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Robo Grarrl

A mechanical menance who seems to fight for the justice of machines everywhere, making anyone regret their experience in hitting a robot too hard or abusing a vending machine. Outfitted with stretchy mechanical limbs and a jetpack, this heavy weight can really pack a punch. They get into fights with anyone that messes with machines, and protects the rights of any robots they come across while walking across the Black Hole.

Robo Grarrl is a heavy weight with short range projectiles, long-ranged explosive physical attacks, and like other Neopets characters, features dual elemental attacks that can be utilized to deal specific elemental damages. They have some really strange but powerful Finishers too, with two of them being one-use per stock and can heal Robo Grarrl, although Amulet of Chaos can just as easily aid your opponent.

Toxic Sludge
Robo Grarrl hacks up a green sludge, doing a short but tall projectile arc about two character lengths wide but about 6 character character lengths high. It deals 3 wind damage and 3 earth damage, for a total of 6 combined damage while inflicting both the Absorber and Poison effects on the opponent. Robo Grarrl can fire up to two Toxic Sludge projectiles at once, although he halts momenteum while spitting. Robo Grarrl Arm
Robo Grarrl extends out a clawed palm, which eals 3 fire damage and 5 physical damage and can nullify up to 5 wind damage and 3 earth damage. The hitbox has an explosion at the end of the strike, which causes decent knockback, although at higher percentages the clawed palm attack usually pushes back opponents before the explosion reaches them. It comes out quick with a bit of a extended end lag which can help Robo Grarrl shoulder some very specific types of elemental damage.
Robo Grarrl Jetpack
Robo Grarrl rockets forward in the direction that the player tilts him into, dealing 5 physical damage on hit and 5 fire damage, for a combined total of 10 damage on hit. It can be used as a recovery, although doesn't travel as far as a normal recovery but is extremely fast and has the capability to knock opponents back or spike them depending on how Robo Grarrl hits them. Robo Grarrl Helmet
Robo Grarrl does a head bash attack, dealing 5 light elemental damage and 3 dark damage. In the air, he performs a spin and can spike opponents. Like Robo Grarrl Arm, this move is able to shoulder off up to 5 physical damage, giving it unique super armor that allows it to nullify a bit of physical damage while the move is performed. Comes out quick with some short end lag although leaves Robo Grarrl in a vulernable state.
Lens Flare
Level 1
Robo Grarrl performs a blinding les flare from his eyes that effects opponents in a raidus of five character lengths, inflicting 5 damage and Silence on them, preventing them from using special attacks for a short period of time. Also stuns opponents on impact, allowing for openings into combos.
Amulet of Chaos
Level 2
This is a powerful stone from troubled times. It may help you win or cost you the match... will you take the risk? This item can only be used once, so be careful!

Robo Grarrl utilizes the Amulet of Chaos to do one of six actions, which occur at random. This move can only be used once a stock as well- although it's effects may give you a slight edge in battle or hinder you greatly.
  • Freeze yourself for up to 10 seconds.
  • Freeze your opponent for up to 10 seconds.
  • Heal yourself 20 health points, which can cause an overheal, allowing Robo Grarrl to have +20 health before they go back to 0.
  • Heal your opponent 20 health points, which can cause an overheal, allowing the opponent to have +20 health before they go back to 0.
  • Drain yourself of 20 health points, giving those health values to a random opponent, which can cause overheal as previously outlined.
  • Drain your opponent of 20 health points, giving those health values to a Robo Grarrl, which can cause overheal as previously outlined.
Life Giver
Level 3
Limited to once per stock, Robo Grarrl can utilize the Life Giver to restore themselves back to full health, healing back all damage done to them. Once used, this Finisher is locked off until Robo Grarrl is KO'd or loses a stock through other means. As one of the better health recovery Finishers, Robo Grarrl can utilize this safely as it heals back even damage done to them while healing, allowing them to shrug off very powerful attacks with little consquence.
Alternate Outfits


Rainbow Pool
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Robo Grarrl becomes the Robo Grarrl Neopets item, which was a furniture item prior to the rehaul of the feature.
Heaven Spell
Robo Grarrl becomes the Robo Grarrl plushie item.
Midnight Bliss
Robo Grarrl becomes a Royalgirl painted Grarrl.
Incubus Delight
Robo Grarrl becomes a Royalboy painted Grarrl.
Robo Grarrl becomes glitched, with random moves added into their buffer for the next 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Robo Grarrl is caught by Rogue, they are kissed on the nuzzle.
Rogue gains Toxic Sludge as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to fire toxic sludge and inflict the absorber and poison effects. She also gains a superarmor bonus, boosting her attack frames to add super armor for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Robo Grarrl, they gain Robo Grarrl arm to replace their side special, Intercept. This causes them to stretch their arm out and then add an explosion to their palm.
The active Monstar gains Robo Grarrl's helmet and jetpack as a physical attribute.
Robo Grarrl's secret is revealed.

Robo Grarrl is a creation of Dr. Sloth and in fact uses a modified version of Neopet v2's program code, making them technically siblings.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a robot, and I'm sure you understand the complicated legal jargon in trying to state that a robot is a concious character that can decided their own actions. Do we really know that Robo Grarrl was concious and aware that stealing the crown jewels was wrong? I don't think this can be settled anywhere else except the Supreme Court, so I think the royal family just ought to settle.
When Robo Grarrl is caught by Posion, Poison wraps her whip around the robot and then activates a shock, dealing 45 damage as she fries the hardware.
Unlock Method
Complete 30 matches as Neopet v2.