%)
  • Summoning the Marphalump successfully. (+6%)
The following is a list of things that actively damage corporate synergy:
  • Staling special moves (-5%)
  • Performing C02 Soda Gun to create puddles of Pepsi. (-3% each time a stale move is used)
  • Using Pepsi Spray to inflict Weak on opponents. (-3%)
  • Driving around as the Bottle Station for under 4 seconds. (-10%)
  • Summoning the Marphalump unsuccessfully. (-9%)
C02 Soda Gun
Pepsi Convoy fires a shot of brown pepsi that heals for 5 damage but massively slows the opponent and makes them fall under the Shoe-Glue effect from the sticky soda. It can also produce a sticky Pepsi puddle that inflicts the Shoe-Glue effect on contact. Up to three Pepsi puddles can be produced. For allies, Pepsi Convoy does not inflict negative effects. Pepsi Spray
Pepsi Convoy does a palm thrust as a spray of brown bubbles surronds nearby opponents, inflicting Weak and dealing 6 damage. Pepsi Convoy then creates a field of bad luck that appears in a brownish transparent bubble that causes undesirable effects to happen more often with random attacks and causes tripping and produces more knockback.
Bottle Station
Pepsi Convoy transforms into the Bottle Station truck vehicle, able to forge forward and run over opponents to deal 11 damage on hit for opponents, as well as Flattening them. In Bottle Station mode, Pepsi Convoy cannot jump and other attack inputs will cause them to transform back into their normal mode.
"This is the happening of the century. Certainly the cap to this century."
Pepsi Convoy summons the Marphalump, a mascot made by Pepsi for Star Wars Episode I. Marphalump grabs four Pepsi cans and shakes them up extremely fast before blasting the nearest opponent with a blast of soda that deals 12 damage and inflicts the Oil effect.

Pepsi Max
Level 1
Pepsi Convoy does a open palm thrust with his hand that inflicts the Peanut Brittle effect, encasing the opponent in frozen Pepsi instead. It deals 15 ice elemental damage on impact and he kicks the cube forward to send the opponent to the ledge.

Pepsi Man
Level 2
Pepsi Covoy suddenly deattaches his head, revealing himself to be a Headmaster, with Pepsi Man transforming out of his head and attacking opponents with a series of Pepsi powered strikes, dealing 30 damage to the nearest opponent before suddenly getting yanked back onto Pepsi Convoy's body.

Crystal Pepsi
Level 3
Pepsi Convoy unleases the Invisible Man to deal Crystal Pepsi powered strikes, dealing 45 damage to any opponents the Invisible Man comes across. While the Invisible Man initally appears visible, more and more of him comes off the longer he's been active, eventually turning fully invisible. He has 45 health and stops being active upon inflicting 45 damage, a kill, or being killed by a opponent.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Pepsi Convoy becomes a giant Pepsi Twist bottle, taken from the bottle included with the Pepsi Convoy toy.
Heaven Spell
Midnight Bliss
Pepsi Convoy transforms into the Bride of Frankenstein, based off a monsterous ad campaign featuring the Universal Monsters.
Incubus Delight
Pepsi Convoy transforms into Frankenstein, based off a monsterous ad campaign featuring the Universal Monsters.
Pepsi Convoy laughs hysterically as he waves around a sign calling for unionization as his corporate synergy drains like a stuck pig for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Pepsi Convoy is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains CO2 Soda Gun as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to fire shots of Pepsi as projectiles that heal opponents. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Pepsi Convoy, they gain Pepsi Spray to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to inflict Weak onto nearby opponents and create a field of bad luck.
The active Monstar gains a Pepsi logo jersey as a physical attribute.
Pepsi Convoy's secret is revealed.

They were created by the Pepsi corporation using the remains of Pepsi Man from another, kinder universe.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just advertising! What's wrong with that? Sure, he may have killed hundreds of civilans in the process, but the lives of corporations are surely worth more in the eyes of the lord, am I right? Ah, I sure do love a refreshing Pepsi. I bet you do too, honor, so let's have the Pepsi company pay a fine and get on with it.
When Pepsi Convoy is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around him and then has Scraplets eat away at Pepsi Convoy while drinking a non-descript glass of wine. Deals 45 damage to Pepsi Convoy.
Unlock Method
Do a entire match as 1 corporate sponsor as Optimus Prime.