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The Riddler

The Riddler is a traditional Batman villain that challenges Batman's detective skills, not necessarily in combat. This version of the Riddler is an exclusive variant created for Blight Bastions that combines a lot of traits from various incarnations of the Riddler, including ones that were never released. Everything about the Riddler, beyond their name, is a mystery. Their gender, their dominant hand, even their blood type remains a mystery.

The Riddler is a confusing opponent who probably isn't the most fun to fight, given that many of their animations are shared across the moveset but have different functions, such as Trap Door and ???. Additionally, they can obscure the opponent's ui using duct tape and each of their Finishers is somewhat unpredictable, whether that be random effects cast on them, a poison with an secret antidote known only to The Riddler, or a faux healing Finisher that acts as a severe poisoning. Opponents can take advantage of their weak recovery and try to figure out the patterns of the player to beat The Riddler at their own game.

Gimmick: It's a Mystery :)

The Riddler's gimmick is to duct tape over the UI elements with their special grab, Duct Tape. When they use this move, it obscures the damage numbers and other ui elements of anyone they've wrapped duct tape over the face of. It can only be torn off by grabbing The Riddler and successfully getting in a throw. The Riddler's moveset is generally oriented around psyching out the opponent as much as possible, with a lot of their moves starting with the same animations. Even CPU opponents are that are otherwise taught to read the player's inputs will ocasionally be tripped up by some of these moves that share the same animation.
Puzzle Bomb
The Riddler plants a puzzle piece shaped bomb underneath them. This puzzle piece shaped bomb doesn't go off until The Riddler uses their down special, ???. Additionally, The Riddler can actually piece up to 4 Puzzle Bombs together into a massive super bomb. A single Puzzle Bomb explodes for 5-12 damage and connecting multiple puzzle bombs together can deal up to 35-45 damage in a large explosion. Energy Sickle
The Riddler's Question Mark creates a energy construct sickle that extends over The Riddler's arm, allowing The Riddler to lunge forward with it active, dealing 8 damage and inflict the Wither effect. Based off a toy for The Batman animated series.
Trap Door
The Riddler taps their cane on the floor and a trap door opens a character length away from them. The pit that extends from under the trapdoor goes all the way to the bottom of the stage and the opponent will have to recover by jumping, wallclimbing/walljumping, or teleporting out of there before the trap door closes in three seconds, trapping them. Riddler can spike opponents using their staff with their down special, but skilled opponents can tech against the tight walls. ???
The Riddler triggers any active puzzle bombs by stamping their Question Mark staff. This move can also spike to deal 8 damage. It has the same animation as Trap Door, capable of tripping opponents up looking for a tell for the Riddler's moves and instead getting caught in a Trap Door.
Duct Tape
The Riddler grabs the opponent and wraps duct tape over their face, obscuring their health and other ui elements. The actual special grab deals only 1 damage, but stays on until the player lands a successful grab on The Riddler.
The Sphinx
Level 1
The Riddler summons a green Sphinx that they rest ontop of, which spits out question-mark shaped projectiles that inflict a random effect out of the entire list in the game's effect library while inflict 5 damage. The Sphinx stays on screen for six seconds and projects about 7-8 of these projectiles, which increase in size over distance. This is an original attack, although it's inspired by The Riddler's habit of sitting on thrones and their name in French translations, which call the character Le Sphinx.
Riddler's Brew
Level 2
The Riddler injects a syringe with a vicious dark blue fluid and lunges forward with it. What's inside? That's what your character needs to find out as they get injected, being dealt 30 damage and a mysterious poison effect that will not wear off until the opponent either uses a status clearing move or completes a condition set by The Riddler using the control stick during the move's injection input.
  • No Input - Must perform a successful grab and throw to clear Riddler's Brew.
  • Up - Must perform a double jump and aerial attack to clear Riddler's Brew.
  • Left - Must perform a successful side special three times in a row to clear Riddler's Brew.
  • Right - Must perform a successful 4-hit combo to clear Riddler's Brew.
  • Down - Must perform a crouching guard and successfully guard three attacks in a row to clear Riddler's Brew.
Ruse of the Riddler
Level 3
Riddler releases a smoke bomb that lets out pink fumes, appearing to heal opponents that come into the fumes- and the game is deluded into thinking so too, as their knockback values and escape values will act as if they're being healed. The smoke will then turn a stygian black while The Riddler becomes Unseen and opponents suddenly take as much damage as they've been healed for and additionally suffer Wither poisoning.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
The Riddler becomes The Box, taken from the Batman Forever movie.
Heaven Spell
The Riddler becomes a Riddler Trophy, taken from the Batman: Arkham games.
Midnight Bliss
The Riddler takes on a more femme appearance with green hair, freckles, and wearing a question mark shaped bikini.
Incubus Delight
The Riddler takes on a more masculine appearance with green hair, freckles, and wearing a question mark shaped swimsuit.
The Riddler laughs like The Joker, laughing so hard that they fall down to their knees and have a laughing fit that lasts 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When The Riddler is caught by Rogue, they are kissed on the masked lips.
Rogue gains Puzzle Bomb as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to drop a puzzle shaped bomb, of which she can stack 4 together to create a super big explosion. She also gains a defense bonus, boosting her defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of The Riddler, they gain Energy Sickle to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to deal damage with a swiping attack from an energy sickle.
The active Monstar gains Riddler's glasses and hoodie as a physical attribute.
The Riddler's secret is revealed.

While they've made themselves mostly fool-proof to mindreading through putting their identity through so many hoops, their reason for doing any of this is clear- they're from an orphanage that Thomas Wayne was supposed to be funding, but he embezzled the funds and government officials in Gotham covered up for him post-mortem.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just doing the superhero version of a crossword, alright? Nobody was hurt, that's the important thing. Besides, it's probably a insanity thing too, they've been around that Joker toxin a lot. I mean, are we gonna prosecute someone for riddles now? Honor, dismiss this case.
When The Riddler is caught by Posion, Poison reads off from a list of Riddles for Kids and says the answers out loud as The Riddler struggles in restraints, trying to scream out their answers before being told, in absolute agony. Deals 45 damage and places them in the Break effect.
Unlock Method
Find 10 Snail apperances.