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Tsunade is the noble yet hot-headed fourth Hokage of Naruto's village. She is more of a healer and trains Sakura under her methods, using minimal chakra and instead storing it on a seal in her forehead to be utilized when needed, overflowing with power to give to herself and allies. She can also summon a giant slug named Kaysuyu. When she was ensnared in the path of the Collider, she attempted to find a bar to cope with her new surrondings.

Tsunade utilizes precise and physical techniques with minimal chakra usage on her own so that she can amplify them through a seal on her forehead that she can activate through her Level 2 Finisher, which gives her a incredibly high and long boost to her attacks. Additionally, she can utilize a summon jutsu to summon a giant slug named Katsuyu, who utilizes more acid attacks, neutralizing attacks by turning themselves into smaller slug, and even poisoning opponents and healing allies. Additionally Tsunade can activate a healing ritutal for herself and also rearrange all the commands on her opponent with her Level 3 Finisher.

Gimmick: Katsuyu

Tsunade can summon Katsuyu, a giant slug spirit, to her aid at any given time provided they haven't been previously destroyed. Katsuyu has their own moveset which when they are active, allows Tsunade and Katsuyu to fight together like a puppet fighter. While normal inputs with the both of them will have them perform their attacks at the same time, using the guard buttons you can have them perform an special or move seperately while the other one guards.
Tsunade Moveset

Chakra Scalpel
Tsunade lunges forward to deal a phasing incision in the interior of her opponent, dealing 5-11 damage depending on how long the cut is. Holding down the special attack button has Tsunade hold it out longer to deal more damage. Inflicts Bleed.
Paradise Pure Land
Tsunade punches the ground, releasing a small shockwave that travels across the ground to deal 7 damage. If it hits the opponent, they get launched into the air, before Tsunade uppercuts them for 8 damage to launch them even higher. Can disrupt other ground based attacks, cancelling them out. Counts as an ground-elemental projectile. The follow up can fail if the path to the opponent is not clear either through distance or obstacles like walls in the way.

Heaven Spear Kick
Tsunade leaps into the air and then does a diving kick that forces the opponent back to the ground, dealing 8 damage and inflicting Buried onto the opponent. Can be used as a third jump, although cancelling will put Tsunade into a helpless state.
Katsuyu Summon
Tsunade summons Katsuyu from the ground using her jutsu. Katsuyu has their own moveset that works with Tsunade's inputs when active, acting as a puppet fighter with unique attacks. They have a total of 50 health before splitting apart into smaller slugs and burying themselves back into the ground, having a 16 second cooldown before they are able to be summoned again. Additionally, Tsunade can unsummon them with this same move when they are active.
Katsuyu Moveset

Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid
Katsuyu releases an acidic paste from the mouth that is spread over a wide area of 2 character lengths. It creates an acid carpet that deals 2 damage on contact, with each step dealing damage. It also instantly melts opponents that are Petrificated, dealing 20 damage while releasing them out of the stone state.
Slug Great Division
Katsuyu segments themselves into smaller slugs to minimize the damage from any attack and can neutralize attacks before they hit Tsunade.

Immense Network Healing
Katsuyu spits out a slug which can then attach itself to the opponent, inflicting Poison and dealing 1 damage per 45 frames. The opponent can shake them off by rapidly moving around in a close area or get stunned/flinched. They can also attach it to a ally to heal them for 1 health point per 45 frames, which will stay on them unless they get hit by an attack that causes flinch/stun (launching does not deattach the slug, surprisingly).
Katsuyu Retreat
Katsuyu retreats back underground, although this move can also be used to retrieve Katsuyu back to Tsunade. When Katsuyu is not near Tsunade, using this move will have them travel back to her as fast as they can.
Creation Rebirth
Level 1
Tsunade rejuvenates half of her health and clears all status conditions. Each time she does it per stock gives less and less reward- the second time will only heal 25%, and then the third time will only heal 15%, and the fourth time onward will only heal 7% and give Tsunade an older appearance with wrinkles as her true age of 50 shines through. This resets per stock.
Strength of a Hundred Seal
Level 2
Tsunade activates the diamond seal on her forehead, activating her latent pent-up chakra to power herself up. All of her attacks deal 2.5x as much damage and come out 1.3x more faster. This state is active for 20 seconds and does not apply to Katsuyu. After this state is deactivated, Tsunade goes into a cool-off animation that leaves her open. If Tsunade activates Creation Rebirth it restores 100% of her health instead. Further activations only heal for 50%, 25%, and 15%.
Body Pathway Derangement
Level 3
Tsunade strikes an opponent, inflicting 45 electrical damage with a chakra attack that rewires their entire body, reversing all their controls, including inverting special commands to be upside down (Up Specials become Down Specials and vice versa). This body pathway reversement state lasts 15 seconds and can severely screw with your opponent.
Alternate Outfits



Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Tsunade becomes her visage from Hokage Rock, the rock in Naruto that weirdly resembles Mount Rushmore but with ninjas.
Heaven Spell
Tsunade becomes a green slug, based off the slugs she summons with her colors.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Tsunade wears a masculine design designed by yway.
Tsunade laughs hysterically for 6 seconds, frozen in place with laughter.
Power Drain
When Tsunade is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips. When Katsuyu is caught by Rogue, Katsuyu tries to split up into multiple smaller slugs but one lands on her lips accidentally.
Rogue gains Chakra Scapel as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast from Tsunade. Rogue gains Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast from Katsuyu. She also gains a special elemental fire resistance bonus, giving her fire resistance by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Tsunade, they gain Paradise Pure Land to replace their side special, Intercept. When The Monstars rob the talent of Katsuyu, they gain Slug Great Division to replace their side special, Intercept, which allows them to split up into slugs to neutralize attacks.
The active Monstar gains either Tsunade's Hokage hat or Katsuyu's snail eyes and mouth as a physical attribute.
Tsunade's secret is revealed.

Her greatest wish is to be with loved ones that are no longer with her, Nawaki and Dan.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was incredibly drunk, she had no idea she was betting on dog fights. Isn't that right? Hey, you can't drink that in here. Look, my client's own use of sake in the court room should prove my case instantly, yes?
When Tsunade is caught by Posion, Poison wraps a green cord around her body and locks her into place utilizing the Infinite Tsukuyomi, catching her in a dream state before inflicting Nightmare to deal 45 damage as she sleeps before Tsunade finally awakes.
Unlock Method
Find 30 bottles of wine as Remy.