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Ralsei is the prince of darkness and Kris and Susie's healer and magician friend. He knows a fair bit about the Dark World, and also knows that Black Hole was actually created partially through the use of a Dark Fountain and to unfuse the universes, they'll have to seal the Dark Fountain with a Lightner. Ralsei is a mysterious goat boy, but also incredibly nice and overtly apologetic and emphasizes kindness over violence. Still, one can't wonder if he has other motives at times.

Ralsei is a pacifist by nature and as such, his attacks are more centered around neutralizing his opponent with the Sleep effect, introducing a weaker effect known as Drowsiness to induce Sleep by stacking it onto a opponent. He can pacify opponents and win fights instantly in the right circumstances, but his bad recovery, bad damage output, terrible kill options, generally bad survivalibility and circumstantial playstyle options does make him a rather tricky character to play.

Gimmick: Prince of Darkness

Ralsei is not really much of a fighter- he'd rather make friends or at least settle battles without too much violence if possible. As such, Ralsei has a unique Level 0 Finisher which he can use to dismiss opponents who are asleep, petrified, or incased in Peanut Brittle and instantly get a "KO" through this method. Ralsei can induce Drowsiness onto opponents with "critical" attacks, which happen each 20 attacks, regardless if they connect or not. With five Drowsiness effects stacked atop an opponent, they will be put to Sleep and Ralsei can pacify them. However, this pacify will drain all of his Finisher energy and he'll have to build up a little before he's able to try again!
Ralsei Dummy
Ralsei puts down a dummy that's dressed like him, which can take up to 55 damage before falling over and crying, extruding a field of Sadness around it. The dummy can be used to displace Ralsei for attacks if timed correctly, and will teleport to a new point when he uses this attack again unless it's been too heavily damaged. It takes about 5 seconds for a new Dummy to generate after the current dummy has been destroyed. Flatter
Ralsei bows his head and sparkles come off from Ralsei as he pays them a compliment, briefly giving them a 1.3x boost in a random stat (Speed, Attack, Defense, Jump, Special, or Arms) for 6 seconds while inflicting a secret Drowsiness effect on them, which will stack up to 5 times before inflicting Sleep. This Flatter move works over 4 character lengths and will not work if staled, backfiring on Ralsei to give him Drowsiness.
Sleep Song
Ralsei sings a lullabye, inflicting 6 astra ambient damage with a music note, of which the full animation creates 3 of, which can also inflict a shorter-than-usual Sleep effect if all three music notes connect. Ralsei will be vulernable since he can't cancel the song, but the projectiles do have high priority and can't be reflected normally. Additionally, the projectiles linger for a while after the animation, floating upwards. R-Action
Ralsei's down special will vary based off his opponent, which is specialized to act differently against every opponent in the game. Ralsei will check in a 5 by 5 character length area and the closest opponent he will perform his specialized R-Action against. The "generic" R-Action (for characters lacking one or if Ralsei has no neaby opponents) will have him dance in place, dealing 8 damage to opponents that he makes contact with. Ralsei inflicts Break and knockback with the dance as well.
Level 0
Ralsei nods his head as he dismisses the opponent from battle if they're in a Sleep, Petrified, or Peanut-Brittle state, considered a KO. He can perform this at any time but it will drain all Finisher Energy and has to work within a 3 character length distance- additionally it takes about 74 frames to complete and will whiff if the opponent breaks out before.
Heal Prayer
Level 1
Ralsei performs a healing prayer that heals himself (and his teammate if he has one) for 15 hit points, as well as creating a radiant field of glow that inflicts Solar on hit. This is a pretty quick FInisher that heals Ralsei and gives him temporary super armor for 3 seconds, which makes him hard to kill afterwards for a very short period of time.
Swan Boat
Level 2
Ralsei spins around as a lever appears next to him, spawning in a Swan Boat, which has digital particles coming off it as it comes through splashing acid onto opponents. The Swan Boat itself deals 17 damage on hit and knocks opponents far back, while the acid inflicts Wither and inflicts 9 damage to opponents on contact, stunning them. The Swan Boat will make it's way to the opposite side of the screen and disappear.
Darkness Fountain
Level 3
Ralsei appears shocked as suddenly a Dark Fountain erupts from the ground, spewing a black, wavy energy that goes from the ground of the main stage platform's center to the top of the boundary box, dealing 20 damage and Wither oh hit, as well as creating clouds of black smoke that inflict 6 ambient dark damage each second that they're on screen, with the Dark Fountain appearing for 7 seconds total before being sealed away by a off-screen Lightner (who is implied to be someone who isn't in the match).
Alternate Outfits


Chapter 2



Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Ralsei becomes his instruction manual to Kris, which also appears inside the original Ralsei plush sold by Fangamer.
Heaven Spell
Ralsei becomes a cauldron cake, which appears inside the Chapter 2 variant of Ralsei's plush sold by Fangamer.
Midnight Bliss
Ralsei becomes a female anime girl with his outfit and hat, which uses a design created by Yoako.
Incubus Delight
Ralsei inflicts Burn with all of his sleep related attacks, his Dummy becomes posssessed with a mad spirit who attacks characters with a knife, inflicting 7 damage per stab, and he insults people instead of Flattering them for 6 seconds. His glasses become all fogged up as well. After 6 seconds, Ralsei snaps out of it and apologizes profusely for the rest of the match when idle.
Power Drain
When Ralsei is caught by Rogue, she hugs him.
Rogue gains Ralsei Dummy as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to drop a Rogue-themed dummy to tank attacks for her and induce sadness when it's destroyed. She also gains a special bonus, boosting her special attack power by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Ralsei, they gain Flatter to replace their side special, Intercept. The active Monstar will attempt to compliment the opponent, usually insulting them instead and gifting them an anger buff instead, with 5 stacked "compliments" inflicting Burn.
The active Monstar gains Ralsei's cloak, hat, and glasses as a physical attribute.
Ralsei's secret is revealed.

When Insight is used on Ralsei, there's nothing in his thoughts except for a black thinking bubble, ocasionally interrupted with flowers.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client didn't mean to jaywalk. He's apologized to all the witnesses and jury and defendants of the area profusely- he really didn't do anything bad, your honor, can you please just let this one go? Oh, we're good? Ralsei's insisting he needs to be punished? Uh, here kid, how about you pay me a fine of 10 dollars...
When Ralsei is caught by Posion, Poison utilizes a whip made out of ace spades, dealing 45 damage and knocking Ralsei flat on his front.
When Ralsei comes across himself, he'll perform a tight hug and deal 10 bonecrushing damage to his doppelganger, inflicting Out of Body on the opponent.
Unlock Method
Have a "pacifist" battle, where you win the battle through not damaging your opponent.
Art by ScytherGust.