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Twisted Freddy

Twisted Freddy is one of the Twisted Ones, a series of animatronics created by William Afton in order to capture and kill a girl named Charlotte Emily. You won't find the Twisted Ones in any of the Five Nights at Freddy's games- they are instead original to the novel series, debuting in the second novel in the original novel trilogy. Twisted Freddy is a basic animatronic with a springlock mechanism install, with a opening door on their torso. Utilizing a series of sounds, they are capable of warping their victims into seeing a nightmarish vision of themselves.

Twisted Freddy is a basic character that has their gameplan mostly centered around capturing and killing their opponent outright with their Level 3 Finisher, Springlocked. When they capture a opponent in their stomach, they're able to get Finisher Energy. Dealing damage, using the Illusion Disc, and setting traps all accomplishes this goal. They are rather heavy, sluggish at times, have a lot of openings to their attacks, and don't have good recovery but are capable of surviving for a long time.

Gimmick: Illusion Disc

Twisted Freddy has access to an Illusion Disc, which he can install into himself with his Level 1 Finisher, Illusion Install. This changes his moveset to be more powerful and allows him to instill fear and make opponents sick with Poison ambiently, allowing for easier captures. Her gains a wider, long hitbox to many of his moves which cause flinch while his original hitboxes will be active and cause stun instead. Twisted Freddy's back, however, is where the Illusion Disc will spin and if damaged too much, the Illusion Install will end and Twisted Freddy will be open to attacks.

Additionally, Twisted Freddy gains access to a new Level 1 Finisher known as Phantom Jumpscare which allows him to jumpscare all opponents and put them into the Paralyzed state.
Inactive Moveset
Polymer Swat
Twisted Freddy swats forward with his animatronic hand, dealing 6 damage and causing stun. Can be quickly followed up/buffered into Lock Stomach, although a whiffed attack will cause Twisted Freddy to lurge forward, with a slightly off balance. Hitting him in this state with inflict the Break status effect. Sparkplug
Twisted Freddy launches two small devices that spark, setting them as traps that Shock opponents and deals 7 damage. They are very small and are set off by contact, allowing them to be hidden well on the floor of most stages and allowing Twisted Freddy to follow up quickly with attacks.
Leech Song
Twisted Freddy puts out a loud, high pitched siren that distorts the area around him, briefly flickering in his Twisted Freddy appearance. This sound causes Poison and leeches 3-4 health from nearby opponents, healing Twisted Freddy. Opponents are put into a downed state after hearing the register. However, it puts Twisted Freddy in a brief inactive state afterwards, opening up to hits if unsuccessfully pulled off. Lock Stomach
Twisted Freddy captures his opponent and locks them in their stomach. The more the opponent struggles, the more likely they'll get free, although Twisted Freddy also gains Finisher Energy the more they struggle. The more damage the opponent has taken, the harder it is to escape. While Twisted Freddy has a opponent captured, he can move around with their weight added to his, making him potentially very heavy as a result.
Illusion Moveset
Twisted Claws
Twisted Freddy swats forward his illusionary Twisted Claws, dealing 12 damage and causing Bleed on hit if sweetspotted. Creates a loud silent sound as he hits. This move deals flinch on part of it's hitbox, but deeper into the hitbox it causes stun, as it's the real suit's actual arm. If Twisted Freddy whiffs, his back will be open to hit, allowing opponents to deal damage to the Illusion Disc inside. Flashing Boils
Twisted Freddy launches two boils off his body that pop open and create a puddle of puss that Paralyzes opponents when it explodes on contact, as well as deal 9 damage. If the traps are safely disarmed through a projectile, they reveal themselves as the sparkplug traps Twisted Freddy normally launches.
Tornado Song
Twisted Freddy releases a burst of maniac winds around him that cause the opponent to flinch as he rises into the air. The cutting gales deal 6 damage on contact. Twisted Freddy can use this to recover, although it mostly adds a burst of forward vertical momenteum and allows him to stall in the air. A high pitched register drones over the attack, with a second, secret large hitbox inflicting Poison ambiently. Lock Stomach
Twisted Freddy captures his opponent and locks them in their stomach. The more the opponent struggles, the more likely they'll get free, although Twisted Freddy also gains Finisher Energy the more they struggle. The more damage the opponent has taken, the harder it is to escape. While Twisted Freddy has a opponent captured, he can move around with their weight added to his, making him potentially very heavy as a result.
Illusion Install
Level 1
Twisted Freddy completes the install of the Illusion Disc inside of him, creating a new "virtual" suit over his basic, unpainted one that looks absolutely, postitively horrifying and unreal. The visual effect for this is capable of showing from a whole stage's distance, although his original appearance will show if all opponents are far enough of a distance away from him. Twisted Freddy's Illusion Install gives him new moves which deal more damage. The illusion is active as long as the Illusion disc spins inside him, which the hitbox for is in the back of his character model. When he is attacked from the back, the Illusion Disc takes damage. It has a total of 30 "health" before the Illusion Disc shatters and Twisted Freddy's Illusion Install is deactivated.
Phantom Jumpscare
Level 1
(Illusion Install Active)
If Twisted Freddy uses his Level 1 Finisher while Illusion Install is active, he instead creates a jumpscare that appears over the screen, making all opponents Paralyzed. It deals no actual damage and causes opponent characters to scream.
Dirt Nap
Level 2
Twisted Freddy falls back to the ground, falling onto a opponent to Bury them into the ground and deal 30 damage. Twisted Freddy will able to get up instantly afterwards if successful but if the attacks whiffs he'll be in a downed state unable to get up for 3 seconds, opening him to attacks (although the Illusion Disc will be safe).
Level 3
Twisted Freddy activates the Springlocks in his suit, dealing immense damage to anyone trapped inside. If nobody is inside the suit when he activates, the move will be refunded in Finisher Energy but Twisted Freddy will be inactive and unable to move for 3 seconds while he unlocks the Springlocks. If a opponent is trapped inside, they will instantly die, or at least suffer 45 damage in some settings. This is one of the most powerful Finishers in the game, on par with some of the Guilty Gear characters' Instant Kills.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Twisted Freddy becomes a monstrous cupcake with four eyes scattered across their body.
Heaven Spell
Twisted Freddy becomes small, looking similar to the models from FNAF World.
Midnight Bliss
Twisted Freddy becomes the ghost of Charlotte Emily.
Incubus Delight
Twisted Freddy takes on the phantom appearance of the Purple Guy, his creator.
Twisted Freddy's appearance takes on a burnt appearance and his Illusion Install moves inflict Burn for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Twisted Freddy is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the snout.
Rogue gains Polymer Swat as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to attack with a swatting move that stuns opponents but leaves her open if whiffed. She also gains a effect infliction bonus, boosting her effect infliction power by 1.3x for six seconds.
When The Monstars rob the talent of Twisted Freddy, they gain Sparkplug to replace their side special, Intercept. This allows them to drop shocking traps.
The active Monstar gains Twisted Freddy's unpainted head as a physical attribute.
Twisted Freddy's secret is revealed.

Twisted Freddy can look inside his own head to see the victim inside. It makes him happy.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a robot with no will of their own. Besides, was William Afton really that bad of a guy? I mean, think of it, he found a way to make his victims immortal by tying them to animatronics. Secret of immortality right there, your honor. I mean, might not be the most pleasant thing, but the kids aren't even that dead when you think about it.
When Twisted Freddy is caught by Posion, Poison douses them in gasoline and flicks a match, burning them for 45 damage.
Unlock Method
Set 4 CPU opponent difficulties to 1, 9. 9. and 6 and beat all of them.