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Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, a kingdom she created by herself. She is a mad scientist with a fairly cheerful personality that can quickly become anger if she doesn't get what she wants. She is fairly strong-willed and independent, but also controlling. She is continuing her research in the Black Hole, as many of the strange characters she sees here could be quite good research.

Princess Bubblegum has a lot of interesting properties. Sticky Sweet allows her to slow opponents down using gum while the Banana Guard Lance is a powerful poking tool that can reflect and give her horizontal recovery. Both of her lab moves allow her to use a wide variety of options- one being entirely random and the other allowing her to construct candy people to fight alongside her, although most are generally weak and still require her to do a lot of work to benefit from them.

Sticky Sweet
Princess Bubblegum attacks with twin blasters that produce gum projectiles, which are a reference to the gun she uses in Adventure Time Battle Party. These gum projectiles cause opponents to become heavier and slower, and up to three wads of gum can be stacked on a opponent at a time. Each gum wad causes the opponent to become 25% slower, which each successive one stacking. They slow the opponent for three seconds each. The Sticky Sweet blasters have some end lag and start up but allows for Princess Bubblegum to stall her opponent. While they don't deal damage, they can be very useful for cancelling projectiles as well. Banana Guard Lance
Princess Bubblegum lunges forward with a lace created from a still-alive Banana Guard impaled through it, which hails from her appearance in Brawlhalla. The lance attack deals 8 going forward at a rocket pace and 4 damage when spun after the attack. The spin can reflect projectiles. It also propels her forward across both the ground and air, giving her horizontal recovery.
Mixing Lab
Princess Bubblegum creates a concoction from mixing random vials, lifting up a serum at the end of the animation. Press guard or grab to pocket the serum for later, or Princess Bubblegum will dump it after the lifting animation. Each serum deals 8 damage (except for Milk, which deals 24 damage if the platform created intersects with the opponent) and deals their assigned effect. Candy People Lab
Princess Bubblegum uses a piece of candy to create a sentient candy person who generally have weak attacks but can work to overwhelm the opponent. Each piece of candy she uses is in a order, although by holding down and tilting, you can bring up a wheel that shows all available candy. The results of this move and who Princess Bubblegum can summon are seen below.
Mixing Lab Results
Corpsinator Serum Dum Dum Serum Soaking Serum Perfect Serum Burning Serum
When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the Makai Spell effect. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the gobstopper effect. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the wet effect. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the Heaven Spell effect on normal opponents and cures those under the Makai Spell effect. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the burn effect.
Toxic Serum Negative Serum Milk Swamp Serum Stony Serum
When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the Poison effect. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts a reflecting effect that causes all projectiles to bounce off the opponent. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it creates a block of cheese that can be used as a platform and barrier. It is solid, has edges, and cannot be jumped through. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the Toad effect. When Princess Bubblegum dumps this serum, it inflicts the petrification effect.
Candy People Lab Results
Donut Guy Sugar Cube Guy Candy Cane Guy
Created from a donut, Donut Guy does a spin attack across the ground that deals 5 damage with a lot of self-knockback. He aimlessly walks around until he's near a opponent and then proceeds to roll towards them. Has 15 health. Created from a sugar cube, Sugar Cube Guy does a drop attack near opponents that can knock them upwards for 7 damage. He has 30 health, making him one of the most durable candy people, but is one of the slowest and heaviest. Created from a candy cane, Candy Cane Guy does a melee attack that causes people to fly back and be dealt 8 damage. He tends to be near ledges, often swinging at opponents attempting to recover. Has 10 health.
Root Beer Float Guy Candy Corn Guy Gumdrop Lass
Created from a root beer float, Root Beer Float Guy generates a ton of bubbles that deal 3 damage on pop. He dances around aimlessly and has 20 health. He can be pretty good for a generating a mix-up or disrupting action. Created from a candy corn, Candy Corn Guy does a triple punch attack that deals 3 damage from each set of three fists (in total for 9 damage). Candy Corn Guy has 30 health overall but it's split into three beings with 10 health each. Created from a gumdrop, Gumdrop Lass bounces up and down, getting higher with each successive bounce. Each bounce can deal 7 damage and has some fairly high knockback. She has 10 health and is good for hitting opponents in the air.
Level 1
Princess Bubblegum sets down Goliad, who attacks with three psionic rings from their forehead that deal 15 damage in total before being countered by Stormo. When this occurs, they jump into the background and become locked in a eternal telekinetic background for the rest of the match until Princess Bubblegum summons them again.
The Morrow
Level 2
The Morrow comes down and Princess Bubblegum rides them, allowing her to freely fly around in the air for 3 seconds. The Morrow also has a pecking attack that deals 10 damage and has quick start up. The Morrow can hop across the ground as well, allowing for a bouncy movement that is hard to deal with for some characters.
Gumball Guardian
Level 3
Princess Bubblegum summons a Gumball Guardian to the closest edge of the stage. The Gumball Gaurdian can attack with a fist attack that deals 15 damage that they will use when opponents are close, or fire runic lasers that deal 7 damage in beam form and 30 damage in explosion form. The beams search for opponents and explode when they've locked on, although they can be dodged if quick enough. Gumball Guardians are good for blocking off space and stage control in general and last for 5 seconds before sauntering off stage. They can also sense evil and will center their attention more to villainous characters than heroic ones, although they will attack any character Princess Bubblegum is up against.
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Unlock Method
Complete Collider Mode with Finn and Jake on normal difficulty.