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Scarlet Squire

Ember, also known as the Scarlet Squire, is a barista that also does magical girl superhero work on the side. Well, should be, anyway. She's romantically involved with an alien villain named Dem, who now has to protect her from his sister, the alien slug queen Sylvette. Winding up through the forces of the Collider, the Scarlet Squire might have do a bit more fighting than her kind personality would really like.

Scarlet Squire's main mechanic is her Frustration, which amps up as she takes damage or gets grabbed by opponents. This increases the length of her neutral special, a blade attack called Scarlet Strike and also boosts a power-up move called Fiery Passion which allows her to deal more damage and speed up for a short time. She can also add defense through Qit, a sprite that defends her from attacks and allows her to deal damage by interrupting attacks. Her ranged option allows her to break or burn opponents depending on the situtation as well. Her Finishers allow her to dish a fair bit of damage too, either giving her two protecting mooks or stabbing opponents with the full length of her blade. Her final Finisher allows her to deal tons of damage through a giant robot.

Gimmick: Frustration

When Scarlet Squire gets hit or grabbed, she builds up frustration which in addition to making Scarlet Strike longer and farther-reaching, also enables Fiery Passion to deal more damage, allowing her to multiply her damage by 2.1x. When frustrated, Scarlet Squire taps her heels impatiently, eyes opponents with a death glare, and her voice lines take on a more angry tone.
Scarlet Strike
Scarlet Squire strikes forward with a blade, dealing 8 damage across the swing and 11 damage when utilizing the tip of the blade. The blade extends the more damage sustained as well as when Scarlet Squire is grabbed, increasing it's reach. Red Range
Scarlet Squire unleashes a red energy bolt from her bracelet, which inflicts Break and 7 damage, with stun. Scarler Squire can shoot out three shots at a time and can use it as a spacing tool, although as a energy projectile it can be easily reflected or used by other opponents.

Scarlet Squire summons Qit, a sprite from the bracelet, to act as a passive defensive tool. Qit will put up a reflective red barrier for projectiles that reflects and stomp on the opponent's head if Scarlet Squire manages to interrupt their attack, adding 1.5 damage to any given attack. Qit is active for up to 12 seconds before requiring a 7 second cooldown. They also are cancelled early if they reflect three projectiles before the 12 second period is up. Fiery Passion
Scarlet Squire bites down on her lip and a red fire aura surronds them, with their attacks now dealing 1.3x more damage (up to 2.1x damage with max Frustration) and inflicting the fire elemental damage effect. Red Range now deals Burn on hit as well. This status is active for 8 seconds and cannot be stacked with Qit. Instead, a new move is active.
Flaming Flip

(When Fiery Passion is active)
Scarlet Squire performs a backflip jump that allows her to easily escape opponents. She lands on her hands, in which the player can follow up with a kick forward that deals 12 damage by tilting the control stick forward at a upward diagonal towards a opponent, or a slide performed by tilting the control stick back that allows her to continue to escape, while also dealing 11 damage and launching opponents low that happen to be in the way.

Succubus Strike
Level 1
Scarlet Squire's blade extends to three character lengths, as well as dealing 15 damage per strike (21 damage on the tipper). It deals much more damage from a much further distance, and during this mode, Scarlet Squire's outfit changes to add horns and a longer loincloth, as well as a longer flowing ponytail of hair. Scarlet Squire's guard also improves as she utilizes the blade to block attacks, making her harder to break through. Lasts for 6.6 seconds.

Bulwark & Pike
Level 2
Bulwark and Pike leap down from the top of the stage and perform a pose with Scarlet Squire before seeking out opponents to pummel, dealing 20 damage per hit and having the power to spike and Bury opponents. Bulwark has stronger defense but is slower, while Pike is quicker but has less defense. Each has about 45 health and can also guard against repeated attacks. They also protect Scarlet Squire where they can- if she gets hit during this Finisher, they come over to her aid and target the opponent who hit her. Lasts for a total of 15 seconds max.

Level 3
Scarlet Squire holds out her hand and all her allies (Dem, Azure Arbalist, Pink Seraph, and Sylvette) all utilize their bracelet to form a giant mech that that then appears on the right or left side of the stage. Using the standard attack button, the Seraphtron attacks with a slamming hand attack that crushes soft platforms and deals 33 damage to opponents, 45 damage if they're crushed and then Flattened. Using the special attack button, the Seraphton unleashes five laser barrage that homes onto opponents that deals 55 damage if all lasers hit, with each laser dealing 11 damage. Lasts 8 seconds before Scarlet Squire retires, exhuming out smoke from her body in a cooldown animation.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Scarlet Squire becomes a small alien minion, based off the alien invaders she's supposed to be fighting.
Heaven Spell
Scarlet Squire becomes her normal human form, Ember.
Midnight Bliss
Scarlet Squire dresses in some red lingere, based off a holiday image.
Incubus Delight
Scarlet Squire takes on a masculine appearance, looking somewhat similar to her boyfriend Dem in some aspects.
Scarlet Squire goes to peak frustration levels for 6 seconds.
Power Drain
When Scarlet Squire is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips, which Ember rewards with some tongue.
Rogue gains Scarlet Strike as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to strike with a blade that extends the more damage she takes. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Scarlet Squire, they gain Red Range to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to fire a red shot that inflicts Break.
The active Monstar gains Scarlet Squire's helmet as a physical attribute.
Scarlet Squire's secret is revealed.

She's aware of the Pink Seraph's secret and gives her free coffee as a result.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client may be fined for indecent exposure, but putting a stop to an alien invasion on the scale that previously was thought to be unfeasible even for a full team of Seraphs? Well, I think we should let her off with just a warning this time, keep these kind of... crime fighting displays in the bedroom, hm?
When Scarlet Squire is caught by Posion, Poison has a bunch of toxic slugs writhe across her, inflicting 45 damage over time with a Poison effect.
Unlock Method
Collect 45 Red Banana Coins.
Character and artwork done by Bumbumq. (Rated 18+)